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This three page doodle graphic organizer is used to develop an understanding of factoring trinomials. The first page focuses on factoring polynomials by grouping. The second page factor trinomials where a=1, using factoring by grouping but encourage students to find the "shortcut". The third page fa
Factoring Polynomials Graphic Organizer This is a PDF document. The graphic organizer features examples for factoring the following: Difference of Squares Trinomial (a=1) Trinomial (a > 1) Grouping (4 terms) GCF Sums of Cubes Difference of Cubes Prime (not factorable) This is great to use as a re
This is a set of 5 graphic organizers designed to help students practice the procedures for factoring. The goal is to use the organizer until the procedures are mastered and this "skeleton" is no longer needed!The graphic organizers are:1. Factoring by Grouping - The process of taking a four-term
Help your students visualize the process for factoring ANY quadratic trinomial. The flowcharts even work to factor special cases such as difference of squares! Students are able to easily lead themselves or others through a problem, when using these graphic organizers. These flowcharts have been
Students multiply sets of two binomial factors together, and explain how they got the first, second and third term of the trinomial. The next five questions prompt students to discover how the factors are related to its product.
These notes are a little more guided for remedial classes. I like to put the notes on colored paper and the practice on white paper to go in the interactive notebooks. I have keys included.
This graphic organizer is designed for students to factor trinomials, explain their work, and check by distributing. Steps are included as well!
Guided notes on factoring trinomials when a>1 using the grouping method. Includes a total of three problems and an answer key. One of the example shows required regrouping in order to find the common factor.
This is a foldable designed for interactive math notebooks.This foldable walks students through the process of factoring trinomials by listing the factor pairs of ac and determining which has a sum of b. The trinomial is then written as a four-term polynomial, and then factoring by grouping is done
This graphic organizer will help students completely solve a higher order polynomial equation. The chart includes factoring patterns for difference of squares, sum and difference of cubes, quadratic form, and trinomials with a=1 and a not equal to 1. When an equation is not factorable by these met
This notes template will help students learn to factor trinomials of the form ax^2 + bx + c when a=1 or a≠1 using the box method. Since students benefit from the box strategy for multiplying polynomials, why not use the box as a model for factoring? My algebra students enjoy notes templates like
This is a foldable designed for interactive math notebooks.This foldable walks students through the process of factoring trinomials where a=1 by listing the factor pairs of c and determining which has a sum of b. There is one example meant for guided practice on the cover, and then there are 24 pro
Polynomials. Factoring. Graphic Organizers. This is a series of worksheets designed to assist students in achieving mastery in calculation skills for polynomial operations. Factoring GCF from expressions includes a teaching strategy using factor ladders. For expanding binomials and factoring trin
This is a graphic organizer that can be laminated and handed out to students as a review for method of factoring. Methods Included: Factoring Trinomials (a=1 and a>1) Factoring Perfect Square Trinomials Factoring the Difference of Two Squares Factoring GCF Factoring by Grouping
This is an easy-to-use, must-have factoring flow chart! I have used this flow chart with dozens of students and had many teachers ask me for copies! It is easy to follow and includes five basic types of factoring: Common Factoring, Perfect Square Trinomial, Difference of Squares, Trinomial where a
Help your students visualize the process for solving quadratic equations by factoring. This flowchart works for ANY equation involving quadratic trinomials or a difference of squares in one variable. Students are able to easily lead themselves or others through a problem, when using this graphic o
This is a no prep, print and go set of pages on factoring trinomials without an "a" term. Students will learn the steps they should follow to factor basic trinomials. Page 1: Graphic OrganizerWalk students through factoring trinomials with a graphic organizer. With guidance from an instructor studen
I love using this graphic organizer in my classes to help my students master the skill of factoring trinomials of the form ax^2+bx+c.I teach factoring by grouping for all trinomials at first, before allowing my students to discover the "shortcut" when a=1. By doing this, I find that it helps my stud
This is an interactive student notebook resource I use at the beginning of the section on Factoring Trinomials. It is probably the most-used page in their notebooks for the factoring unit. The file is 3 pages. Page 1 - the front of the foldable Page 2 - the inside of the foldable (which is sized
Algebra 1 - Factoring and Quadratics Graphic Organizer This is a great reference for students to help them remember how to factor and the basics about quadratic equations. The topics covered are factoring out the greatest common factor, factoring a trinomial, solving a trinomial by factoring, solv
Easy organizer for students: 1. GCF 2. Difference of 2 Square 3. Perfect Square Trinomial 4. General Trinomial 5. Factor by Grouping
Use this handout as a tool to help review Factoring Quadratics with students. This handout includes:Factoring by GCFFactoring Trinomials when a=1Factoring Trinomials when a ≠ 1Factoring Special Cases: Difference of Squares and Perfect Square TrinomialsThe handout may be used as Review, Notes, Classw
Students usually catch on to factoring trinomials when the a = 1, but they have a harder time when the a does not equal 1. This factoring mat will help students organize their ideas for pairs of factors. Since factoring trinomials is often a trial and error process, it can be frustrating for stu
This graphic organizer helps students identify which type of factoring they need to do (Difference of perfect squares, trinomial with an a value of 1, trinomials with an value greater than 1 and by grouping). On page 2 it shows them how to factor it step by step, including when you have a GCF.

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