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Provide the function and answer to each exponential word problems. Investments, depreciation, compound interest, population.
* Download the preview for details! *This 2-day lesson includes 6 pages of guided notes, a 1-page assignment, and a 2-page assignment. This lesson works well in both pre-algebra and algebra classes. The goal for part 1 is to understand the process of simple and compound interest, so students will us
These notes, in the style of a graphic organizer, can be used to introduce exponential growth and decay. In addition to the general equation y = ab^x, these notes also introduce the formula for compound interest. Students will practice using these two formulas in real-life word problems. This resour
This foldable is designed for math interactive notebooks.This foldable walks students through writing the formulas (on the front of the foldable there is space) of each function.The side of the foldable features a key for each letter used in the formulas.There are 2 word problems for each case:1. G
This Exponential Growth and Decay set includes 1 color and 2 versions of black&white posters on:Exponential Growth FormulaExponential Growth GraphExponential Decay FormulaExponential Decay GraphThe black and white posters also include a color-in version. The black and white posters are great to
This is a set of 20 exponential functions task cards that could be used as a review after you have completed an exponential function unit. The task cards cover recognizing growth and decay from an equation, transformations, key features of graphs, the growth and decay model and compound interest. If
41 Posters! Each 8.5" x 11" in size. Perfect for Word Walls or Bulletin Boards!Posters Included:-Exponential Function-Horizontal Asymptote-Initial Value-Base-Exponential Decay-Exponential Growth-Domain-Range-Find Domain & Range-End Behavior-Find End Behavior-Natural Base, e-Exponent-Product Rule
These exponential functions guided notes and worksheets cover:finding key characteristics from a graph such as growth or decay, asymptote, y-intercept, domain, and rangetransformationsgrowth and decay word problemssimple and compound interest application problems13 pages + all answer keys includedYo
Some students might be able to breeze through these and some may need more guidance--which is why I made two versions of the 8 problem set. The first is straightforward and gets right to the question. The second set is guided and breaks each question down into smaller parts. This could be a great wa
This lesson is designed for a math binder.Students will learn:the variables for the functions of growth, decay, and compound intereststudents can color-code the front of the sheet as they understand the formulasthere are 2 problems for each situation (6 total problems)Answer Key is included.
This set of Vocabulary Activities covers vocabulary on Exponential Functions. The set includes 2 activities, one is a vocabulary-definition matching card sort of 30 pairs and the other is a crossword puzzle of 19 vocabulary terms.The matching card sort can be used multiple times throughout the unit
Support student learning with this set of notes for Exponential functions for compound interest. This product is intended for students familiar with the concept of compound interest but new to exponential functions. This product provides notes and practice for compound interest using exponential e
This product is a set of 28 Task Cards that review exponential functions. The types of review problems include: word problems about growth, decay, half-life, compound interest, graphing and translation of exponential models, identifying growth vs decay, write an exponential model given points, and
This is a Combo Pack of two of my lessons... Save money! Simple Interest vs Compound Interest: This lesson compares simple interest to interest that is compounded annually. After computing compound interest in multiple steps, students discover a future value formula for compound interest. Appreciati
This lesson looks at applications of separable differential equations. Standard growth and decay problems are introduced, along with other related models, such as Newton's Law of Cooling and continuously compounded interest.This lesson is appropriate for both AP Calculus AB and BC, as well as colle
This is a set of 12 Task Cards on Exponential functions. The task cards contain word problems on growth, decay, half life, and compound interest. What's inside: A set of 12 task cards that are offered with and without QR codes Student record sheet Answer sheet If you like task cards, you may also
This is a 2 page set of interactive notebook pages. One page is for exponential growth, the other for exponential decay. Each page points out the equations and parts of equations for the functions. They also have 2 example word problems for growth and 2 for decay. The growth section has a compound i
This is designed to be used as direct instruction or review for distance learning or flipped classrooms. These digital notes contain a mixture of information, drag and drop, example questions that are solved step-by-step in short video clips and a "By Now I Should Know" section with sample questions
This set includes 1 color and 2 versions of black&white posters on:Compound InterestThe black and white posters also include a color-in version. The black and white posters are great to use as reference sheets. Looking for Exponential Growth and Decay Posters too?Check out the Algebra Posters an
Students will love practicing the Compound Interest Formula V = P(1 + r) ^t and P(1 - r)^t using this easy print & go activity! Students will look for the "V" only when you give them the p, r, & t. Calculators are necessary for this bingo game.Check out my other Bingo games over various 7th
This file includes two lessons. One involves the exponential decay of car value depreciation. The other demonstrates the compound interest involved in savings plans.
Part I: Identify each function as growth, decay, or neither. If growth or decay, give the rate and factor. Part II: For each description write a growth or decay function. Part III: Use the compound Interest formula to evaluate.This is ready to print, or to assign as an online TPT Digital Activity th
This video lesson is perfect for sub plans, class activities, math centers, remedial help, or flipping your class. This lesson will teach your students how to find exponential growth and decay. In particular, your students will be able to... * Identify the initial amount, growth factor, and growth r
These are Moodle quiz questions that I set up as a homework assignment for my Algebra 2 students. It goes with Big Ideas Alg 2 Chapters 6-1 and 6-2, but it could be used with any textbook covering exponential growth and decay.This is all word problems using simple growth and decay, interest compoun

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