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This is a digital version of my Factoring Polynomials with a Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Drag & Drop Activity designed in Google Slides.Students will factor eight polynomials by determining the greatest common factor (GCF). They drag the expressions from the right over to the left to show the
Factoring Polynomials - Factor Out a GCF: This worksheet will help your students practice factoring polynomials with a greatest common factor. This is one part of a larger set. You can purchase the DISCOUNTED set here if you are teaching all types of factoring: Factoring Polynomials "GridWords" :
Factoring out Greatest Common Factors (GCF) from Polynomials In my classroom, I found that some of my students needed more practice finding greatest common factors of polynomials and also, figuring out what was left when they were factored out. I made this activity as a more interesting way for t
These task cards meet common core state standard A-SSE.3a: Factor a quadratic expression to reveal the zeros of the function it defines. There are 30 total task cards. Each card has a polynomial expression with a GCF to be factored. Use task cards at centers, stations, or for activities like “sco
This activity reinforces the skill of factoring polynomials through the skill of GCF. Difficulty in questions increase as students move through the task cards. Questions include real numbers and two or three variables. Included: * Task Cards – one set of 24 cards *Student response sheets *Answer
Students will factor 10 polynomials by using the greatest common factor (GCF). This product is completely digital, made for your Google Drive! Students will factor each polynomial then drag and drop their answer into the appropriate box, then use the dashes and dots located at the top of their answ
This Puzzle Activity is part of:☑ 2017 Google Interactive Membership {GROWING BUNDLE} - Current & Future ProductsThis ❤ Digital Interactive Activity ❤ is an engaging practice of working with "Factoring the Greatest Common Factor of Polynomials" . This is a BLENDED Activity as a HARD COPY of t
20 Problem Google Forms Quiz ( multiple-choice, instantly graded!) 20 Problems 10 Finding the GCF of a monomial and 10 factoring a polynomial by its GCFFor use with a smartphone, laptop or tablet.You can view student data within the Google Form by clicking on ”responses”. You can also export quiz da
Students find the Greatest Common Factors (GCF) for polynomial expressions. The solutions correspond to (x,y) coordinates that form a picture of a puppy. Sample polynomials:6x - 214x² + 10x - 2Prerequisite Skill: Students should be able to find coordinates in quadrant 1 on a grid. The picture allows
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with finding the GCF of polynomials. Contents:         ♦ Teacher Instructions and FAQ         ♦ 3 Levels to decode: Maze, Tarsia Puzzle, and a Message Decoder         ♦ Student Recording Sheet and Teacher Answer Key  
✐ This 12 questions (MULTIPLE CHOICE) product is a NO PREP & SELF GRADING 100% EDITABLE (EXCEPT FOR THE IMAGES) activity that will assess students understanding in how to Factor the Greatest Common Factors of Polynomials.In this activity, students are asked to work with these models:☑ Factor GCF
This worksheet will help students practice finding the GCF, Greatest Common Factor, of Polynomials. It also involves a maze to help students stay engaged while completing the assignment. For more resources, please visit, https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mathologist
18 problems on factoring polynomials by greatest common factor of varying difficulty and point values. Students choose the problems they would like to work, trying to earn a score of 100%. Key and print instructions included!
Guided Problem Solving helps students learn to factor polynomials using Greatest Common Factor and Grouping. The packet can be used during lecture as guided notes. It begins with finding prime factors to determine the GCF, then uses that concept to teach how to factor polynomials using GCF; factor 4
Students find the Greatest Common Factors (GCF) for polynomial expressions. The solutions are used to solve a riddle, which serves as a key. Sample polynomials:4x² + 10x9ab² - 3a²b★★★  Related Products  ★★★#B275 - Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of Polynomials Bundle#272 - Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
This file contains two lesson plans in a Word document. The first lesson plan is an introduction to finding the greatest common factor (GCF) of a polynomial and factoring the GCF out of the polynomial. The second lesson plan demonstrates factoring the GCF from a polynomial and then factoring the b
Click HERE for a playable preview with notes!Click HERE for a playable preview without notes!BOTH VERSIONS ARE INCLUDED! Boom Cards are interactive slides where students are first given notes on the topic and then a series of questions where they are informed if they are correct or incorrect. (a li
This bundle includes three Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of Polynomials activities: a riddle, a graphing picture and a maze. Each is structured to allow students to check the accuracy of their calculations without an answer key.NOTE: GCF is sometimes referred to as CGF.
Factoring the greatest common factor (GCF) is the first step in factoring for Algebra students. In this activity students will practice factoring 15 expressions. Then they will shade the correct answers in the grid to find the pattern. The answer key is included for student self-checking and easy
Follow us on TpT to be the first to know when new products are published. New products are only $1 for the first 24 hours!Don't forget to leave feedback! Did you know you earn TpT credits with every rating you leave!?CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO PREVIEW OF OUR GOOGLE SLIDES PICTURE PUZZLES!20 Problem Goog
ExamView question bank containing 50 questions of factoring polynomials using greatest common factor (GCF). You need the ExamView software to open this file.Features:*All questions are dynamic which means the program can change the values in each problem with a click of a button. This feature will
This includes a foldable covering or reviewing how to factor polynomials using GCF, factoring trinomials where a=1 (x2 + bx + c), and factoring trinomials where a>1 (ax2 + bx + c).This also includes 3 different INB activities. There is a matching activity for each of the following:* Factoring P
This resource guides students through the process of finding the GCF of monomials and then through factoring a GCF out of a polynomial. Several guided practice examples are provided as well as additional practice which can be used as additional guided practice or as independent practice. The notes
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with finding the GCF of polynomials. This escape room is completely digital through the use of a Google Form. A Google account of any kind is not needed for students to complete the form.Contents:         ♦ Teacher Instructio

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