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This Exponents Activities Math Center Game is a great way to get your students a hands-on, engaging critical thinking game for extra practice! Plus this math center activity is a quick and easy way for teachers to provide meaningful learning that meets the needs of all 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade st
This test contains 37 multiple choice questions on topics presented in my Algebra Guided Presentation Notes: Unit 7 - Exponent Rules, which is available here on TPT. This is a PDF file, but if you would like it in a word document, I will be happy to e-mail that to you after purchase. This would als
7th - 10th
Do you need to assess your students' learning on Exponent Laws? This assessment may be used as a quiz, test, or practice worksheet. Or utilize it for 2 days of homework - 1 page per day. These 20 questions are primarily based on multiplication & division of exponents with some basic exponent
This is a 40 questions quiz or test that will evaluate the student's ability to follow the laws of exponents. There are separate sections for * Product and Quotient rules * Power rule * Negative exponents As well as a combined section where the student will need to do multiply laws in the same pro
8th - 9th
Exponents & Scientific Notation Assessments {8th Grade}This product contains two quizzes, a unit test, and answer keys that cover the following topics:Exponent Rules Multiplication, Division, Power to a Power, Multi - Step Scientific Notation Scientific/Standard Notation, Addition, Subtraction,
8th - 9th
The assessment combines standards from 8th grade and Algebra I on the topics of exponent rules, square roots, scientific notation calculations, and rational / irrational numbers. The test has 10 questions with a variety of multiple choice and open-ended response. You will receive the two-page te
test components: *30 questions *free response, multiple choice, matching *2 pages *answer key included ACT College Readiness Standard NCP 604 - Apply rules of exponents This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
8th - 12th
This item is a handout consisting of 22 test questions. About half are multiple-choice and the other half is free response. It covers topics for “Laws of Exponents” such as using one or multiple laws to simplify simple and complex expressions with negative and whole number exponents. Use these qu
Most students are used to simple recall or conceptual based questions that require only one correct answer. This resource is meant to address this challenge. This 10 page Number Patterns and Exponents resource is designed to help prepare your students for the multi-select question sections on state
Three Editable Assessments Included:Quiz: Exponent RulesOpen Ended Test: Laws of Exponents, Roots, Expressions and Equations with ExponentsMultiple Choice Test: Laws of Exponents, Roots, Expressions and Equations with ExponentsUse the different assessments throughout your unit or to differentiate.Yo
32 questions overall Write in exponential form. Simplify each expression. Multiply or divide. Give answer with a single exponent. Simplify. Give answer with a single positive exponent. Write in scientific notation. Multiply or divide. Give answer in scientific notation. Answer each word probl
This is a 3-page test with 35 questions over the laws of exponents. The first two questions give the student a monomial and ask them to identify the base, coefficient and exponent. On questions 3 - 29, all laws are covered comprehensively with mixed questions. Questions start from basic (x^4 times x
8th - 11th
ASSESS your students learning for POSITIVE EXPONENTS & PERFECT SQUARES with these Digital TESTS! INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING! Develop deep understanding for students using their own device and this online activity for distance learning!Great assessments for POSITIVE EXPONENTS and PERFECT SQUARES!
4th - 9th
This 20 question multiple choice test covers the following skills: *Multiplying Powers *Dividing Powers *Raising a Power to a Power *Zero & Negative Exponents *Scienitific Notation Note: Most of the questions do not test these skils in isolation. You must use multiple properties to solve any
8th - 10th
Please watch THIS VIDEO till the end which explains my items and the way I use them in my classroom.This contains:Unit Outline: PDFChecklist for Lessons and Quizizz Scores: PDF & Word DocWarm-Up: Understanding ExponentsLesson 1: Multiplication Rule with Exponents (zero and power) & VideoLess
Are you looking for a CCSS aligned assessment on the Properties of Exponents? This test and review guide tests students knowledge of seven laws of exponents!* SAVE 35% WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE ENTIRE UNIT *INCLUDEDProperties of Exponents Test (1 page) & answer keyProperties of Exponents Review Gui
7th - 9th
This Item is part of my Algebra 1 curriculum BUNDLE andAlgebra 1 curriculum BUNDLE with GAME PACKThis product comes as a PDF, on Google Slides, and the assessments are also on Google Forms for self grading. This is an assessment pack containing:2 Study Guides2 Versions of the Unit Quiz2 Versions of
This r squared creation document what the students have learned during the entire chapter. I use it as a Formative Assessment to see where there weaknesses will be for the test. The materials covered in the assessment are standards-based (even has released test questions) and are aligned to Chapter
8th - 11th
Some are silly, some are fun and you will learn by solving each one! To solve the riddles, you must use the correct order of operations. (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication & Division, Addition & Subtraction) Once you solve the mathematical equation, turn your calculator upside down t
This sixth grade math resource is designed to review and prepare for the 6th Grade Common Core State Test. The focus on this review is 6.EE.A.1 which asks students to write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents. This resource covers the most important overview of this
This product assesses concepts of powers and exponents, prime factorization, multiplying an dividing monomials, negative exponents scientific notation, powers of monomials, linear and nonlinear functions, introduction to quadratic, cubic, and exponential functions.This product contains four resource
Save yourself a lot of time and thought! 290 Exponent questions in two separate Exam View test banks (to separate the questions that you use for practice and review from those you want to use for testing) including problems involving: the multiplication rule, the division rule, zero & negative
Google Paperless ASSESSMENT- EXPONENTS AND ORDER OF OPERATIONSEngage your students with this interactive DIGITAL resource that works with Google Slides™ and Google Forms. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers!With this 20 - question Google Form and 12 -slide digital
Conceptual algebra test! There are a mix of free response and short answer questions for most tests, which are usually two to four pages long. Tests are used for students to demonstrate mastery of learning targets outlined in the corresponding curriculum guide by deploying skills derived from class

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