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Inches, Feet, & Yards: Worksheets, Game & Animated Video; Complete Lesson | 3rd - 4th Grade - 5th Grade | * ★ Get The Entire 3rd Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★ ★ Get The Entire 4th Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★ ★ Get The Entire 5th Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★ ★ GET EVERYTHING WE
This colorful set is a perfect way for students to practice determining which customary unit of length is appropriate for measuring everyday objects! The cards included can be used in an engaging game of scoot or as task cards for various other purposes. Included in this set:20 task cards in which
These fun activities are intended for independent work or can be use for assessments. The worksheets allow students to choose which objects are measured by inches, feet or yards and allow them to measure objects around the classroom and the school!Activities include:Independent practice/assessment s
Welcome to The Dollar Store, where our goal is to provide you with high-quality, standard specific products, all for the price of only $1.00! This pack contains 24 task cards for basic US Customary conversions. This set is limited to inches, feet, and yards – perfect for practicing beginning skill
Are you looking for a Google Classroom friendly activity to teach inches, feet, and yards? This Google Slide lesson is perfect for your 2nd graders. With moveable pieces students will be able to show their understanding of standard measurement. This lesson goes well in Envsions Topic 15. Included:Pe
This 16-page smartboard lesson introduces the terms inches, feet, yards, and miles. The students learn to estimate an appropriate unit of measurement for various things. This lesson is extremely interactive that will have the students coming to the board to dragging and clicking as they find the
Enhance this video with: Link ▶ Inches, Feet, Yards: A Fun and Engaging Musical Measurement Lesson ◀ Expanded Solution Includes: 1. [HD] Highest-Quality Version of the VIDEO (1920 × 1080 Full HD) 2. Corresponding GAME 3. [HD] Digital/Printable POSTER and ANCHOR CHART 4. WORKSHEETS that follow up o
This Google Slides activity is a great way for your students to practice converting customary units of length and distance, including miles, yards, feet, and inches. Use this product with Google Classroom to make learning fun and engaging! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ALL MY GOOGLE CLASSROOM ACTIVITIE
Inches Feet or Yards? This fun cut and paste activity will require students to look at an object and decide how they would measure the weight.....in Inches Feet or Yards. An answer key is included. Have fun teaching!
Are you overwhelmed as you try to differentiate your daily math instruction based on “one size fits all” math assessments or exit slips? Don't be! These 4th grade differentiated word problem sets for Converting Inches, Feet, Yards, and Miles can help you differentiate with more ease! This download
This file includes task cards that can be used in several different ways. I have used the cards in three ways, I have used it as a board game for math centers. I included the board game sheet if this is how you want to use it. It can also be a write the room/scoot. I have included an answer she
This 1 page worksheet works on inches, feet, yards, and miles. The students have to choose the proper label for 20 different objects. An example would be a length of a pencil is either 5 in. or 5 ft. This worksheet is meant to go along with my smartboard lesson on measurement (Estimation) of Inc
This math - measurement activity was created to allow my students to have fun outside, while hunting for objects that are of a certain length. I teach measurement in the spring; so it is the perfect time to make the most of the outdoors! I utilized this activity as an extension to practicing measu
Identify the unit you would use to measure each given situation. Cut and paste them under the correct columns. Then, identify the correct measurement estimation for certain items and glue them next to each other. Have fun!
Are you overwhelmed as you try to differentiate your daily math instruction based on “one size fits all” math assessments or exit slips? Don't be! These differentiated 4th Grade assessments or practice sheets for converting customary length and distance (inches, feet, yards, and miles) {4.MD.1} can
These Common Core aligned printables allow students to have hands-on measuring experiences while learning about inches, feet and yards. First, they will use card stock strips and the make-a-yard stick handout to make a yard stick. Last, they use the yard stick to measure common classroom objects. PR
A visual aid to help students convert inches to feet, feet to yards, etc. Also a chart that explains if and why students need to divide by 12, multiply by 3 to complete their conversions. Use the chart to model and explain how to do conversions, give a copy to the kiddos as a reference tool, then a
This unit includes 4 pages of task cards (4 on each page for 16 total), full page vocabulary posters, and an answer sheet with key. Students are asked to convert feet to yards, yards to miles, feet to miles, and inches to yards - Included are three sets of the same cards - regular 'color' task car
Measuring the Classroom in inches, feet, yards, centimeters and meters. These activities are great for partner or small group work. Students estimate, measure items, and find differences in estimations and actual measurements. . Students have a measurement Scavenger Hunt in the classroom to find
Measurement Inches Feet Yards Number Line Teaching Tool HANDS-ON ACTIVITY! Use this FUN activity to teach, review, and assess your students! Great for whole class activity with partners and in small group instruction. Just Print, Laminate, and Cut! Included: -Easy Assembly Directions -Teacher Inst
This resource is similar to my Measurement Task cards for centimetres and metres however caters for inches, feet and yards. It allows students to engage in measurement activities that are hands on and active. It includes: a set of task cards for students to draw a variety of pictures to a certain
Choosing when to use inches, feet, yards or miles to measure takes practice! This set of 24 task cards in color and the same 24 in ink saving black and white will help students strengthen these skills. This set is great for early finishers, quick assessment, SCOOT, morning work, homework or math st
Practice converting between inches, feet and yards. A challenging skill simplified in this PowerPoint lesson. Use your own strategy, edit problems to use own "teaching language/vocabulary" and lead your kids through practicing this challenging skill. Starts off with simpler review then presents w
This 18 problem US standard units length conversion station activity is ideal for engaging guided math work, with problems that are all conversions between inches, feet and yards. Includes an interactive notebook page that could also be used as part of a distance learning packet or as homework.Thi

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