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european imperialism map

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OverviewThis Google Slides based Interactive Map jumble is designed to quickly familiarize students with the political Geography of Africa in the waning years of European Imperialism.They are tasked with rotating and dragging the countries to their appropriate locations and then shading them to show
Scramble for Africa European Flags & Mapping Activity. Instead of the traditional color coded Scramble for Africa map activity, I put together an alternative that really gives students an understanding of what imperialism is and its effect on the continent of Africa during the Age of European Im
to be used with the following downloads: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Age-of-Exploration-PART-4-EUROPEAN-IMPERIALISM-visual-textual-engaging-688465 http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Age-of-Exploration-visual-textual-engaging-79-slide-PPT-688388
Students will learn about the scramble for Africa by labeling colonies and coloring the map to show which European nations controlled which colonies and which countries remained independent. Students will also answer 3 questions about the map.What's Included with the printed version:*Blank Africa in
6th - 10th
Scramble for Africa (Imperialism in Africa) - Webquest with Teacher Key - This 12 page resource focuses on the Scramble for Africa and European imperialism in Africa during the Age of Imperialism. It contains a webquest that uses two different websites and requires students to complete 26 different
Age of Imperialism - Webquest Bundle (Africa, China, India and Gandhi) - This Age of Imperialism webquest bundle contains 4 different webquests related to the Age of Imperialism. Specifically, the bundle contains a webquest for each of the following: Scramble for Africa, Imperialism in China and th
Imperialism in Africa - Resource Bundle ( PowerPoint, Source Analysis, etc.) - This is a detailed and exciting unit that covers the topic of Imperialism in Africa. With a focus on student-centered learning and with the possibility of differentiation, this unit will be a versatile tool in your classr
This lesson uses six different primary sources, from maps to first-hand accounts to advertisements, to show students the effects of European imperialism in Africa. Students move from station to station analyzing each source and answering critical thinking questions about what the sources have to sh
Students will learn about the difficulties of building the Panama Canal through an internet-based worksheet. The Panama Canal Webquest uses a great website that allows students view a timeline and guides students through an interactive map of the Panama Canal.http://panama.lindahall.org/Click here t
Imperialism in Africa - Berlin Conference - Reading, Map and Questions - This 6 page resource covers the history and significance of the Berlin Conference during the Scramble for Africa and imperialism in Africa. It includes a one page reading that provides concise and detailed information about th
These resources provide an overview of European Imperialism from 1880-1914. Topics touched on include the reasons for imperialism, the Berlin Conference, the Scramble for Africa, the White Man's Burden, the Boer War, British imperialism in India, the Sepoy Rebellion, and imperialism in China and Ja
This power point introduces European Imperialism from 1880-1914. An overview is provided of the reasons for imperialism, the Berlin Conference, the Scramble for Africa, the White Man's Burden, the Boer War, British imperialism in India, the Sepoy Rebellion, and imperialism in China and Japan. The
This thorough packet on the Age of Imperialism is a perfect unit guide to help students understand all of the key concepts, people, and events they need to know about this era in World History! The 9-page independent work packet includes engaging pages on all every aspect of the Industrial Revolutio
Doodle Notes enable students to visualize concepts they are learning. Students will watch brief films over concepts of imperialism and follow along with their doodle notes. Concepts covered are The Berlin Conference of 1884-85, U.S. Imperialism, China (Open Door Policy, Opium Wars, and The Boxer Reb
Scramble for Africa map task.
In this map activity on imperialism in Africa, students complete 6 tasks on the map to illustrate the Scramble for Africa, then answer 5 questions about the Berlin Conference, any attempts at African resistance, the creation of the boundaries, and more. An answer key is included where appropriate.
This DBQ looks at the achievements of West African civilizations before the arrival of Europeans through 8 primary and secondary source documents including 1 illustration and 1 map. Each document is followed by at least one constructed response question and a summary essay question using the documen
Imperialism in China - Map Activity - This is a 2 page map activity related to imperialism in China. It includes a blank map that requires students to label countries surrounding China, as well as the 'spheres of influence' in China during the time of imperialism in China. The resource includes a
Engaging History Presentations     Mr. Harms has designed a number of PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations with Key Social Studies Concepts and Critical Thinking Questions to help students understand history. Designed by a teacher for teachers, this PowerPoint focuses on Imperialism "The Scramble Fo
This 11 x 17 graphic organizer of the Age of Imperialism goes beyond a typical graphic organizer allows the space for students to really see the entire age of Imperialism on one large page. Just use the large tray in your copy machine. If you cannot print directly to a copy machine or to a stand
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This resource is a Google Form and Doc linked to an interactive map on the imperialism in southeast Asia in 1900.Spices first attracted Europeans to Southeast Asia. Later, the Industrial Revolution encouraged the development of colonies that could provide raw materials for manufacturing and new mark
As students study the many countries whose imperialism extended to colonizing African nations, these activities assist in driving home the concept of the large areas of land some European countries occupied in Africa. In addition, students realize the specific areas in Africa colonized by particula
Imperialism in Asia & Latin America Lecture Notes Introduce the spread of America and European Nations into Asia and Latin America, or review how Imperialism took over the regions with this comprehensive presentation. This is an overview on the Imperialism in Asia and Latin America designed fo
This resource is a Google Form and Doc linked to an interactive map on the imperialism in the 1800's.In the 1800's, Western industrial nations colonized Africa and Asia to access raw materials for manufacturing and to gain new markets for their finished goods.Students will analyze the interactive ma

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