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Results for film scavenger hunt

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COCO- A literary devices film scavenger hunt

Students review: Inferencing, Characterization, using descriptive details, purpose, theme, etc. while they are watching the Disney film, COCO.

Films Before Broadway Online Scavenger Hunt

Once upon a time, a show was a Broadway hit BEFORE it became a television or film classic, but that is no longer true! Use this fun online scavenger hunt to share facts about shows that began as film or television and THEN made their way to Broadway! The list contains both new and old favorites and provides clues that require some "light" online research. It's a great activity to introduce or end a Broadway theatre unit or to introduce study or production of a Broadway play or musical, especi

Classic Films Scavenger Hunt

Created by
Patrick Pages
Classics Scavenger Hunt- Students use and other movie/film sites to search for app. 25 answers regarding (director, actor, etc.) for some classic films. Double-sided handout. Partial answer key provided.Your feedback is valued! Please visit my store Patrick Pages for other ELA tools.

A Christmas Carol-A movie/film Scavenger Hunt

While watching Disney's A Christmas Carol, students will answer literary devices questions, to review theme, mood, setting, making inferences, etc. It is also a great way to inform students about traditions used in history.

Romeo & Juliet Film Scavenger Hunt

Created by
Paws for Clawses
In this activity on Shakespeare's classic Romeo & Juliet, students are given seven thematic statements which they must find evidence for as they read the play and watch the film (any version of the film will work!).

Ferdinand- A literary devices film Scavenger Hunt

Students will review literary devices such as plot, inferencing, using descriptive details, figurative language, cause and effect, and other literary devices. This film scavenger hunt will keep them engaged and help them to practice, independently, the skills they have learned during literary analysis.

Finding Nemo Film Animal Scavenger Hunt

Created by
Kaytie Young
Ocean Animal Unit? Fun movie day scavenger hunt. Search for the animals you've been learning about in the film!

Literary Term Scavenger Hunt: Short Film "Alike"

Created by
Craig Decker
This scavenger pairs with the short film on youtube titled: Alike. Once your students have developed an understanding of basic literary terminology this can be used as an assessment of their ability to identify the concepts.

The Book of Life (movie ) Questions with Bonus Scavenger Hunt

Created by
Profe Gillis
Questions on the beautiful 2014 animated film, The Book of Life, about the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos). The movie is full of cultural references, symbols and amazing animation. I wrote these questions as an extra credit assignment for my students who chose to go the theater and see it, and then used it as a regular in-class assignment once the film was available for purchase. Answer key for questions included.Includes 2 pages of questions - multiple choice and short answer, plus a bo

A Raisin in the Sun: PreReading Activities {Stations, Poetry, & Scavenger Hunt}

Teaching A Raisin in the Sun requires some important preparation for students before they open up the play to the first page. This product is a one-week background knowledge building exercise and covers everything from the historical time frame, to poetry, and the technicalities of reading a drama vs. reading prose.All of these activities are given to you in the EDITABLE FORMAT! A Google drive account is suggested for ease in accessing each of the included documents.Activity One: Historical C

Point of View Mini-Lesson & Scavenger Hunt | Types of Narration

Created by
Hey Natayle
Teaching your point of view mini-lesson is effortless & engaging with this complete resource! Save valuable planning time and give your students the tools they need to understand first, second, and third person P.O.V. Check out the PREVIEW for a closer look! This Point of View Mini-lesson Covers:First PersonSecond Person Third Person LimitedThird Person Omniscient After using the editable presentation to teach POV, students will go on a scavenger hunt to find three different types of narrat

Cinematography Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Created by
Bradley Thompson
The following worksheet and activity ideal for an English, film studies, or photography class assigns students to take photos using their cameras or smartphones of the following general items available in any school via the cinematography requirement for each shot. Therefore, the activity assesses students' knowledge of camera proxemics, special names for shots, and angles. It is a fun, competitive activity that students have enjoyed that encourages their production techniques.

Encanto Movie Guide / Activities for Grades K-2: Scavenger Hunt, Writing, more!

Created by
Made especially for kindergarten, first, and second grade! Three CCSS-aligned activities to accompany the movie "Encanto." With visual support, sentence starters, and opportunities to draw, these scaffolded activities aim to engage all students in your multi-level classroom, including beginning readers and English Learners.While watching: Video Scavenger Hunt & Bilingual Coloring PageThis illustrated checklist of English and Spanish vocabulary helps students focus and actively listen as they

A Christmas Carol Pre-Reading Scavenger Hunt

Created by
Vanessa Beilman
This fun 15 QR Code scavenger hunt provides students with important Victorian Era historical context (workhouses and the prisons to aide discussion in Stave 1), background information on the author Charles Dickens, key details to ensure understanding of the Cratchitt family's life, and Christmas traditions created (and still around today!) in the Victorian period. There's also extra credit for students to "FIND THE THREE SCROOGES!" There are eight QR codes to "find him." Three of them are a v

North Carolina Scavenger Hunt

How about something fun? How about some internet research? How about exploring North Carolina History, Geography, and People? Try this North Carolina Scavenger Hunt! Included is a quiz with 35 questions and an answer sheet, available in PDF. You can assign the quiz to your students to do at home as a one-time assignment, or break down the sections for easier assignments. The quiz is divided into four sections: All Around the State — 12 questions on places in your home state; Odds and Ends — 7 qu

Video Scavenger Hunt Student Activity + Lesson Plan

Ready to teach your students the basics of how to use a video camera or just looking for a fun team-building enrichment activity? This Video Scavenger Hunt is a hands-on way to have students set up, frame and record a shot - by working through a visual scavenger hunt. If students do not have access to video cameras/editing software, this project works seamlessly with cell phones, iPads, Chromebooks and free editing apps.The project typically takes 2 class periods for middle/high school students

Fall Video Scavenger Hunt + Lesson Plan

Get your students outside to enjoy some fall weather and capture some beautiful footage! This Fall Video Scavenger Hunt is a hands-on way to repetitively have students set up, frame and record a shot - by working through a visual scavenger hunt.If students do not have access to video cameras/editing software, this project works seamlessly with cell phones, iPads, Chromebooks and free editing apps.The project typically takes 2 class periods for middle/high school students to complete: 1 day for f

Sound Scavenger Hunt

This Sound Scavenger Hunt is a hands-on way to teach students to listen to the world around them with intentionality. They will record 15 sounds from a Sound List of 21 sounds to complete through the scavenger hunt.The activity will conclude with playing back captured sounds for the class to guess what they are hearing. If students do not have access to video cameras with a built-in microphone, this project works seamlessly with cell phones, iPads or similar devices. The project typically takes

Meet the Teacher Bundle - Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt and Guardian Google Form

Created by
Science with CB
Description: Google form for guardians and family members to complete to help teachers support their student/s. Questions about how to support students such as what they might need help with or what students enjoy. Scavenger hunt game for guardians and students during meet the teacher event. The scavenger hunt is Harry Potter themed with the different houses and interactive activities. Harry Potter is distributed by Warner Bros. and is a highly recommended film series to watch.-QR Code Generator

At Home, Distance Learning - Photography Letter Scavenger Hunt

Created by
This is a photography activity. This is a great way to get students outside looking at the environment around them. Students will go on a scavenger hunt to find the alphabet in their environment. Try not to make the letters with sticks or other objects. Encourage students to look through their camera lens to crop/zoom in/zoom out to be the producer of their own pictures. If possible, walk to a park, circle your neighborhood, or use as an activity on a family vacation! Use a digital camera, film

Spring Video Scavenger Hunt

Get your students outside to enjoy some springtime weather and capture some beautiful footage! This Spring Video Scavenger Hunt is a hands-on way to repetitively have students set up, frame and record a shot - by working through a visual scavenger hunt.If students do not have access to video cameras/editing software, this project works seamlessly with cell phones, iPads, Chromebooks and free editing apps.The project typically takes 2 class periods for middle/high school students to complete: 1 d

Holocaust Scavenger Hunt with Google Slides

Created by
Literary Roses
__________________________________________________________________Brand New Google Slides Addition!This lesson now includes both the PowerPoint format and Google Slides format! Now, no matter if you are in the classroom or engaging in virtual distance learning you can easily use this product to fit your needs! Additionally, all documents now include the PDF versions.__________________________________________________________________Helping students to understand the causes for the Holocaust vital

National Treasure Movie Scavenger Hunt

Created by
Darla VanderWeil
Students can search for the fact within the fiction. I have researched each fact on this sheet and all (except the author of "Common Sense") are found in the film.

Fossils Scavenger Hunt

Created by
The STEM Center
The Fossils SCAVENGER HUNT is a FUN way for students, not only how to learn valuable vocabulary, but also social skills, and puzzle solving skills. This is the PDF format of our Fossils Scavenger Hunt.x 15 scavenger hunt posters included!SapFossilsSedimentCastsPetrified FossilsCarbon FilmsTrace FossilsPreserved RemainsAmberPaleontologistsFossil RecordClimateShapeLa Brea Tar PitsMineralsPodcast ExplainedStudents may start at any of the prepared scavenger stations. The definition of the word to
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