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figurative language clip art

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figurative language clip art

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This Figurative Language Bundle contains 7 sets of illustrations, which includes: idioms, similes, metaphors, hyperboles, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia. This bundle contains 210 images. All images are 300dpi and come in both color and black & white. This bundle includes:Idioms: hit
This is a collection of 6 sets of figurative language clipart. The sets in this collection are: Alliteration, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Similes. The Metaphors set has just been added to this collection.The images in each collection are:ALLITERATIONThis is a set of images to illustrat
This set of figurative language illustrations focuses on onomatopoeia.You will receive 40 high-quality image files, which includes 20 color and 20 black & white 300dpi png images.This set is part of a larger Figurative Language BundleEach phrase includes a real life example and wordingDing - bel
This is a collection of images to illustrate similes.The similes included in this set are:-as busy as a bee-as cute as a button-as funny as a clown-as greedy as a pig-as happy as a hippo-as poor as a church mouse-as pretty as a picture-as quick as lightning-as sick as a dog-as slow as a tortoise-as
This is a collection of onomatopoeia words. The words in this set are:Bang, boing, boom, buzz, crash, hiss, pitter patter, poof, pop, pow, screech, splash, splat, whizz, zoom, onomatopoeia word art sign.32 images (16 in color and the same 16 in B&W)This set contains all of the images shown.Image
This is a set of images to illustrate alliteration. There is a poster included in this set so that you can see the sentences that have been illustrated.The images in this set include popular tongue twisters and sentences with alliteration in them:-Betty Botter bought some butter-She sells seashells
This set of figurative language illustrations focuses on alliteration.You will receive 20 high-quality image files, which includes 10 color and 10 black & white 300dpi png images.This set is part of a larger Figurative Language BundleThe phrases in this set includes:Pinky pig put pickle on pizza
This is a collection of designs to illustrate metaphors.The metaphors in this set are:He's a big babyHe's a chickenI'll give you a handShe's a starShe's the class clownThe whole house was a asleepTime is moneyYour desk is a pig pen16 images (8 in color and the same 8 in B&W)This set has been add
Fun and colorful clip art of children acting out animal similes. Fun way to explore figurative language.Ten similes are depicted in the set with a total of 25 different images. The children and animals are separate images so you can use them to make matching games or other creative activities.Incl
This is a collection of clipart to illustrate hyperboles.The hyperboles that have been illustrated in this set are:-almost died laughing-he cried so much he made a lake-his feet are as big as boats-my backpack weighs a ton-so hot I could fry an egg on the sidewalk-so hungry I could eat a horse-so ti
This is a collection of graphics that illustrate personifications. The personifications included in this set are:-angry skies-the flowers were begging for water-good news travels fast-the sun was peaking from behind the clouds-the fire ran wild-the lightning danced across the sky-the toast jumped ou
Idiom Clip Art: Teach figurative language to your students using this colorful and humorous pack of clipart. Design reading comprehension materials aimed at literal and metaphorical translations of common phrases using this idiom clipart. Make classroom posters to teach an idiom of the day to famili
Idiom Clip Art: Teach figurative language to your students using this colorful and humorous pack of clipart. Design reading comprehension materials aimed at literal and metaphorical translations of common phrases using this idiom clipart. Make classroom posters to teach an idiom of the day to famili
This bundle of figurative language resources features many engaging activities, including a PowerPoint, a flipbook, partner plays, games, worksheets, and more!The following literary devices are featured in this bundle: →Simile→Metaphor→Onomatopoeia→Personification→Alliteration→Hyperbole→IdiomThis bu
Use this figurative language PowerPoint to introduce seven common types of figurative language to your students. It contains 42 slides and a 4-page companion handout. It focuses on the following literary devices:SimileMetaphorAlliterationOnomatopoeiaPersonificationHyperboleIdiomThe first 14 slides c
These figurative language printable worksheets about idioms, adages, and proverbs are perfect for introducing these language skills. They will help your students easily identify and explain the meanings of common idioms, proverbs, and adages. The lessons included in this packet are always fun to te
Are you looking for a fun activity for your students to complete while reviewing figurative language? Check out this engaging color-by-number activity! Normally, reviewing figurative language in pen and paper style can be rather, well, mundane and boring. I tried to take a relatively common review
Do you want your students to review and practice identifying figurative language? Would you like to try an engaging, review activity with your students to reinforce these skills and techniques? In this Digital Escape Ⓡ, there are seven different activities, and your students will review the followi
Looking for a truly interactive digital hyperbole unit? This digital figurative language unit provides 4 days of engaging activities to help your students master hyperbole.These slides can be assigned in Google Classroom or Microsoft OneDrive. To assign in Microsoft, simply open the Google Slides fi
This fun figurative language activity will help your student grasp the concept and understanding of idioms, adages, and proverbs. Each card includes context clues that assist students in describing the meaning behind each idiom, proverb, and adage. The answer recording sheet makes it easy for studen
If you're looking for a SUPER engaging way to teach your students about figurative language, narrative writing, and character education in a FUN and powerful way...stop right here!PLEASE VIEW THE PREVIEW TO GET A MUCH BETTER LOOK AT THIS PRODUCT!In this literacy pack, you will find the following ite
Do you need vibrant literary terms and figurative language posters for you classroom? Are you looking for relevant pictures for students to reference and use to help them learn the literary vocabulary? Grab these 25 posters to hang in your classroom!☀In this product, you are receiving:☀☆25 8 ½ x 1
Figurative Language posters with a morphology connection! These unique, eye-catching posters will help your students make key morphological connections to understand and remember academic language. (Looking for savings? This resource is part of the Academic Morphology: ELA Bundle) Resources Inclu
This digital and print figurative language bundle provides engaging activities for similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, personification, alliteration, idioms, and hyperbole. This includes 24 days of materials to choose from - in print and Google versions!Can the digital version be used in Microsoft?Yes

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