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Forces and Motion 1st Grade Science
A 36 page unit of study on Forces and Motion, including positions of objects, push and pull, balance and magnets. The unit includes 4 pages of lesson plans, a 16 page student workbook, and 14 teacher resource pages. The activities are all hands on and so much fun for students they won't even know th
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Force and Motion First Grade Science Interactive Notebook
The Force and Motion First Grade Science Interactive Notebook is a note-taking system for inquiry-based teaching and learning. It is truly an engaging and hands-on way to satisfy the State of Virginia Standards of Learning for First Grade Science 1.2, which state that “The student will investigate
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Force and Motion 1st and 2nd Grade
Force and motion book, exploration lab experiemnts, worksheets,, and a quiz. Table of Contents 1. My Force and Motion Book (17 pgs.) 2. Vocabulary Pictures (1 pg.) 3. Force and Motion Scavenger Hunt (2 pgs.) 4. Huff & Puff Big Bad Wolf Exploration Lab ( 3 pgs. ) 5. Match Box Car Exploratio

Also included in: Force & Motion Bundle with Bonus Pack- 1st & 2nd Grade

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Balanced and Unbalanced Forces 5E Unit Plan for Force and Motion Third Grade
This Force and Motion for Balanced and Unbalanced Forces 5E Model Unit Plan is an inquiry-based unit using the 5E Model lesson plans. It focuses on balanced and unbalanced forces, including the concepts of friction, gravity, and motion as they pertain to balanced and unbalanced forces. The unit inc

Also included in: Force and Motion 5E Unit Plans AND Science Stations for Third Grade BUNDLE

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Force and Motion 3rd Grade STEM Project
This forces and motion unit is JAMMED PACK with incredible experiments, STEM challenge, Interactive Lapbook, and MORE! Your lesson planning is simplified with a NGSS aligned 5E Lesson Plan and Common Core Math Standards. This unit includes: ♥ How to Use Guide ♥ Teacher Background Knowledge ♥ 5E
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Push and Pull Worksheets, A Force and Motion Activity {Grades 1, 2, & 3 }
This is a great little worksheet to assess or review push and pull. This includes a worksheet (2 pages) that can be run front to back. It has 18 pictures and the students can circle PUSH or PULL underneath it. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE MY FORCE AND MOTION PACKET! It is already in
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Predicting Motion in First Grade
This activity can be used with "force and motion" stations. Place an object at each station that students can put into motion using a strong or light force. Students will pick one station and make a prediction about what motion the object will have based on whether they used a strong force or light
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Patterns in Motion 5E Unit Plan for Force and Motion Third Grade
This Force and Motion for Patterns in Motion 5E Model Unit Plan is an inquiry-based unit using the 5E Model lesson plans. It focuses on patterns in motion, including the concepts of forces that affect patterns in motion. Throughout the unit students make observations and measurements of an object'

Also included in: Force and Motion 5E Unit Plans AND Science Stations for Third Grade BUNDLE

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Force and Motion: 4th Grade Common Core:  Pack 2
This is AKS aligned pack includes: One original story 10 Reading Questions, 10 Language Questions, 10 Science Questions, Short Answer Response Writing Practice, and Spelling Words. * This package is aligned with GCPS first 9 weeks curriculum 3 Worksheets (perfect for grades) Task Cards (perfect f
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Force and Motion: 3rd Grade Science Word Wall
20 Word Wall cards included! These vocabulary cards are aligned with the Virginia SOLs 3.2. This product is a fun colorful way to display science topics and vocabulary on a focus wall or on a ring to be used in small group and mini-lessons. Perfect for students who need visuals, and ELL students. En
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Forces and Motion
This hands-on force and motion unit is packed with science experiments, learning stations, games, printables, poems, a force and motion assessment, 12 colorful vocabulary posters, coordinating vocabulary cards, printables, and more! It contains a unique student Motion Mission notebook with six exper

Also included in: Science Unit MEGA BUNDLE!

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First Grade Science Bundle Integrating Literacy
Are you looking for engaging, easy to implement, hands-on science for your learners? Do you struggle to get to science every day? This science bundle is perfect for your 1st grade classroom. Each unit is aligned to 1st grade TEKS and you can be sure to cover every standard while engaging students a
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STEM throughout the year- The Bundle (preschool, kindergarten, and first grade)
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. (This acronym can also be spelled “STEAM” in which the “A” stands for art.) This packet is full of fun, hands-on, innovative STEM activities that your preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students are sure to love. Why STEM? As educa
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Firstie/KinderSTEM First Grade STEM Curriculum Bundle
Firstie/KinderSTEM Curriculum Bundle Thanks so much for viewing my Firstie/KinderSTEM Curriculum units bundled. Firstie/KinderSTEM Curriculum is an engaging STEM curriculum with young learners in mind! Firstie/KinderSTEM is standards-based and encourages young learners to think “outside the box”
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Force and Motion: Complete Set Bundle
Force and motion can be a difficult concept for students. However, learning more about how forces all around us affect how we and other objects move can be a lot of fun! Concepts covered: force, friction, gravity, balanced forces, unbalanced forces, contact forces, non-contact forces, mass vs. weig
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Forces, Motion, and Simple Machines for Primary Grades
Check out this physics science unit on motion, friction, gravity, inertia, and simple machine investigations geared to the primary elementary levels of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades, which includes teacher lesson plans, experiments for kids, full worksheets, science vocabulary flash cards, and more!
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STEM Force and Motion Unit: Roller Coasters
Roller Coaster Rally: A STEM Integrated Unit What is more exciting than roller coasters?! Not much! Your students will be thrilled to begin this coaster themed STEM unit! While teaching your students about force, motion, engineering design, graphing, analyzing data and more, your students will
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Forces and Motion: Passages
Forces and Motion Differentiated Reading Passages **UPDATE: Paperless Digital Version Included** In addition to all printable options previously featured, this resource now also features a digital version of all resources included (even student response sheets!) that you can share with students in

Also included in: Physical Science BUNDLE: Differentiated Reading Passages

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Entire Year 1st Grade Science
SAVE 40% when you buy the bundle! Wow! 9 units over 150 pages all brought together in 1 bundle to create an entire year of Science for 1st grade! Hands on fun included in every pack. Topics Include: Force and MotionBEST SELLER- Fun, hands-on Science is LOADED in this packet! If you are looking
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Force & Motion/ Newton's Laws! 5 Comprehension Articles w/ Paired Questions!
Force and Motion Comprehension Articles including questions relating to multiple texts. These texts have been written on a fourth grade reading level and make students feel successful when reading about new scientific concepts. Each article has a multiple choice comprehension question, vocabulary
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Force and Motion Centers
These centers are great as an introduction to force and motion in first grade! Let students explore forces for themselves with hands on activities and then answer higher order thinking questions to assess their current understanding! My students loved these and the conversations were amazing! Try
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Force and Motion Science Stations
Force and Motion Science Stations for Third Grade Next Generation Science Standards include 8 different science stations where students can deepen their understanding of force and motion. The focus is on NGSS 3-PS2.A and includes concepts such as force (push and pull), surface types and speed.★ S

Also included in: Force and Motion 5E Unit Plans AND Science Stations for Third Grade BUNDLE

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Force and Motion Physical Science Bundle:  Forces, Speed and Newton's Laws
Enjoy the following products at this fantastic price! Six PowerPoints all with student note sheets, 3 labs and eight additional assignments! Here is what you'll get... (Please visit each product for the specific previews.) PowerPoint Introduction To Distance, Displacement, Speed, and Velocity Ap
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Newton's Laws of Motion, Forces in Motion, Simple Machines Unit
A three part 2,300+ PowerPoint slideshow becomes the roadmap for an interactive and amazing science experience that includes a bundled homework package, answer keys, unit notes, video links, review games,built-in quizzes and hands-on activities, worksheets,rubrics, games, and much more. Take the
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