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Get your students up and moving around with this scavenger hunt. Once they work one problem, they will locate that answer on another poster. They now have a new problem to work out and the cycle repeats itself until all the questions have been answered. It is set up so that each group of 2-3 can
In this activity students will match polynomials with their factored form. Students should be familiar with factoring using distributive property, factoring by grouping, factoring quadratics, factoring differences of squares and perfect squares. In the top of each box is a given polynomial that ne
For this activity, post the question/answer pages across your room. Give the students their answer sheets to show their work on. Then let the students start at any of the sixteen questions. If completed correctly the students should move from each question to question ending at the question they
There are two scavenger hunts included in this product. An easy version with coefficient is 1 and includes a few difference of two squares, and a harder version where most of the coefficients are not 1. I have included 2 pages where you can include 2 grouping problems in the harder version by chan
Get students out of their seats and factoring polynomials. Includes trinomials where a=1 and a>1, difference of two squares, and perfect square trinomials. There are 12 practice problems included in the activity. Students begin in different locations around the room and use their answers to fi
Students will factor polynomials. Their answers lead them to another problem. They continue until they have factored all the polynomials.ANSWER KEY INCLUDEDLooking for more activities for your unit on POLYNOMIALS? Check out:Factoring Polynomials - TrashketballAdding, Subtracting, & Multiplying P
For this activity, I cut up the half sheets and post them randomly around my room. The bottom of each half-sheet is an equation that students will need to factor, and the top of the half-sheet is the previous problem’s answer. I give students the answer doc and they can start at whatever half sheet
There are 20 “factoring polynomials” cards sheets to use for this scavenger hunt. The 20 cards should be printed and placed in different places in the classroom. Each sheet has a polynomial that must be factored and / or simplified. When the question is solved, the students must find the answers to
In this factoring polynomials scavenger hunt, students factor using:GCFDifference of Two SquaresTrinomials a=1 and a>1GroupingIf they get back to the station they started, then they did it correctly! NO GRADING!! :)You may also like:Factoring Choice BoardFactoring Notes & WorksheetsSolving Mu
Make practice fun with this scavenger hunt! Students work through 12 factoring problems posted around the room. Mix them up before posting in order for a better "hunt!" Students will find the answer to the card on the bottom right corner of ANOTHER card! This is where the hunt comes in if you mix th
This activity includes the following factoring techniques: - GCF-Quadratic Factoring- Difference of Squares- Sum/Diff of Cubes- Factoring by Grouping- Quadratic form or what I like to call U-substitution.
Rearrange the papers around the room so students have to walk around and solve. They factor the problem at the bottom, and the answer they get will be at the top of another paper. That is their next question. As they go, they should write the letters on each paper down. When they are finished, the w
Students do their work in on the answer document and match find the matching symbols.
Do you need a fun way for students to practice factoring a greatest common factor with minimal prep? The Factoring a Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Scavenger Hunt Game gets students up and moving around while practicing math. In this game, students use the answer to one problem to find another problem
This is a Scavenger Hunt to review all types of factoring -- greatest common factors, difference of squares, perfect square trinomials, grouping, regular trinomials, and multi-step factoring. Students like reviewing with Scavenger Hunts! There are 20 polynomials to factor. A worksheet that studen
In this activity students work in small groups to factor cubic polynomials using the factor theorem. Students divide cubic polynomials by a given factor to reveal a quadratic factor that must be factored. Polynomials need to be written in complete factored form. Quadratic factors will always have
Just print, cut pages in half and post around your classroom! This is a GREAT review for factoring polynomials and solving polynomial equations. Students may start with any problem posted around the room and if all are completed correctly, the student should end back at their beginning problem. A
This Circuit or Scavenger Hunt activity offers a fun way for students to practice simplifying polynomials using addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and factoring using the GCF Method. Cut up the cards and place them around the room. Students will begin at any card, solving the problem liste
This is a 12 question scavenger hunt activity on simplifying polynomial expressions. Problems include adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials. Multiplying includes distributing a monomial and multiplying binomials by both binomials and trinomials. Please check the preview for types of pr
This product is a scavenger hunt to help students review adding, subtracting, multiplying and factoring (by GCF) polynomials. The product is aligned to Algebra standard A.APR.1. The scavenger hunt has 12 problems: 3 add, 3 subtract, 3 multiply, and 3 factor polynomials. Students will travel to vari
Print or TPT Digital Learning Activity for Distance Learning.This activity has 15 polynomials that are factored by grouping. I use this to help my students practice grouping before they factor trinomials. Included in this Product15 cards with polynomials to factor by groupingScavenger hunt recording
This is a great practice or review activity for algebra classes that almost runs itself! It allows students to get up, get active, work together to get better at factoring quadratic expressions into binomials.Included:20 different quadratic expressions to factor into binomialsAn answer sheet for stu
This is another activity to get students out of their seats while they work. For each problem, they are given a polynomial and one factor or zero. Their task is to finish factoring or solve the polynomial. The pages are in the order such that they make a loop after students have solved all the pro
Students will recognize and factor special case products, including Difference of Perfect Squares and Perfect Square Trinomials.This Scavenger Hunt Activity gets students up and moving while practicing their factoring skills!Directions, answer key & recording sheet included.

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