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In this unit, students will read and analyze "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin and "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Gilman Perkins. Historical context of Realism, women's suffrage and feminism is provided via video and whole group discussion. The unit closes with a speech by Susan B. Antho
This activity combines literary analysis with the intellectual freedom of task rotations. Contains instructions, essential questions, poems, and task rotation cards. The unique feature of this product is the task rotation response cards. For this activity, students use the information generated
Short Story (with Study Guide) In the multicultural and postmodern Spanish Southwest . . .“It’s the one’s that are cracked that the light shines through.”"Federal Cowgirl, Welfare Indian"by Cynthia Buchanan Total unit: 32 manuscript pagesA published author and state-of-the-art literary consultant sh
This visual note-taking worksheet is designed to be used in conjunction with the popular Crash Course Literature Season 2 video The poetry of Sylvia Plath on YouTube. The video covers biographical information about the poet, critical reception of her work, themes such as feminism apparent in her poe
Profiles of Emancipation - Wollstonecraft to Castellanos and Beyond “It is vain to expect virtue from women till they are in some degree independent of men; nay, it is vain to expect that strength of natural affection which would make them good wives and mothers. Whilst they are absolutely depende
This Powerpoint is a conversation catalyst for discussions about gender roles--it works, certainly, in Paradise Lost, and with other texts as well. Provides a clear definition of current feminism, lyrics from a Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speech, and examples of modern-day feminists.
Hawthorne was a contemporary of Emerson and Thoreau, and many of their beliefs are included in his own writing. This activity comes with two writing prompts that ask students to analyze the inclusion of these beliefs systems within The Scarlet Letter. There are graphic organizers to help students fo
There are endless subjects to investigate with respect to writing an English writing research paper. In any case, picking an interesting subject will get the peruser's attention and urges you to get a passing imprint. Guarantee it is express and have adequate research material. A couple of understud
32 Movie Guide Questions in chronological order written in SPANISH that include pre-listening questions, questions to answer during the movie, and reflection/analysis questions that can also serve as discussion questions after the movie. Also includes 6 movie essays that students can choose to write
The Mary Wollstonecraft Webquest uses a great website created by the BBC that allows students to get a better understanding of the life and impact of Mary Wollstonecraft. The Enlightenment and French Revolution are also briefly covered in this webquest. The webquest helps students better understand
This presentation relates to AP English Literature and Composition with a focus on The Restoration and 18th Century literary period (from 1660-1798). The presentation corresponds to Glencoe's British Literature textbook (the green book), but also relies on ancillary materials and the Norton Antholo
"Patterns in the Wallpaper" asks a series of plot-based and analytical questions designed to highlight feminist themes in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story "The Yellow Wallpaper." Fully editable, key included.
Notes on how the two subjects relate and links to relevant videos.
In this lesson students explore the elements of Gothic literature prior to reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. For additional purchase I have created additional lessons, SmartBoard presentation and Text Based Worksheets for this Frankenstein unit SmartBoard presentations provides background infor
This is a FREE SAMPLER of my Taming of the Shrew Feminism / Gender ActivitiesProject 1: Who really is the shrew? Tracing Katherine and Bianca. Students will examine the characteristics of a shrew (literal and figurative) and then trace the actions and motivations of Katherine and Bianca and the rea
The following is included in this unit:-4 Chapter Recall Quizzes (True/False, Answer Key)-50 Question Recall Test (Matching, True/False, Sequencing, Answer Key)-Higher-Order Thinking Review Handout-Higher-Order Thinking Essay Test Prompt Review-Higher-Order Thinking Essay Test Prompt
Give your upper level literature students a reference guide for several of the most important literary theories. Use this resource as a presentation slide deck, digital book, or even print and bind with binder rings to make a handy flip book.Resource covers:PsychoanalysisFeminismNew HistoricismCriti
I show Fried Green Tomatoes in my Film and Literature classes, and then we discuss major themes, symbols, characters, and film content. Students use their knowledge from the Important Film and Literature Terms guidebook, found on my site, to help them fill out the viewing notes. This package include
2 Movie Guides. 1 completely in English and 1 completely in Spanish. 27 Movie Guide Questions in chronological order that include pre-listening questions, questions to answer during the movie, and reflection/analysis questions that can also serve as discussion questions after the movie. This film hi
OBJECTIVE: I can INTERPRET archetypes, feminism, and marxism in Chapter 3.See preview!1 page. © Ian Grell, 2020
Included are 3 projects that explore feminism and gender in William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.Project 1: Who really is the shrew? Tracing Katherine and Bianca. Students will examine the characteristics of a shrew (literal and figurative) and then trace the actions and motivations of Kat
This lesson is designed to work in conjunction with reading Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”, a beautiful piece of feminist literature. The purpose of the lesson is to have students identify historical understandings of mental health, compare that to today’s understanding, while al
STUDENTS WORK TO CHALLENGE ACCEPTED FORMS OF LITERATURE. *Note, you will have to replace video samples, if you are interested in edited versions of songs. STUDENTS WORK IN GROUPS TO DO A COMPLETE ALBUM STUDY USING HIP HOP AS THE BACKDROP. The Slides included take students through the history of Hip
This project asks students to think about the topic of feminism and stereotypes in The Secret Life of Bees. Guidelines provide an introduction to the project, the students' mission and possible topics to research. Topics include cultural stereotypes, portrayal of women in media and strong female fig

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