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Americas Exploration and Colonization Map exercise guides students through the colonization of the Americas by Spain, Portugal, England, France and the Dutch. Students identify and label geographical landforms as well as color the claimed territory by European powers. Students create a legend showin
This is a two page document with a rubric and directions for students to use while they complete the Google Maps activity. Students will use Google Maps to plot exploration routes of famous explorers and color code them by country. They will also plot the locations of settlements of the differen
7th - 12th
Students label important places and explorer routes on the mapUnit 03 Exploration and ColonizationTexas HistoryColumbus, God Gold & Glory, Spanish Explorers, Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado, La Salle, For St. Louis, John Hawkinswww.mrbrownsclass.net
A map activity for identifying and labeling the 13 colonies and 3 colonial regions. In addition, the students will use Google Maps to explore the terrain and make connections about probable industries within the colonies.
10th - 12th
Colonial America Integrated Unit for Upper ElementaryThis integrated unit of study focuses on Colonial America, including Colonial Regions. The unit includes a reading skill lesson (Main Idea), as well as a timeline activity. It includes 8 lessons and activities, including informational texts. A
Do you want to give your students a fun way to review the exploration and colonization of North America? There are 25 question cards on Boom Learning℠ that are a combination of multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, primary source analysis, and drag and drop answers. Challenge your students a
This resource is a Google form and doc linked to two interactive maps on the European colonization in the Americas.By the early 1700s, British, French, and Spanish colonial settlements had expanded, some faster than others. British colonial growth along the Atlantic coast centered on settlements. Fr
Do you need help integrating more social studies skills into your class without sacrificing content? This TEKS-aligned H.I.S.T.O.R.Y. Stations activity will help your students review Exploration and Colonization before a test while also sharpening their social studies skills! Students will practice
This product is a Google form linked to an interactive map on the African resistance to colonial rule.Africa underwent many changes during the early 20th century. After World War I, German colonies were redistributed to various Allied nations. Opposition to imperialism grew during the 1920's and 193
This resource is great for the impact of exploration in World History as well as an introduction in US History. Includes -- 6 Printable Task Cards (primary source analysis, maps, images) -- Reasons for exploration, triangle trade, European territories, impact of colonization, Jamestown/ Plymouth, 1
Exploration and Colonization PowerPoint - 72 Slides! Very Visual! Important information for notes are underlined or color-coded. Topics Include: - America Before Exploration - The Age of Exploration - The First Colonies - The 13 Colonies Graphic Organizer Notes are Included! 7 Pages Total - They a
These custom designed maps of Europe are specifically tailored to highlight the countries of Europe responsible for sponsoring Exploration to the "New World." This set is an excellent visual compliment to any lesson plan focused on Europe, Exploration, The New World and Colonization of the America
Remembering the 13 colonies and the regions they belong to is easy when you teach your students mnemonic phrases! This is a PRINT & GO product!! Mnemonic phrases are a series of words in which the first letter of each word is the same as a letter in what you want the students to know. Ex: My
Help your students identify and organize the essential concepts for this era of history! Each note page is visually organized to support understanding and help make connections. The design also makes it easy for them to locate and return to previously learned concepts for STAAR prep, or other routin
The Colonization Unit Bundle: PowerPoint Lessons and Activities with answers! is the entire 5-part 8th grade US History Unit with review activities. These lessons can easily be adapted for other grades. The Colonization unit will help students understand the motivation and impact of European coloniz
AP U.S. History The Contextualization Map is a visual way to aid students as they practice the historical skill of contextualization. Using the maps, students will determine the cause and effects of key concepts/events as well as determine the correlation between historical concepts and events. The
Use this 35 page PowerPoint to cover and provide an overview of Exploration & Colonization of the Americas. The PowerPoint covers Indigenous populations across the Americas, Ice Age travel to Americans, Columbus landing, reasons for exploration, the Ahe of Exploration, Videos, Maps, Pictures, an
AP U.S. History The Contextualization Map is a visual way to aid students as they practice the historical skill of contextualization. Using the maps, students will determine the cause and effects of key concepts/events as well as determine the correlation between historical concepts and events. The
This is a Bundle of my 11 assignments and resources for Unit 03 Exploration and Colonization. This bundle includes:1 Learning Goals2 Unit Preview3 Notes Outline4 Vocab Definitions5 Vocabulary Definition Notebook foldable6 Vocabulary Matching cards activity7 Map Activity8 Timeline Activity9 Essay Qu
Early on Texas was impacted by its location in North America and the the countries that battled, and negotiated to push their borders further. Help students discover this tension through a one day activity. Included-Detailed teaching instructions for remote and in person.3 separate Google Slideshows
• British Legislation affecting the Colonies 1763-1774 Handout • Chronology of Colonial Establishment Handout w/Student Version • Peopling of the Americas and Natives Handouts • Explorers and their Explorations Chart Handout • Colonies Foldable Activity • Outline Notes on Explorers and Colonial Esta
This mini-unit is great for in-person or distance learning.  It explores the causes and consequences of Imperialism in Africa and China, especially as it related to the Scramble for Africa, the Conquest of the Congo, and Great Britain's Opium Wars with China.   The mini-unit includes:an introductory
This unit test, designed for United States History classes, covers “Exploration and Colonization”. Terms, concepts, people, and topics covered in this test include: Columbian Exchange, subsistence farming, plantations, joint-stock company, missionary, monarchy, indentured servants, Mayflower, James
This resource was designed in Google Forms to easily be used as either a quiz or test about the 13 colonies. Students are assessed based on map skills as well as the different social, political, and economic characteristics of each region. Great for distance learning, this resource includes an answe
6th - 12th, Higher Education

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