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Continents - Explore the 7 Continents!
The Seven Continents! Exploring the 7 Continents has never been more exciting! It's a Small World Continent Study is filled with over 35 activities to help your students gain a greater understanding of the seven continents. This 130+ page unit is filled with great resources, posters, printables, act
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Early European Explorers: The Age of Exploration [Google Classroom Compatible]
Get your students excited about social studies with this engaging and hands-on unit on early European Explorers and the Age of Exploration. There are over 270 pages, slides, center activities, games, students activity sheets, and more! The unit is even google classroom compatible! The following E
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Age of Exploration: Passages (Vol. 1)
Age of Exploration (Early Explorers / New World Explorers) Differentiated Reading Passages **UPDATE: Paperless Digital Version Included** In addition to all printable options previously featured, this resource now also features a digital version of all resources included (even student response shee

Also included in: Social Studies BUNDLE Vol. 2: Differentiated Reading Passages

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Early European Explorers #1: Cabot, Balboa, de Soto, Columbus, Hudson, Cartier
Take a look at this complete and creative hands-on activity pack that is sure to captivate your students. Students will love learning about seven early explorers with reading passages and interactive activities geared for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade students. It includes information on the fol

Also included in: Georgia Standards of Excellence 3rd Grade SS MEGA BUNDLE (Meets new GSEs)

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Explorers Unit with Informational Text, Early Explorers, Age of Exploration
Explorers Unit filled with informational text, activities, and assessments! This Explorers Unit has its own Informational Text on 8 explorers! It was divided up into two Explorer units to make the content easier for your students to study. ★★★ ADDED: STUDENT VERSION FOR TABLETS ★★★ Explorer U

Also included in: American History U.S. History Mega Bundle with Informational Text

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Age of Exploration Mini-Unit!  A 6-Step Scavenger Hunt for 10 Explorers!
Age of Exploration Mini-Unit! A 6-Step Scavenger Hunt for 10 Explorers! This Age of Exploration Scavenger Hunt activity is also included as part of the much larger Renaissance Unit Bundle, located here: Renaissance Bundle! 10 resources for Renaissance, Reformation, and Exploration! Buy the bund
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13 Colonies Bundle: The Whole Kit and Kaboodle to Explore Life in Colonial Times
This BIG BUNDLE has it all! The whole kit and kaboodle with all our 13 Colonies resources in one amazing unit! With 20 differentiated reading passages, organizers, comprehension and connection activities, map activities, slideshow presentation, task cards, BIG-MATS, unit test with answer key, trades
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5 Themes of Geography! Explore Five Themes of Geography! Location, Place, More!
5 Themes of Geography! Explore Five Themes of Geography! Location, Place, More! Google 1:1 Compatible!This geography resource is included in the 11-resource, All Things Geography Bundle, located here, as well as the American or the World History Option 2 Curriculum!---In this highly-engaging Five Th

Also included in: Geography Lessons Bundle: 11 resources for Maps, Geography, Latitude, 5 Themes!

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Age of Exploration UNIT
Age of Exploration 3-Week COMPLETE UNIT: This unit includes EVERYTHING you need for an entire Age of Exploration unit. It includes 3 weeks of formal lesson plans (no prep print) with options to extend or shorten the length of the unit, original differentiated reading passages on 5 different reading
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European Explorers - Age of Exploration Unit Bundle
This European Explorer Bundle is aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards. The following explorers are covered in this bundle: Christopher Columbus, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Hernando de Soto, Juan Ponce de Leon, Jacques Cartier, John Cabot, and Henry Hudson. This bundle includes: - European Explo
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Renaissance Unit Bundle! 10 resources for Renaissance, Reformation, Explorers!
Renaissance Unit Bundle! 10 resources for Renaissance, Reformation, Explorers! In the highly-engaging and Common Core focused Renaissance Unit Bundle, you will receive the following TEN activities at a substantial discount! Instead of paying close to $50 for these ten products, purchase this bundl

Also included in: Ancient Civilizations World History Bundle! Greece, Rome, Medieval, Renaissance

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American History MEGA Bundle Part 1: Exploration to Constitution
This amazing MEGA-bundle includes 4 entire unit bundles together for an incredible money and time saving deal! Included are your first four complete units in American History: Exploration, the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution, & the Constitution. With this one download, you get ALL of these:
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Age of Exploration Unit Set
This fantastic Explorers, Exploration, and Discovery Complete Unit Bundle includes everything you need for a whole unit on the Age of Discovery for US or World History! It includes over 40 engaging resources organized for both World and US History plus lesson plans for every day of the unit in both

Also included in: American History MEGA Bundle Part 1: Exploration to Constitution

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Exploring Maps: Pirate Style! {The Basics}
Looking for supplemental materials?! Explore maps... PIRATE STYLE! This 69 page supplemental resource packs in a lot of foundational, BASIC map skills in fun, interactive, developmentally friendly ways! Use a hula hoop, Silly Bands, and rumpled up paper bags to navigate through your mapping unit!
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American History Interactive Notebook Exploration - Reconstruction Bundle 8th Gr
American History Interactive Notebook Exploration - Reconstruction Bundle 8th Gr This 330+ page file is designed as an interactive notebook for middle school American History. In this file are graphic organizers to help your student organize his or her American History notebook. On the graphic or
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Age of Exploration Differentiated Reading Passages of Famous Explorers Bundle
In this resource, there are nonfiction reading passages based on 8 different famous explorers from the Age of Exploration. Excellent time saver for your Early European Explorers Unit. Each passage is differentiated for your high, mid, and lower level students. So, 24 passages are actually included.
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Age of Exploration Unit - PPTs, Worksheets, Project, Lesson Plans+Test
Age of Exploration Complete Unit Bundled (New Product) includes Age of Exploration PowerPoints with video and presenter notes. Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source lessons, map, exit tickets, Explorer Scrapbook Project, crossword review
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Age of Exploration: 2 Week Interactive Unit for Grades 5-8
This Age of Exploration unit proves that history lessons don’t have to be boring! Included are 10 exciting lessons that your students will LOVE! Even better, I’ve made it as easy as possible for busy teachers to implement. Why I created this unit 1. I want to make social studies your students’ fa
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Age of Exploration and Trade Routes Interactive Notebook
Explorers, The Age of Exploration, and Trade Routes Unit for Interactive Social Studies Notebook! This product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized social studies interactive notebook. This resource is aligned with Early Exploration Interactive

Also included in: US History Interactive Notebooks United States History Bundle

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Interactive Notebook / Journal - EXPLORERS - Social Studies (Grades 3-5)
These interactive pages cover Explorers. I have a few specific interactive pages, however, most of the pages may be used for any explorer or country. The interactive pages emphasize reasons, obstacles, and achievements of explorers and countries, as well relationships with Native Americans. Pict
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3rd Grade - LA History - Unit 3 - Topic 1 - Louisiana's Early Explorers
68 pages with 10 activities that focus on the Unit 3 Topic 1 Louisiana's Early Explorers as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of education. These activities focus on answering the following standards and questions: 3.1.1 Create timelines that identify important events in the history of Lou
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Explorer Report Project for 3rd - 6th Grade
This 15 page unit will help you guide your students to create meaningful, well-researched explorer reports. Included in this unit are: A List of Explorers (I pull sticks and let the kids choose. This is my checklist.) Student Directions Handout (2 pages - 100% Editable) Research Notes (2 pages)
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The 1849 California Gold Rush:  A Student Exploration on the Gold Rush!
The 1849 California Gold Rush: A Student Exploration on the Gold Rush! This Gold Rush lesson is included as part of the Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Unit, located here: Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Unit! Buy the Bundle and save a Bundle! ------------- In this highly-engag
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Explorer Doodle Notes Bundle
Looking for a fun way to teach the explorers during the Age of Exploration? Engage students with these fun doodle notes that cover the following 20 explorers for England, France, Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal: John Cabot, Francis Drake, James Cook, Henry Hudson, Giovanni da Verrazzano, Jacques Ca
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