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Use these lessons to teach critical social skills of perspective-taking to kids, including understanding perspectives, developing their own perspectives, and recognizing there can be more than one point of view in a situation. This resource includes two complete activities with an educator guide and lesson plan. These are a small sample of a paid resource and bundle that are listed below.Digital VersionA digital version has now been included for Google Classroom!Why Teach Social SkillsSocial ski
Go beyond, "What are you thankful for?" with these fun worksheets. The first one asks children to think of things they are thankful for that meet specific criteria. The second has an ABC format.Not only do these questions facilitate flexible and fluent thinking, but they also get kids to think more deeply about all the things they have to be grateful for. This activity is a good one for Thanksgiving, but could be used at anytime of the year.Distance Learning:There is also a digital version using
February 22, 2022 is 2-22-22! We call it Twos-Day! Celebrate this special 2s day with your students with this fun FREEBIE! Color and black and white versions included as well as a recording sheet and answer key!Accomplishing challenging tasks allows students to develop their growth mindset and resilience! These multiplication logic puzzles are an engaging way to build problem-solving skills and logical thinking. A great way to get your upper elementary students thinking in flexible and unconvent
IntroductionWhen Professor Lesley Clear, Ph.D., at University of California, Irvine, conducted this style of Directed Reading and Thinking Activities (DRTA) with her class of future TESL teachers, I knew it was a fun activity, but I love to read. The true testament to this activity is that my high school students, who dislike reading and struggle with it, also think this is a fun activity. Not only does it engage them, but also the strategies that are embedded within this one activity (accessi
9th - 12th, Adult Education
This No PREP, Digital and Print Resource, is perfect for your small group speech and language, social skills, Autism Groups, SEL Groups, Social Work, Intervention, School Counseling, etc. On each task card you will find different scenarios that help students to identify flexible and rigid thinking. Students get a chance to brainstorm and practice different ways to be a flexible thinker. When students are successful flexible thinkers, they will have a much easier time dealing with changes, oth
This FREEBIE is the first section of a unit designed to help K-2 children understand the value of FLEXIBLE THINKING.This social emotional learning resource helps children recognize how cognitive flexibility can help them to problem solve, practice a growth mindset, resolve conflict and understand the perspective of others.This FREE PDF is 12 pages in length and covers the topic of "Flexible or Rigid?"The entire unit can be found here. It includes three separate sections:1.) Flexible or Rigid?2.
Understanding the concept of “equal” is a critical part of developing number sense and algebraic thinking. This fun and free resource helps students get more flexible “playing” with numbers as they try to use algebra thinking to “balance” the gems on the two sides of the balance. This freebie gives a sample problem that is similar to THIS SET of 30 cards. This can be a fun and meaningful way to get students thinking--and a great way to try it for free!In the full resource, the first group of ca
Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer) Scrambled Egg Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Activity This reading, questions, and tasks focus on Bethany Hamilton, the surfer attacked by a shark and subject of the book and movie Soul Surfer. Many students are familiar with her inspirational story and enjoy the collaborative, engaging passage, questions, and tasks about high-interest subject. Brief Description of Activity: This scrambled egg reading comprehension and critical thinking activity give
Flex your creativity! Product includes 5 Squiggle Pics that allow students to take seemingly random doodles and transform them into something extraordinary. No prep necessary- just print and go!
Not Grade Specific
Quick learners Higher level learners Creative students These activities are great for divergent, out-of-the-box thinkers! There are several pages to the document and each activity forces the student to employ fluent thinking (brainstorming), original thinking, elaborate (unique) thinking, and flexible thinking (adapted). These are the four basic creative thinking skills applied in most enrichment programs. The packet of activities are appropriate for independent work and are great for the stude
This product features listing activities task cards related to STEM. This activity is ideal for a warm up, a center, or early finishers. Targeted grade level: Middle School students. If you would like to incorporate these activities with elementary-aged students, you could give a task card to a student, have them research the STEM-related term, and then complete the listing activity. The sooner we incorporate STEM-related activities in the classroom the more prepared our students become in t
Challenge your students flexible thinking skills with this simple print and go booklet. Students will be challenged to turn a simple image or line into a picture. This booklet includes a cover page and five pages with various shapes or lines. Don't forget to leave a review. Follow me here on TPT and on Instragram @fishclimbingtrees
For full No-PREP lesson click here: is a beginning challenge for primary grades in elementary. This can be a resource for teachers, remote learners, and homeschool learners! Have fun challenging your brain with the power of yet. This is a hands-on activity, with the choice for students to either work independently or collaboratively. Extension: Ask students to make their own puzzle and challenge a peer! In this provocation w
1st - 5th
Practice flexible thinking and adjusting to change through these Uno (or Uno Flip) rules
Not Grade Specific
Teach young students to be flexible thinkers! This product utilizes pictures to help students learn and practice flexible thinking! The product can be used as a whole class or independent work via Google Slides and is also sized for easy printing to use as a paper activity. Laminate and use velcro to make it an interactive work task! Included:· 2 Picture based flexible thinking scenarios: Students move a smiley and frowny face to show which path is flexible thinking and which path is rock thinki
Get students thinking and talking with this creative and original hypothetical What Would You Do? situation: Imagine you could download any skill or knowledge to your brain instantly. What would you chose to learn and why?Would your answer change if:you were trying to pass a hard test (and is this cheating?)you could use this power to change, delete, or even add memories?you could alter your personality?*********************************************************************************************
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Help your students discover the patterns, connections and relationships between numbers and operations that lead to flexible and capable mathematical thinking. Allow students to show off what they really know about multiplication, demonstrating strategies aligned with Australian Curriculum outcomes, including repeated addition, modelling, recognised written and numerical figures, number lines and arrays. Great as an open-ended summative assessment after teaching a unit on multiplication.To find
Flexibility is the ability to produce ideas from different categories, perspectives, and points of view. Flexible thinking encourages us to see one thing in many different ways. This activity will allow for students to change the way they see ordinary objects by changing their perspective of them. This is great for whole group, small group, fast finishers, or a station.
LEAP YEAR ACTIVITIES: Literacy, Math, Critical Thinking, and Creativity Once every 4 years, Leap Year brings us an extra day. Use that extra day to practice some math & literacy skills while having fun. CONTENTSWORD WORK and FLUENCYVOWEL ANCHOR CHARTVERBAL FLUENCYORIGINAL and FLEXIBLE THINKINGMATH CHALLENGELEAPING LIZARDS! addition worksheetRELATED PRODUCTSHOLIDAY MATH and LITERACY CENTER St. Patrick's Day SCRATTLE ORDINAL NUMBERS TASK CARDS Animal Theme POETRY UNIT 100th Day SYLLABLES LITE
Flexible Thinking Bingo!
1st - 5th
Welcome to 10 FREE Creative Activities For Kids. Socrates once said, ‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel’. To me, this means that education should be more focused on nourishing the child’s interest and desire to learn, rather than filling their head full of knowledge. By developing and encouraging the child’s interest and desire to learn we set them on a life long journey of discovery and personal growth and by doing so, we help them grow physically, emotionally,
The reflection foldable in this FREEBIE is perfect for introducing flexible seating to your students. This foldable is meant to be used over the span of several activities. This resource allows students to think about where they like to do different activities in the home, where they are most comfortable, effective and the least distracted, in order to make better choices in the classroom. I like to discuss with my students after they try different seating options, allowing them to share what
Looking for fun and meaningful activities to do with your kids this Christmas? I've put together a list of activities that include fine and gross motor skills, social emotional skills, play skills, visual discrimination, creativity and flexible thinking, and academic skills: reading, math, writing, art, & music. Make sure you follow my page to be notified when I post more Christmas activities and resources, like 4 different versions of a Snowflake Dot-to-Dot (hint: It's one of the activities
This exit ticket is for two digit flexible thinking to show that numbers can be represented in multiple ways. Printed 2 to a page.

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