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expanding universe

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This product includes two warm-ups, Cornell notes, a foldable activity, a presentation on the lesson, and a mini quiz built into the presentation on the Big Bang Theory, formation of the solar system, and the expansion of the universe. This product is part of my Space Interactive Notebook Bundle: St
Modeling of the Universe Expanding Activity (Big Bang)Designed for middle school Earth science. This is more of an introductory activity to support additional instruction on the Big Bang Theory. This activity helps students model the expansion of the universe using a balloon. Students record and gr
With this product, students will learn about a new study that claims the universe is expanding faster than previously thought through NGSS Claim Evidence Reasoning. Claim Evidence Reasoning or C.E.R. charts are great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows yo
This lesson begins by introducing the big bang theory and going over supporting evidence. After explaining cosmic radiation it goes into how our own solar system formed from a solar nebula. The lesson concludes by touching on dark matter and dark energy. The worksheet follows along with the presenta
A hands-on lab that can easily be done at home with hybrid learning or in person. Materials needed are simple and readily available.(11) Google slides include background information, warm-up, hypothesis, procedure, data chart, conclusions, and a link to a generation genius video for enrichment.
4th - 8th
This worksheet guides students through interactive that help student understand the key events of the Big Bang and understand the concept of red shift and how it can be used to help scientists explore the expansion of the universe.
6th - 12th
In this activity, students examine the Big Bang Theory and its relation to the expansion of the universe, using Hubble's Law. This lab is best done in partners (groups of 2). A very engaging lab with very inexpensive materials!
This product is perfect for Interactive Notebooks and Middle School and High School Students! These JUMBO Notes are easy to put together (as simple as a single cut and a single line of glue) and have plenty of space to write whatever you need your students to know. Use it to help your students under
In this activity students use balloons to simulate the Big Bang and the expanding universe.
Students will: 1. explore evidence for the Big Bang theory including evidence that the universe is expanding, 2. understand that distant galaxies are moving further away due to the expansion of the universe. Each page invites your learner to interactive with the subject to engage the information.
According to the big bang theory, almost all galaxies are moving outward from all other galaxies. You can demonstrate the principles of this expansion by following the simple step-by-step instructions in this investigation. Students will have to calculate how far each galaxy moves away from the othe
3rd - 12th, Adult Education
This is a question sheet that students fill out as they view the video Nova Telescope: The Ever Expanding Universe.You will need to have access to the video. This resource is only a question sheet that you can use with the video. Questions are listed in the order in which they appear in the video.
The Expanded Universe project can either be a summative project at the end of a novel study, an enrichment activity for students needing a greater challenge, or a stand-alone creative writing exercise. Students will need to take their understanding of a work of fiction- characterizations, setting, p
For students to understand our universe is not static, but expanding at an accelerated rate. Data collected through various instruments such as telescopes supports this Theory and can be modeled in various ways such as with an elastic band.
6th - 10th
The Expanding Universe. Formation, the planets, and the future of the universe.
7th - 8th
Expanding and formation of the universe This is a a hands on lesson plan with questions/ worksheet about the formation of the expanding universe. The lesson uses a balloon and dots to show how everything is expanding. - all materials needed is list. The lesson plan in the 5E model - Engage,Explore,
The Expanding Universe. Formation, the planets, and the future of the universe.
This prompt investigates the state of the Universe. Does it have an end? What is the Big Crunch? Science is amazing.Thanks for visiting!
The Expanding Universe. Formation, the planets, and the future of the universe.
7th - 8th
Students participate in a demonstration of how the Universe expands and causes galaxies to move away from each other. National Science Education Standards: A, B, D & G
This is a lab that has students model the expanding universe using a balloon. Please rate and leave a review!
6th - 12th
Do you need a science activity that will have your students making observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted as targeted by NGSS? Then let them learn about Earth's place in the universe and the patterns (and cycles) all around us. This resource provides a b
The materials in this resource will engage your students in an interdisciplinary study of the history of Astronomy and the constellations. The resources will help develop their background knowledge about these rich and complex subjects, which will allow them to thoughtfully engage with Hello, Univer
Want to engage your students in learning about the universe? This activity works great as an introductory or "Engagement" piece, or as an "Explore" to your Big Bang Unit. Students use an expanding balloon to observe how the distance increases for "galaxies" that are farther away. Most items can
6th - 11th

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