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european exploration map activity

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european exploration map activity

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Start your chapter on the European exploration right! Students will use the map provided to create a map of the world then add European explorer's routes, as well as locations of spices. To close the activity, students will be writing short answers by referring to the Academic Language Handout.This
Put those map skills to work as you strengthen their knowledge of European explorers in the "New World"!In this activity, students will trace the voyages of Columbus, Cortes, Pineda, Narvaez, Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado, and La Salle on their map so that they have a visual representation of early influ
Here is the good stuff, my activities packet for European Exploration. Covers Columbus, European countries that explored, map skills, even hits on 13 colonies to front load and connect.Accompanies notes on my website www.mrbrownsclass.nethttp://www.mrbrownsclass.net/european-exploration.htmlwww.edt
This map is a visual, that can be used as a quick warm-up activity, that helps students understand the European, African, and Asian view of the world Pre-Columbus. Understanding how people from the 15th century viewed the world is essential to creating the foundation of knowledge students should bu
European Exploration Map Activity Intro - Helps students locate the following European Countries: England, Spain, France, The Netherlands. Also helps students see the difference between the "Old World" and "New World". Simple and Basic, could be used as a bellringer.
5th - 8th
Interactive google slide that walks students through creating a mind map with a partner to collaborate. Can also be assigned individually. The instructions will ask students to create a mind map based off of European exploration. Aligns with AP World History topic 4.2
9th - 12th
This map bundle includes 14 map handouts. There are two maps for each of the following explorers: John Cabot, Henry Hudson, Jacques Cartier, Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de Leon, Hernando de Soto, and Vasco Nunez de Balboa. One map is a blank map for students to draw the explorer's route. One ma
This product is a mapping activity on the Age of Exploration. Students will label and color different aspects such as; continents, countries, bodies of water, draw voyage routes, draw the triangular trade and shade areas that European countries colonized. Please check out the preview for exactly wha
Visual, verbal, and kinesthetic learners will enjoy this activity that reviews their knowledge of Spanish explorers and conquistadors! Students will create a comprehensive map that documents the explorations of Cortes, Pizarro, Ponce de Leon, Coronado, and De Soto, including their areas of explorat
Age of Exploration and European Explorer interactive activity! This 35 page packet contains a fun activity about explorers who traveled and discovered the New World. This packet includes:6 Step Outline for ActivityLabels for Interactive Board/Chart7 Different Charts (with and without European explor
Explorers & Exploration Integrated Unit for Upper ElementaryThis integrated unit of study focuses on the European Exploration of the Americas. The unit includes a reading skill lesson (Cause and Effect), as well as a timeline activity. It includes 8 lessons and activities, including informatio
These 25+ resources introduce the Age of Exploration and the Colonization of North America. The exploration power point is provided in 2 versions and introduces the motives and means for exploration, the discovery of the New World, the effects of exploration, the Columbian Exchange, the origins of
This product covers Georgia Studies standard SS8H1 elements b and c. (If you're looking for SS8H1a, describing Mississippian culutre, look here.) This resource includes two articles and activities that utilize map skills, text evidence, writing skills, reading primary source material, and thinking t
This resource is a Google form and doc linked to an interactive map of early European exploration and interactive image of an explorer's ship. Portugal led Europe in exploring the world by ship, soon followed by Spain. Innovations in navigation changed daily life on both sides of the Atlantic. New s
*****28 PAGES***** This unit includes 28 pages of notes, maps, primary sources and analysis questions, student activities, and vocabulary practice all geared towards your unit on European Exploration. Aligned with the US History SOLS for Virginia, this unit is sure to help! There are also reading c
Students will read about the lasting influence England, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Portugal has on America beginning with the Age of Exploration.There are pieces to read on each country along with questions that require students to highlight and use text evidence. There is also a map activity t
Visual, verbal, and kinesthetic learners will enjoy this activity that reviews their knowledge of Spanish explorers and conquistadors. Students will create a comprehensive map that documents the explorations of Cortes, Pizarro, Ponce de Leon, Coronado, and De Soto, including their areas of explorati
SOL USI.4a- Exploration routes of the four European countries, as well as pictures and a chart.
5th - 6th
A quick word about my teaching style so that you know what you are getting into. I have worked at several schools in the past where I did not have the ability to check out books to students because of short supply. Because of this, I created materials in which I wouldn't need my students to have a t
This is a reading passage about European Claims in the New World including the Spanish, French, and English claims in the New World. The reading activity includes before reading, while reading, and after reading activities using a map and a writing activity. Students do discussion with partners over
**Also includes a Google version for Distance Learning! Please make sure any resources placed online are password protected (no public access) thanks!You are purchasing a BUNDLE of 7 activities that address European Exploration. You can use all the activities or mix and match what works best for you
The print version of Spanish Explorers & Conquistadors Map Activity is now in digital format and ready to use for distance learning! Visual, verbal, and kinesthetic learners will enjoy this activity that reviews their knowledge of Spanish explorers and conquistadors. Students will create a compr
THIS DOWNLOAD INCLUDES ALL PART 4 OF THE UNIT DESCRIBED BELOWThis series of PowerPoint slides is highly visual and engaging with primary and secondary sources, maps, activities, quizzes, review games, diagrams, links to videos on YouTube, assignments, writing prompts, and much much more...PART 1 - P
Students will review various people and discoveries from the Era of Exploration (Age of Discovery) by completing this map activity. There are 5 required labels, then students will choose 10 other routes/claims/events/etc to label or mark on the map from a list of 18 (they can also include items dis

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