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exaggeration and hyperbole worksheet

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English Language Arts


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exaggeration and hyperbole worksheet

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**These worksheets are included in my complete Persuasive Writing Worksheet Pack**Includes two handouts to teach students to include exaggerations and hyperbole when writing a persuasive text.Handouts include:One worksheet explaining what exaggerations and hyperbole are, with examples of exaggeratio
A fun approach to tall tales! Are you looking for a fresh way to introduce your students to tall tales? Do you need something to supplement the old standbys like Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed? Are you looking for a contemporary way to help students see how tall tales are created and shaped? Th
The practice PowerPoint activity features 30 colorful photos and a sentence with an exaggeration on each slide. Students identify the word or words that make the sentence a hyperbole, then tell what it really means. A student recording sheet and follow-up quiz is also included. Fun practice!The foll
3 Tall Tales Writing Activities is designed to help students explore tall tales, exaggerations, hyperbole, and critical thinking skills during writing. There are several tall tale interactive worksheets for students to explore the use of exaggeration in a tall tale. There is also a writing unit on P
Creative writing activities and lessons fuel a love for writing! These lessons are designed to not only tap into critical English Language Arts skills, but also to promote joy of learning and writing. Perfect as a single lesson, substitute plan, or part of a creative writing unit, you’ll love how
Teaching persuasive devices? These worksheets help explain hyperbole / exaggeration, give examples, have students identify them and provide scaffolding for students to learn to write their own.There is a worksheet that defines hyperbole in a child friendly way, gives examples and asks students to gi
Just a quick metaphors, similes and hyperboles worksheet set. It's targeted at junior secondary (middle school). I will be using it as a quick stepping stone for a year 8 unit on writing persuasively.There are five pages (metaphor, simile and hyperbole) which explain what each technique is, and a ch
4th - 9th
This reading comprehension supports students to recognise use of exaggeration, or hyperbole, that have been used by an author. There are six short texts, each one showcasing a different example of exaggeration. For each text, there is a task card to complete and then an explanation card, which gives
Introduce, practice, and review figurative language, literary terms, and story elements with this bundle of activities. This activity includes worksheets that detail all terms students need to know and identify, various methods to practice identifying in literature and assessments to test their lear
Exaggerations! Hyperbole's! Oh my! I created these lessons for my students to introduce and expand their knowledge on hyperbole's. The lessons include: a cloze paragraph, identifying and applying hyperbole's in writing, creating hyperbole's and hyperbole charades. Hope this can help teaching hyperbo
4th - 6th
Use as a hands-on worksheet for the direct instruction or review of the academic vocabulary word "hyperbole." Students fill in the sheet during a mini lesson on hyperbole. It can be used for explicit direct instruction or review and reinforcement. The final column can be used with a guided or inde
This set includes 54 different funny plays on language to help define several grammar and figurative language terms. These are 11x8.5 in size and have fun, colorful backgrounds to catch a student's eye! You can pick and choose the ones you want to print, and hang, or you can use them for bell ringer
Most of us use hyperboles in our conversations without even realising. For example; "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse!"Students who experience difficulties with figurative language will often take these remarks literally and will respond to the person by either correcting them or laughing at their
Figurative Language Worksheet in Word with text boxes for answers, so that it is easy to use digitally and can be broken up to use half for assessment. (20 questions)a. Simile…………………….comparing two unlike things using the words like or asb. Allusion………… ……..a reference to literature or a historical
Using exaggeration or hyperbole can be one of easiest ways of getting a laugh from your audience.These simple but challenging worksheets help the Middle School student identify humourous exaggeration techniques and develop some strategies to write their own comedy lines.Great fun and yet another par
Hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration not meant to be taken literally. Writers use hyperbole to make a point, create humor, or add color to their writing. This set of two worksheets reviews the definition of hyperbole with examples, has the student practice writing their own hyperboles, and then prac
Rhetorical questions, high / low modality words, hyperbole / exaggeration and facts and opinions worksheet printables that explain each device, give examples and have students sort and create their own examples. This will ensure students understand persuasive devices and can use them in their own pe
This kid-friendly exercise presents funny examples of hyperbole that kids are familiar with and will have no difficulty pointing out the exaggeration in. It begins with a fill-in-the-blank definition and is followed by directions to highlight the exaggeration. There is room for them to write a sente
6th - 9th
I created this set of hook sentence practice worksheets to help students practice writing attention-grabbing hook sentences and to help prepare them for the STAAR writing composition. This packet includes:- A hook sentence example handout-10 pages of hook sentence practice worksheets which includes:
Are you looking for ways for your students to practice hyperbole/exaggerations? These two worksheets can help support your lessons. Students will complete statements by making exaggerations, and they will choose one hyperbole to illustrate. This makes a great item for a bulletin board!
3rd - 5th
Intended Effect of Persuasive Vocabulary This three day unit is great for teaching persuasive vocabulary through reading and/or writing. The PowerPoint includes 10 slides for each day, including objective, teacher input, guided practice, and independent practice. The worksheets included match wha
Practice hyperbole with kid-friendly examples of exaggeration. Students identify hyperbole in funny paragraphs. Next they create their own examples using sentences starters. The final project includes illustrating their hyperbole and writing an exaggeration poem.This work is licensed under a Creativ
This puzzle features simple explanations of key words used in the study of poetry. It's a great, fun way to get students familiar with vocabulary that they must understand and be able to use when discussing poetry. This is a generic worksheet/quiz which could be used when teaching most poems. Ther
This bundle includes two activities to help students practice identifying and analyzing hyperboles, a tricky component of figurative language. The first activity includes a definition of hyperbole, examples, and opportunity for guided practice. Students must explain what the given hyperbole means an

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