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Have your students practice factoring quadratics the fun way....with a game.Students have a hand of quadratics that they factor. Then they decide which is the better choice based on the positions and availability of the binomials in front of them. Student score points when they get 4 binomials in
This game is to help students learn to factor quadratic trinomials with a leading coefficient of 1. Similar to Scrabble, students will maintain 7 number tiles in their hand from which to make plays. All trinomials are placed face up on the board for capture. Students will take turns making a play
Use this fun game to reinforce algebra skills. Students work in small groups to match trinomials to their distributive form. This is a great way to reinforce small group discussion and math reasoning skills. The document comes with a printable box to make storage convenient Print out as many cop
Sometimes students will take 20 minutes to do what should only take a 2 or 3. To help show students that multiplying binomials and factoring trinomials should be quick and easy, I use speed drills in my classroom. There are 5 drills on: 1. Multiplying binomials. 2. Mutliplying binomials (mixed
About this resource : This set of task card focuses on factoring trinomials with a variety of leading coefficients. 28 cards come in both color and black in white. Use for warm ups, exit tickets, homework, or stations! Task cards are also great to use as a math center or review game before a factor
Tired of boring worksheets? Get the students up and moving around with this scavenger hunt activity! This activity is on factoring quadratics with three terms when a = 1. My students love to be able to just get up, and this is the perfect way for them to practice factoring and be up moving about! Pr
Factoring Tic Tac Toe: Students will play Tic Tac Toe in partners as they factor quadratic equations. There are 5 boards that get progressively more difficult. *Answer key included! Directions: There are 5 boards and they get progressively more difficult with Board A being the easiest and Board E
Tic Tac Toe game to review factoring trinomials where leading coefficient is 1 and also factoring a GCF from a polynomial. There are 2 Tic Tac Toe games (1 for each concept). The complete instructions and answer key are provided. Great review activity that takes about 15 minutes.
This Factoring Trinomials Decode a Mystery Number activity is a fun and engaging way to help students review or practice their skills in Factoring Trinomials. The goal is to decode the mystery number by correctly solving all eight (8) problems in the set. ► What's Included? * Three (3) different v
These task cards meet Common Core State Standard A-SSE.3a Factor a quadratic expression to reveal the zeros of the function it defines. There are 30 total task cards. Each card has a trinomial, with a =1, that needs to be factored. The last 6 cards have a GCF that needs to be factored first. Use
Multiplying Binomials and Factoring Trinomials - Practice / Review Game: Students pass the expression around the circle of their team. Players alternate between multiplying and factoring, with only the previous line visible. Each paper that makes it all the way around having kept an equivalent eq
Why get Mrs. Math’s BINGO game? Well, it was created using a hyper-linked Power Point which allows for you to play a different game every time. Plus a fill in yourself Bingo card slide in the presentation which you can print out for each student allowing you to have as many BINGO cards as you need
Are your students struggling or bored with factoring trinomials? Try the Factoring Dominoes. Students complete the activity with traditional Domino rules, but must match trinomials and their factors end to end. Your students will have fun while factoring, and that really is possible! The Math Lab
These notes go along with factoring trinomials unit. They start off with examples showcasing that Factoring is simply reverse multiplication. Then the notes move into factoring trinomials, using the "X" game method (a*c method). This method has students multiply the first and last coefficients to f

Also included in: Factoring Mega Bundle

This activity is a good review of understanding how to "Factor Trinomails of the form ax² + bx + c where a is equal to 1 and there is GCF". There are 15 trinomials provided. From start to end, the student will be able to factor out 13 trinomials of the 15 provided to get to the end of the maze. Ple
Have you seen the Preview?This maze is part of : Maze - BUNDLE FACTORINGThis activity is a good review of understanding how to "Factor Trinomails of the form ax^2 + bx + c where a is NOT equal to 1 and there is NO GCF". There are 15 trinomials provided. From start to end, the student will be able to
Option 1: Task Cards This product includes 32 task cards to provide students with factoring trinomials. The first half are trinomials where a = 1 and the second half a > 1. You will receive: • 32 Task Cards • Student Recording Sheet • Answer Key Option 2: Task Cards/ Connect Four This product
This factoring trinomials card game is modeled after the traditional card game, "Old Maid." Students play "Old Math Guy" in groups of 4-5. Students will demonstrate their ability to factor algebraic expressions. The trinomials are all very similar so that students truly need to focus on the meani
Finding and using a pattern is an important problem-solving skill used in Algebra. The Diamond Problems are an asset when teaching the factoring of trinomials of the form ax^2 + bx + c = 0, when a = 1. The 'Math Diamond Problems - Easy Positive and Negative' worksheet is two pages consisting of
These hands-on manipulatives are excellent for practice factoring polynomials into binomials. Included are 36 left and right puzzle pieces with each binomial (x+1) through (x-9) and 11 pages of unique polynomial puzzle pieces. Each problem can be “solved” by fitting together the expression and its
Factoring is so critical in algebra, and yet students struggle with it. Unlike worksheets, these flash cards provide a perfect kinesthetic way for students to learn quick recognition of patterns. Ideally students work in pairs, so that they are constantly discovering and teaching each other. Thi
This activity is practice for factoring trinomials. Factoring skills required:Factoring out a GCF (including a negative leading coefficient) then factoring trinomialsFactoring trinomials where a=1 & a>1After factoring the trinomial, students must match up the answers with the correct factors

Also included in: Factoring Mega Bundle

In this escape room, your students are the little pigs trying to find shelter from the big bad wolf. Can they break-in to the brick house before it's too late? Students will factor trinomials with a lead coefficient of 1 to solve the puzzles. I know that escape rooms can be expensive to create fo
Factoring When a = 1 Scavenger Hunt: The objective of this activity is for students to solidify their knowledge of factoring trinomials when a=1 in a way that is engaging and requires student discourse. *Answer key included* Directions: Print each of the following pages on colored paper and hang ar

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