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These 76 task cards include real-life scenarios for students to practice flexible thinking skills. Flexible thinking means being able to perspective take and understand situations in more than one way. Scenarios include a variety of situations, including at home, at school, and with friends. Each ta
Do your students struggle when things change and don't go as planned? Help them learn flexible thinking strategies with this resource! Students will learn and practice strategies that they can use to cope with change, as well as create a practical plan to deal with changes that come. These resources
Teach your students to get out of their rigid thinking ruts and into more flexible thinking with this highly interactive PowerPoint filled with animations, quizzes, and fun! Video preview available here!Overview of PowerPoint •Begins with a story of a boy who has trouble with changes in routine, thi
Rainbow Thinking is a strategy that helps us stretch our thinking from rigid-inflexible conclusions, sometimes called Black or White or perfectionistic thinking that promotes anxiety and despair to adaptable-flexible solutions that help us feel empowered and hopeful. This is an important tool for bu
This ‘Think Outside of the Box’ series provides teachers with straightforward ideas and activities to help students develop important problem-solving skills. Students will work on important flexible thinking and critical thinking skills with these fun and engaging activities. All students can learn
This bundle contains both my "Rigid vs Flexible Thinking" boom decks. Each deck contains 22 real life scenarios for students to read and/or listen to and decide if the thinking is rigid or flexible. Rigid vs flexible thinking task cards are super great for social skills lessons or a quick review. Th
1st - 4th
This product will assist students to understand the importance of flexible thinking and understanding things in their control and not in their control. This product was created to be used with a large or small group, but could also be used with individual students. Please check out the preview to s
These cards can be used for distance Learning for speech therapy. These cards could also be used for social skills online groups, teachers, special education teachers and home-schooling parents. *********************************************************************************************************
In this flexible thinking school counseling classroom guidance lesson, students practice their flexible thinking skills. Begin with a introductory flexible thinking story to introduce the concept of stiff thinking vs flexible thinking. Students participate in a small group flexible thinking challeng
The purpose of this Jenga® game is to introduce radical acceptance and the practice of flexible thinking. These important executive functioning skills will be of social benefit for rigid perfectionistic thinkers and children that respond to anxiety by controlling others. Excellent resource for child
Do you have a student with a short fuse? Do they seem to get annoyed by students around them for silly reasons? Or do you have students who are justly annoyed but need to learn how to deal with it? This lesson gives some basic insight into some very simple and doable coping mechanisms. It is an
Flexible thinking, reframing thoughts, and positive thinking strategies are an effective way to deal with change during difficult situations. This set of 40 flexible thinking and reframing thoughts cards teaches your students how to improve flexible thinking in difficult situations.✨ As featured on
Flexible Thinking Dealing with Change Middle and High School - Use this resource with Middle School and High School students who are transitioning to distance learning and dealing with the many changes that come with school closings. These 14 interactive worksheets address the subject of how to exhi
When things do not go as planned, a helpful strategy to minimize black or white thinking is Kaleidoscope Thinking. Similar to turning a kaleidoscope and seeing the diversity of magnificent colors and images, viewing a situation from a different angle helps improve flexible thinking and appropriate r
These cards can be used for distance Learning for speech therapy. These cards could also be used for social skills online groups, teachers, special education teachers and homeschooling parents. *********************************************************************************************************T
Kids sometimes fail to realize the importance of acting interested in others kids special interests. This is a key factor in making and keeping friends. The Social Fake is introduced in this social story and tells our reader that you don't have to pretend to LIKE something you just have to pretend
Flexible Thinking! A week long social skills lesson all about teaching our big, beautiful brains to take different perspectives and understand there are diverse solutions to problems. This skill is a hard one for students, however through 50+ scenarios, your students will get a lot of practice in an

Also included in: Social Skills Bundle

This product contains 22 real life scenarios for students to read and/or listen to and decide if the thinking is rigid or flexible. Rigid vs flexible thinking task cards are super great for social skills lessons or a quick review. The cards feature many different categories including home, recess, a
1st - 4th

Also included in: Flexible Thinking Bundle

Learning to think “outside the box” or even think of more than one way to do something can be very difficult for some children. Often it’s a fact of their development, being egotistical and the center of their own universe. But as kids get older, they are expected to be able to blend other people’s
We are now offering our top 3 sellers at an over 20% discount. This is a great value, as these are your go-to lessons that you'll be doing several times this year! If purchased separately, it would cost $14.50. This bundle is $11.00! Save over 20%!Included are:(Please click on each product title
Flexible thinking is such an important social/emotional skill for students to learn. Grab this flexible thinking activities bundle to help teach this skill during your next flexible thinking social skills lesson. Included are 4 great products for students to learn, identify, reinforce, and generaliz
1st - 3rd
This Boom Cards™ deck contains 20 real life picture-scenarios for problem solving, social inferencing, non-verbal language, and flexible thinking. Each scenario has two cards: (1) The main card with three fillable open-ended boxes and (2) The discussion card with 5 guide questions.The main card answ
This no print BOOM CARD digital activity set is designed to work on building students' perspective-taking skills and flexible thinking through reading the clues given by facial expression and body language. This social skills activity targets the skills associated with thinking about thinking and
This booklet has many helpful pages to help students replace automatic thoughts, practice flexible thinking, use positive self-talk, practice the circles of control, and more. These activities work well with Solutions Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Methods. Includes 2

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