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Applying Federalism to Current Issues
Have you ever struggled to get your students engaged while teaching Federalism? This lesson will be sure to engage students in analyzing the Constitution while also making connections to current issues. In this lesson students will first analyze the expressed powers of the Constitution. Then student

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Year 6 Australian Curriculum HASS Unit - Migration to Australia
Teaching your students about Australian citizenship and Australia's migration history since Federation has never been easier or more exciting! Designed to compliment the Year 6 Australian HASS curriculum, this highly engaging history and civics and citizenship unit, including supporting powerpoint,


CNN Student News Current Event Analysis, CNN 10 Common Core Worksheets: GC 1:1
My students are hooked on CNN 10, formerly CNN Student News! It is a great, free online resource that is perfect to get students thinking about current events with a Common Core lens. This activity set has FOURTEEN templates to choose from and is aligned with Common Core Literacy and Writing standar

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NEWSELA Current Event Analysis Common Core Worksheets & Graphic Organizers
NEWSELA is a great, free online resource because it allows a student to choose his/her own Lexile level to read level appropriate articles. This activity has 12 templates (Newsela worksheets or Newsela graphic organizers) to choose from and is aligned with Common Core Literacy and Writing standards

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Federalism - National, State, and Local Governments Working Together
Lesson: Federalism - PowerPoint, Lesson Plan, Smart Board Activity, Multiple Choice Test, Worksheet, Flipped Class Video & More This lesson teaches students about Federalism – the sharing of power between the national, state and local levels of government. Students will learn about the separati

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Canadian Government the Federal System 15 Graphic Organizers
Canada’s Federal Government – 15 Graphic OrganizersThis set of graphic organizers is designed to organize student learning of Canada’s federal system of government. For younger students, the organizers could be used as components of an interactive notebook - the separate sections could be expanded

Also included in: Canadian Social Studies History Resources MEGA BUNDLE of 25!


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Australia Un-Federated? Resource Bundle
What would Australia be like today if it had never federated? Use the Australian Federation Resource Bundle to take a different approach to teaching Federation: from the assumption that it never happened! Encourage students to think about how their lives would differ, for better or worse. Australi

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Bill of Rights-current issues
This lesson gives five current events which are connected rights protected by the Bill of rights. Students read each situation, take a position on each issue, and decide which amendment from the Bill of Rights would be in question. This would best be used the day after you have already given them

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Federalism Research Project
This multi-day federalism research project uses contemporary American social issues to reinforce the topic of federalism. It utilizes topics such as gun control, same sex marriage, and the legalization of marijuana and highlights the tension between state and federal powers. Students will conduct re

Also included in: AP® Government and Politics Course- Growing Bundle


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Federalism - Concurrent Powers Scenarios
Resource includes a Venn diagram for students to take notes about reserved and concurrent powers and two assignments for students to explore the differences. The first assignment give students a list of scenarios such as "You need to get a new driver's license," and students identify what level of

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Crash Course Government and Politics Video Guide Ep. 4: Federalism
A thoughtful (and a bit whimsical) viewing guide for the Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics series, hosted by Craig Benzine. Each viewing guide (two to three pages) not only contains relevant questions that address the most important material, but have breakout vocabulary, is artfully designe

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Current Event: Government Shutdown 2018 West Wing and Extension Activities
As the Federal Government prepares for “Shutdown 2018”, President Trump and Congressional leaders are trading blame and slinging mud. In what will likely go down in history as the first time a single party saw the government shutdown while enjoying complete control of the White House, and both hous

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Federalism Lesson (Power Point Lecture, Cloze Notes, and Activity)
This resource includes a 26-slide power point lecture (complete with graphics, transitions, and organized information), student cloze notes to fill-in as you teach, and an extension activity in which students will categorize various types of government powers. This lesson is perfect for any U.S. Gov

Also included in: AP® Government and Politics Course- Growing Bundle


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Federal vs. State Courts
This is a great organizer for students to use when learning about the federal and state court system. I suggest that you tailor the "state" side to your home state, the organizer (it currently has a PA flag) can be edited on any word processor. GREAT TOOL! KIDS LOVE IT! Great for multiple grade leve

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Federal Government Lapbook with Rubric and Unit Assessment
This lapbook is a fun tool to keep students motivated while learning about the United States Government. Each section is designed to work with your current curriculum resources as an interactive way to record important information. In my classroom, I used a combination of online videos and print sou

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Explore the Branches of Federal Government: Teaching with Technology
Understanding the levels of our government is the main purpose of this lesson. The secondary lesson is about how to find credible web sites to gather information. This activity is appropriate for fourth through sixth grade. This document is intended to be a template for the students to record their

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Gay Marriage & Federalism Note Sheet: The Long Road to Marriage Equality
Seller of this product is the nephew of same-sex marriage Supreme Court plaintiff Jim Obergefell. This Note sheet goes along with this color coded PowerPoint (Gay Marriage PowerPoint: The Long Road to Marriage Equality) by the same seller for ease of note-taking for your students. Do not purchase

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AP Government Federal Bureaucracy PowerPoint with Lecture Notes
Fully editable PowerPoint for your APGOPO Unit 2 needs. Aligned with the AP U.S. Government & Politics Course and Exam Description Redesign, effective Fall 2018Power Point with Lecture NotesMaterials Included:32-slide Unit Power PointThis is more than just a PowerPoint. Mini lessons, skill buil

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Gay Marriage & Federalism PowerPoint: The Long Road to Marriage Equality
Seller of this product is the nephew of same-sex marriage Supreme Court plaintiff Jim Obergefell. This product tracks my Uncle in his courageous fight for civil rights for same sex couples against the U.S. government but focuses on informing students of all the aspects of the U.S. Constitution and

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US Economy and the Federal Reserve Unit for Special Ed with lesson plans
This unit on the US Economy takes a close look at the Federal Reserve and contains almost 200 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism, who are in middle and high school. This unit addresses the main components of the Federal Reserve and the

Also included in: US Civics and Government Bundle for Special Education Middle and High School


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Canadian Federal Government Election Inquiry & Activity
Canadian Federal Government Election Inquiry & Activity (2019)Students absolutely love this inquiry and activity and it is a great way to engage students in civics and politics, all the while allowing for connections to literacy and social studies curriculum! Will easily span several periods (we

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Federal and Illinois State Constitution Test
The Federal and Illinois State Constitution Test consists of 100 multiple choice questions that covers the following concepts: * The three branches of government * The Bill of Rights * History * Illinois government * 15 Presidential Executive Cabinets * Constitution Vocabulary * Job and function o

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Current Event Assignment
After years of teaching AP Government and Government I was tired of the traditional current event assignments - students find articles, write up summaries, share events… students would have the same events, they were not engaged in the news, and they were not relating the information back to the cou

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Current Events Oral Presentation: Worksheets, Rubric, & Student Self-Assessment
This project-assignment is perfect for any high school Socials or English classes, where students need to seek out, select, read, reflect, and present a news story that is important to them, sharing it with the class and leading a brief class discussion. In doing so, students take ownership over th

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