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Have you been looking for a fun and motivating activity to work on eye gaze, joint attention, body language and facial expressions for your students with pragmatic language disorders? Visual scavenger hunts is a versatile product which can be used to strengthen joint attention, comprehension of fa
Not Grade Specific
Some children struggle to make eye contact when engaging in conversation with others. This may cause discomfort, confusion or misunderstandings with others. Whether we are the speaker or the listener, it is expected that we look at the person we are engaging with. However, for some children, making
Overview:These stories will make a great intervention for students with autism and can be used with students who have behavior and/or communication needs. These stories are interactive and it will help to engage young learners and learners who struggle with focus. Try before you buy with this freebi
Social Skills VisualsHelpful when teaching handshake, eye contact, etc.PNG Images
Prompts on a Stick! Beautiful, custom illustrated, prompt cards to remind students of behaviors, placement for speech sounds, voice, fluency, and social skills. If you are only interested in classroom management prompts, check out my Classroom Prompts on a StickThis product contains ALL PROMPTS from
This social language tool can be used for teletherapy or in person to use during the intervention of students with pragmatic language difficulties. Includes several visual cards, explanation cards, and lists of prompts for students to use as a guide.This tool includes the following targets (see prev
Not Grade Specific
Social Stories are a great way to teach children appropriate behaviors. I Make Eye Contact During Conversations is tool to use when teaching children communication skills.Making eye contact can be a struggle for some children. This social story provides visual cues and skills to help students learn
TheseSUPER HELPFUL VISUAL CUE MATSare perfect for teaching lots of skills while playing GO FISH with different card decks for speech therapy practice or for teachers in the classroom WHILE HAVING TONS OF FUN!**************************************************CONTENTS:What's the one go-to game/activit
Use these visual cues and supports to scaffold support and cue your students during sessions. This pack contains virtually everything you need for your caseload- visual schedules, behavior supports, language visuals, articulation cues, and fluency strategies. This resource will save you HOURS and ho
Not Grade Specific
With the goal of making and keeping friendships, this product brings a fun and interactive way to teach social skills and perspective taking. Excellent resource for children with ADHD or Autism. Using the popular game "Don't Break The Ice®," over 60 social perspective taking questions with visual i
Research Project Oral and Visual PowerPoint Presentation Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 1. Content Shows a full understanding of the topic. Shows a good understanding of the topic. Shows a good understanding of parts of the topic. Does not seem to understand the topic very well. 2. Speaks Clearly Sp
3rd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
It can be challenging to provide effective visual supports while wearing a face mask or face shield. This set of 24 black-and-white, printable sticky notes are designed to help students focus on vocabulary, language, articulation and social skills with ease in any situation!Visual Supports Included
If you already own my Speech Prompts on a Stick reminders for speech therapy, don't buy this product! :) This has many of the same visual prompts. This teacher-version of my original Prompts on a Stick is made to appeal to general education and special education teachers and aides. This product con
This informational text was created to bring awareness and encourage acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The following narrative is included with visual supports on each page: Autism is a disorder that affects how someone’s brain works. It impacts how a person communicates and interacts with oth
When you do whole body listening, you listen by: Making eye contact, listening with your ears, thinking with your heart and brain, keeping a calm body, having a quiet mouth and raising your hand when you have something to say. Laminate each one separately, attach to velcro or magnets, and it allow
This contains a total of 9 visual cues for carrier phrase.Carrier phrases include: ‘I want,’ ‘give me,’ ‘I have,’ ‘I see,’ ‘all done,’ ‘help me,’ ‘look,’ ‘Can I have?’, and ‘Do you want?’**These can be attached to popsicle sticks and held at eye level to improve eye contact.
Not Grade Specific
This is a COMPLETE version of a social narrative (text supported by visuals).This product is created as a non-editable PowerPoint presentation.Total number of slides: 16If you like this product, check out:Eye Contact - Social Narrative TemplateClip Art used in this product taken from the Public Doma
This set of 5 visual posters is designed for classrooms with a focus on emphasizing good work skills and following class/work expectations using the acronym "L.A.B.O.R." -Listen to Others -Accept Responsibility-Be Prepared -Organize-Respect Others Every poster measures about 8" x 10" and can be prin
La importancia del contacto visual en la comunicación!This Spanish-English social story helps children understand the importance of eye contact in communication. It explains the purpose of eye contact, to let others know we are listening and engaged in what they have to say. It also offers ideas to
This versatile item is meant to be used as a visual cue for Pragmatic Skills. It includes the subcategories of: Eye contact, Questions, Comments, and Stay on topic. Each category is color coordinated. I typically use give students a check/plus/tally OR sticker each time they exhibit these behaviors
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This contains a total of 9 visual cues for carrier phrase.Carrier phrases include: ‘I want,’ ‘give me,’ ‘I have,’ ‘I see,’ ‘all done,’ ‘help me,’ ‘look,’ ‘Can I have?’, and ‘Do you want?’**These can be attached to popsicle sticks and held at eye level to improve eye contact.Check out our Spanish ver
This visual schedule was created for a student with autism. It was cut and pasted into the student’s planner. He used it to stay focused and complete tasks independently. There are 5 schedules, each with a different color. Check In: these are things a student must do when first entering a classroom.
This is a social narrative template that can be modified to fit different students. Individualized visuals and real life pictures can be added to the text provided.Suggestion: edit the document, insert your photos, print, laminate and make it yours. If you like this product, check out:Eye Contact -
This contains a total of 9 visual cues for carrier phrase in Spanish.Carrier phrases include: ‘I want,’ ‘give me,’ ‘I have,’ ‘I see,’ ‘all done,’ ‘help me,’ ‘look,’ ‘Can I have?’, and ‘Do you want?’**These can be attached to popsicle sticks and held at eye level to improve eye contact.Check out our

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