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UPDATED: Now contains two matching activities (two levels--easier and harder). Creative matching worksheets provides practice for expanding and condensing logarithms. Hang the finished products in the classroom or hallway. Answer keys included. This activity is also included in:Logarithms Lesson 4
This bundle has 10 self checking puzzle worksheets. Once the worksheets are completed, the answer to a riddle is revealed. The following are the contents of the worksheets: 1. Logarithms – Evaluate Using Change of Base This worksheet evaluates logarithms which are not common logs. The base is ei
In this activity, students will expand and condense logarithms (same base) as they tap into their creative side! Once students expand or condense the logarithmic expression, they will follow the directions for that box on the next page based on their answer. They will fill the boxes with fun patte
Concepts Covered: Using the properties of logarithms to condense and expand log expressions. Properties used: Multiplication, Division, Power, log base b of b = 1. Natural Logs included. 24 task cards with answers that can be printed with answers on the back for student self -check or printed just
Properties of Logarithms NO Prep Lesson, Worksheets & Keys Provides everything needed to teach properties of logarithms including the change of base formula. Includes an introduction to logarithms and how to convert between exponential and logarithmic form. The lesson includes an editable &
DIGITAL, NO PREP, SELF-GRADING practice, expanding and condensing logs. Here are 10 problems using google forms for your students. There are 5 of each type. This resource can be used as a Google Form OR a worksheet activity. Detailed instructions and answer key is included.Includes:Ten problems ea
Properties of Logarithms: This worksheet provides practice with the properties of logarithms. Students use approximations of logarithmic values along with the properties of logarithms to evaluate logarithms, they use the properties of logarithms to expand logarithmic expressions, and must use the pr
Are your students having a difficult time expanding and condensing logarithms? Use this download to help your students practice evaluating logarithms with fun coloring worksheets!What is included?3 Worksheets3 Coloring Sheets3 Answer KeysSimilar Products You Might LikeValentine's Day Coloring Challe
This tarsia puzzle is a great way for students to review their skills with expanding logarithms. The solution to the puzzle is included.
This file contains two different resources. The first are the guided notes that introduce the properties of logarithms and then show steps for expanding logarithms. There is a worked out example provided as well as additional examples.The second resource is a simple homework assignment that I give t
A guided notes sheet over Condensing and Expanding Logarithms and the Change of Base formula. Used in an Algebra 2 class.
This self checking worksheet takes the student through the Product, Quotient, and Power Properties of Logarithms. Upon completion of this worksheet, a riddle and punchline will be revealed.
Students solve problems that require them to either condense or expand a logarithmic expression using the Product Property, Quotient Property, and Power Property of logarithms. NOW WITH A DIGITAL VERSION!Click HERE to SAVE 30% by buying my Slow Growing PreCalculus Bundle. As I add more PreCalculus
This Properties of Logarithms Flip Book is a great addition to your resources for this unit. Students love the organization of flip books and this easy to assemble foldable flip book will help your students review and understand the properties of logarithms. The flip book can be incorporated int
DIGITAL, NO PREP, SELF-GRADING exponential and log practice including converting between log and exponential form, expanding and condensing logs, finding the characteristics of exponential functions like the y-intercept, asymptotoes, and domain and range, and solving exponential equations by finding
This unit and activities bundle introduces students to the inverse relationship between logarithms and exponents. Students learn how to solve exponential equations algebraically using logarithms. Students will extend their knowledge of geometric sequences and be introduced to geometric series.Finall
This unit introduces students to the inverse relationship between logarithms and exponents. Students learn how to solve exponential equations algebraically using logarithms. Students will extend their knowledge of geometric sequences and be introduced to geometric series.Finally, optional extension
This lesson includes a guided notes handout, practice worksheets, an exit ticket, and a next-day warm-up problem. Students will expand and condense logarithmic expressions and use properties of logarithms to solve logarithmic equations.This lesson is designed as an Algebra 2 level introduction to lo
These cards include 15 cards.5 cards on expanding5 cards on condensing5 cards on simplifying with numbers including things like log 0. These tasks are fill in the blank and are self grading for immediate feedback. Students will have to type in their numerical response for the numerator and the denom
This is a set of 5* worksheets to practice most key concepts about logs: Converting between log and exponential form, evaluating with and without calculator, expanding, condensing, solving log equations and equations using common bases, and graphing logs and exponentials.*one of the individual produ
Students will simplify and expand logarithmic expressions and state what property(s) are used. 15 problems total. Total Pages: 6 (including title page and solutions) This can be used as homework or a review. Please rate this product. I value your feedback. Follow me to receive updates on ne
A two page review: Convert between log and exponential form, evaluate with and without calculator, expand, condense, solve log equations and equations using common bases, and graph logs and exponentials. This is ready to print, or to assign as an online TPT Digital Activity through Google Classroom.
Beginner/Intermediate worksheet to practice expanding and condensing logarithms using the product property, quotient property, and power property of logs. Answer Key is provided.
In this worksheet, students will practice logarithms in a fun Sudoku puzzle. Logarithm concepts include: - rewriting in exponential and log form - solving a logarithmic equation - identifying a missing value - expanding a logarithm Materials included: Sudoku puzzle Solutions The student direction

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