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This edition of 1 2 3 Math focuses on estimating with decimals and decimal addition. It has a great game for helping students estimate with decimals through the hundredths, FIVE practice pages for estimating and adding decimals, and TWO versions of a quick assessment to see how they are doing—and t
This is a game that helps your kids do two different things at once: first, they can practice multi-digit multiplication (1 x 2, 2 x 2 and 1 x 3), AND, more important than anything else, they can work on their estimation skills. They also have to do subtraction in order to find out how far they are
These five worksheets on rounding and estimation involve rounding decimals to different place values using both numerical and word problems. There are estimation word problems involving adding and multiplication. The first 2 worksheets have 3 sections: rounding to different place values, rounding mu
Use this resource to teach or review ballpark estimation with your students! There are two posters included: "Rounding to the nearest 10" and "Rounding to the nearest 100." There are both color and black and white versions included. Each poster has a worksheet for students to practice their skil
This packet is great for review or extra practice. The lesson pairs well with Everyday Math for 2nd and 3rd grade. It is a great review for 4th as well. There are 3 practice worksheets and Common Core Standards. Visit my blog: teachinginbroncocountry.blogspot.com
Get those white boards out! 20 multiplication and division problems using compatible numbers to estimate. This activity can be done whole class, in stations or even as door cards!Door Cards- Print the cards and use as flash cards as kids come in the door- they need to answer the question to come i
This activity features at least 1 Billion (that's 1,000,000,000) different long division problems. How did I do it? Answer: a very, very small font! All kidding aside, this is an incredibly expandable activity that has an unlimited number of puzzles, with each puzzle having several different soluti
Practice for estimating - rounding estimation and front end estimation!
BULLSEYE! is a game that develops children's mastery of skip counting and multiplication facts while practicing estimation. This activity is fun for kids of all skill level, and challenges all students to memorize their skip counting patterns so they can make strategic choices to reach an agreed upo
These "Just Turn and Share: Estimation" math worksheets were created to provide 30 weeks of differentiated math practice for 3rd, 4th or 5th grade students. These estimation and rounding worksheets were created to supplement any math series you may be using and can be easily implemented as centers a
Angle Tangle is another great fun Friday activity or to reinforce presentation information on acute, obtuse and right angles. Students will develop estimation skills, will subtract and add, and will learn how to measure and draw angles with a protractor.
This pack includes 7 nights of homework sheets including: 2 Estimation of Money sheets, 3 Estimation of Sums and Products sheets, and 2 Estimation Shopping sheets. These could also be used as practice sheets during the day.
A great way for students to practice their 2-digit addition, rounding and estimation skills! Students estimate the sum in the first box, then find the actual answer in the second box, then find the difference of their estimate vs. their actual answer in the 3rd box. There are 2 sides to this sheet a
Front End Estimation Practice
Use this Estimation Jar Journal Page for your daily estimation in math! Comes in SIX different colors! Print one for each day, or make a copy for each day of the week and put in a page protector in student journals/binders. Then, have students use dry-erase markers to complete each page during the w
I created this activity to add to my unit on 2-digit addition and subtraction. They needed more practice with estimation. For this activity, students read real-world examples and round the numbers to get an estimate. For example 42 t-shirts and 17 t-shirts = ? about 50 or 60? Students show thei
Give your students extra practice with front-end estimation (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.NBT.B.4). This worksheet complements my PowerPoint and Interactive Notes; "Estimating Sums and Differences".
A short mix of review word problems:-Two Estimating/ Multiplying Problems. -Two Multiplying 4 digit by 1 digit-Two 2 digit by 2 digit Multiplication -One strip diagram + building equation- One multi-step word problemUsed KG Font Miss Kindy Chunky
Four quick math practice sheets for estimation of quantities under 100. PDF document for printing to use in math centers, as assessment pieces, small group activities or homework, and a link to a google slides version of the pages. The images on the slides can be copied over into your own documents
I created this 2-digit addition and subtraction practice test for my students to prepare at home for an upcoming test. There is plenty of workspace provided for them to show their work. It contains finding sums and differences, word problems and estimating. Enjoy!
This CCSS activity is a classroom favorite. Students will practice using estimation skills to help develop number sense and counting by ones and tens. It is also a fun and enjoyable way to practice the skill as a whole group or in a math center. Included you will find: * Directions for Whole Group
A great way for students to practice their subtraction, rounding and estimation skills! Students estimate the sum in the first box, then find the actual answer in the second box, then find the difference of their estimate vs. their actual answer in the 3rd box. There are 2 sides to this sheet and th
When introducing estimation, this powerpoint is helpful for reference. The pages can be printed off and put in a math notebook and there is also a work page included to assess student understanding of the estimation. I created this powerpoint to out up on a projector. The students worked on the work
Students get to practice estimation and computation with whole numbers on this color coded worksheet.They can Divide, Multiply, Add and Subtract whatever color coded section is assigned to them.This can be used for distance learning!

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