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Results for executive functioning activities

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Executive Functioning Escape Room Activity

This free escape room activity is a puzzle challenge related to executive functioning skills. Students can work together or independently to solve a puzzle and discover the secret phrase to unlock the door and win the challenge in a specified amount of time. This escape room activity is ideal for small groups, advisory periods, morning work, resource rooms, or just for fun!Note that this is a free sample puzzle that includes only one challenge. If you are interested in more similar challenges pu

Executive Functioning Skills Workbook - Free Worksheets & Activities

Teach specific executive functioning skills with this free workbook sampler. Skills targeted include: planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, attention, flexibility, and perseverance. The free resource includes a sample of my Executive Functioning Advanced Workbook with an executive functioning quiz, information on executive functioning, daily checklists, estimating time for tasks, and behaviors aligned with paying attention. These a

Executive Functioning Game Based Learning Activities- Perfect for Home Learning!

Created by
Little Victories
Get ready to build executive functioning skills any setting!Perfect for Distance Learning or simply practicing executive functioning skills at home,each activity has targeted skills and goals and reflection questions to deepen learning. The resource is formatted to support printing for families with limited internet access and is free to share! Don't forget to follow Little Victories and leave your feedback!You also might like the related FREE resources: Social and Emotional Game Based Learning

Mazes: Outdoor Fun Activities Lvl. 1 | Executive Function | Problem-solving

Your students will love these themed printable maze puzzles. Help your students boost confidence and persistence―and build their motor skills and problem-solving skills―with these fun puzzles! Great for morning work, literacy centers, or math centers! These mazes are the perfect tool to address executive functioning skills of planning, impulse control, and cognitive flexibility.Freebies and Discounts!Follow Scholarporium on TeachersPayTeachers.com to stay updated on discounts and freebies. New p

Executive Function Web - Target = Activity

Created by
Start Here
What is Executive Function? -Attention -Working Memory -Cognitive Flexibility (ability to switch tasks MINDFULLY) -Impulse Control Who needs to work on these skills? Preschoolers!!!! *compatible Start Here products are listed under each target. Note that "The Toddler Games" listed on this web is now called "The Preschool Games" Executive Function and impulse control IN THE NEWS: "The Marshmallow Test"* that has been featured regularly on PBS. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/te

Ice Cream Sundae Coloring & Activity Sheets | Fine Motor + Executive Functioning

Created by
The Crafty COTA
With the purchase of this item, you will receive a PDF file of an Ice Cream Sunday Coloring & Activity Book. This book includes 8 simple coloring sheets and 3 activity sheets. Not only is coloring often a kid favorite... but so is ice cream! What's even better is that coloring targets an endless number of skills, such as:fine motor skillsvisual motor skillsvisual perceptionideationinitiation of tasktask monitoringsustained attentionregulation when used as a calming strategyAND MORE!Purchase

Executive functioning activities. Teaching how to improve executive function.

Created by
Do you realize how highly capable and eager to be explored your brain is?Are you interested in improving your working memory, attention, and learning?Whiz is the solution you are pursuing!Whiz is the best way to enhance their mental processes, like executive functioning (EF), which is a set of mental skills that humans use every day to analyze, code, and manage daily life.

December Calendar - Executive Functioning Activity

Prep-Free Printable Resource!Work on the skills of planning, organizing, and scheduling with this functional activity. Follow directions to fill in the monthly calendar provided.Answer key included!

Following Directions, Listening, and Executive Functioning Free

Created by
Dr Erica Warren
These following directions activities help students to master linguistic cues and tricky vocabulary. It even lets students practice their flexibilty switching been positively and negatively worded questions. This is an important skill that is exercised daily when following written and oral directions or taking multiple choice tests. These activities can also be used as a form of cognitive therapy that will develop sequencing and spatial abilities, memory, attention, and visual processing ski

Executive Functioning Skills Stories Read Aloud List

Use this free list of read alouds to help integrate executive functioning skills with your elementary students. It includes lists of books to target skills for planning, organization, attention, self-control, flexibility, perseverance, time management, task initiation, and MORE!Literature can be the perfect strategy to help integrate executive functioning and social skills in the classroom. Doing it is pretty simple: Just read the book and discuss the skills as you read! If time is short for add

ADHD Coping Skills - Executive Functioning Boost-Natural Brain Health Strategies

Natural and Non-Medication ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Strategies To Improve Executive Functions - kids, teenagers, young adults. How To Stimulate The ADHD Brain Without Stimulants - elementary school, middle school, high school, college.Natural coping skills and activities to help manage ADHD symptoms. This is a helpful printable handout/poster/infographic providing psychoeducation on the brain differences in ADHD versus a neurotypical brain. It also describes several natu

*FREEBIE* Game to Improve Executive Function & Working Memory

We've all had students who struggle with many areas such as following directions, conversational turn taking, organization, reading and reading comprehension. All of these skills require WORKING MEMORY, which is the ability to hold and retain information for short amounts of time. According to childdevelopment.com: "Working memory is crucial for academic performance as it is an important part of executive functioning (e.g. planning, initiating, task monitoring, organisation). At school, the a

Executive Functioning Discussion Questions - Digital & Print

Use this free digital and printable page to start discussions about executive functioning skills. It includes 20 questions to help kids and teens start learning about critical skills like planning, organization, task initiation, time management, working memory, perseverance, and more.A digital version for Google Slides is included, as well as color and black/white printable sets. Some of the questions include:What does it mean to plan?What are three routines that help someone stay organized at s

Executive Functioning Jenga Game Labels to Support Discussion

Looking for a fun way to have group conversations about executive functioning skills? With these labels, you will be able to print them out on labels and put them on a Jenga set for students to use. Questions cover the topics of: Paying attention/Impulse Control; Organization; Planning and Prioritizing; Task Initiation and Completion; Flexible Thinking (Problem-Solving); Regulating emotions; and  Self-monitoring. Questions are based on a school that is 1:1 with Chromebooks, but you can change th

Executive Functioning Skills for Home Poster

Use this free executive functioning skills learners can practice at home. It includes strategies for planning, organization, time management, flexibility, and more. This is a quick and easy resource to send to parents at home.Note that both black/white and color options are included! You can use the black/white version as a coloring page for students as they discuss each activity.Digital VersionA digital version for Google Slides is included. Just check the last few pages of the PDF download for

Executive Function in Life Skills What Do I Need BOOM™ FREE digital activity

Created by
Susan Berkowitz
Are you supporting students with language disorders who have a difficult time organizing themselves for tasks or knowing what they need? Students have difficulty with the concept of knowing what they need for the task.This BOOM deck offers 20 practice stimuli for answering "What do I need?". Great for tele- practice or independent work on iPads/tablets, computers or Smart Boards. No print resources can be used on tablet devices, computers, Smartboards. Great for teletherapy or for independent pr

FREEBIE Occupational Therapy Tool: Perception, Executive Function, Motor Control

Created by
Print Path OT
Kids love doing mazes, and little do they know how incredibly valuable mazes are for their perceptual, motor, and cognitive reasoning skills. * Mazes are the perfect tool to address executive functioning skills of planning, impulse control, and cognitive flexibility. * Teaching maze skills helps to cultivate growth mindset characteristics of persistence, frustration tolerance, and trying a different way. * Motor control and precision is a common issue that interferes with acquiring legible

Following Directions, Listening, and Executive Functioning Primary Free Sample

Created by
Dr Erica Warren
Following Directions Primary offers entertaining, multi-sensory cognitive activities that help young children master the subtleties of linguistic cues necessary for following oral directions. This product also strengthens foundational skills needed for reading and math such as directionality, visual processing, auditory processing, sequencing, verbal reasoning, spatial skills and more.

Developing Executive Functioning Skills- FREE Open-Ended Question Set

Developing Executive Functioning Skills helps students consider individualized situations and use common sense related to creating strategies for positive outcomes. Create your own questions to facilitate the development of Executive Functioning Skills and helps students with problem-solving, planning, organizing, management of time, memory skills, and adjusting. This is a FREE Introduction version of my FULL version, available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. https://www.teacherspayteachers

Executive Functioning Skills FREE Printable & Digital Poster

Use this free digital and printable poster to start discussions about executive functioning skills. It includes a focus on 26 different executive functioning skills from A-Z.A digital version for Google Slides is included, as well as color and black/white printable sets. Students can color in each section as you talk about what it means and how it can help them.Some of the skills include:Activating Your BrainBeing Self-AwareChoicesDeveloping a PlanEvaluating PrioritiesFlexible ThinkingGoal-Setti

Free Halloween Roll a Witch Drawing Activity

Created by
CreativeCOTA LLC
Are your students struggling in the classroom? Are they having difficulty drawing recognizable pictures in their writing journals? Difficulty processing visual information and poor visual-motor coordination skills can lead to problems with reading, spelling, handwriting, drawing, math, and comprehension.  Use these fun roll and draw a Halloween witch, visual perception activities to help your students improve their drawing and planning skills.  Visual perception is the skill needed for a child t

Sustaining Attention Executive Functioning Puzzles September

☀SEPTEMBER: In this puzzle pack, students will practice sustaining attention to complete a task. Sustaining attention is an essential executive functioning skill that students need to master in order to stay focused, use time wisely, and complete their work.►See the thumbnails for all activities included.Related Products• Sustaining Attention Executive Functioning Puzzles April• Sustaining Attention Executive Functioning Puzzles December• Sustaining Attention Executive Functioning Puzzles Februa

Long A Sound and Vowel Team Word Reading and Sorting Activity

Created by
Win at Phonics
Here is a great activity for reading ai, ay, a-e and a words making the sound of /a-e/, e.g. tail, play, cake and table. It is an excellent way to work on phonics whilst having fun! It is also a fantastic sorting activity that involves reading each word, finding the correct spelling for the target sound and matching it. After finishing the game, why not discuss any spelling patterns or rules that you can see? This is my favorite game and the kids love it too!Games also provide a wonderful opport

Prioritizing Problems Social Skills Activities Speech Therapy

Created by
A Happy Learner
This FREE social skills unit for executive functioning and problem solving is perfect for SLPs, special education teachers, and school counselors. It is low prep and well-suited for middle and high school students with Autism, ADHD, or language impairments. ⭐️ This is a FREE SAMPLE of my Prioritizing Problems Unit. ⭐️The freebie includes 4 work pages:✨ One story for analyzing situations and identifying them as "good" or "bad" as well as character responses✨ One worksheet for rating scenarios on
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