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Force and Motion Race Track Exploration
A hands-on exploration where students learn about different aspects of force and motion through changing variables and recording observations.
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Force and Motion STEM Carnival
With the force and motion STEM carnival, students will apply scientific principles of force and motion to engineer carnival games. Included: -26 engineering design task cards (examples include: catapult basketball, lid hockey, skee ball, magnet claw, car race, cotton ball launch, and more! -planni
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Forces and Motion Unit
Force and Motion Science Discovery Unit that is perfect for kinders and other young learners who want to investigate and discover motion, movement, pushes and pulls, gravity, force, forces, fast and slow, and many printables and easy to prep activities. Book List included for suggested books to use

Also included in: Science BIG Bundle

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Force and Motion STEM Activities
Engineering~Math~Art~Science These 9 STEM/STEAM force and motion activities and challenges are a perfect way to integrate more STEAM strategies into a force and motion unit. These activities can be used throughout a unit as each topic is covered (gravity, friction, inertia, motion, magnetic and othe
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Force and Motion Activity Pack
Studying force and motion?! These six science experiments and colorful posters are a must! The easy to follow directions and printable record sheets make the activities perfect to use as science centers, STEM projects or whole class lessons. INSIDE YOU'LL FIND --> 10 colorful posters --> Do

Also included in: ENDLESS Science Bundle

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Force and Motion Unit: Push and Pull, Gravity and Friction
This Force and Motion unit is filled with activities for your students--graphic organizers, vocabulary, real images, investigations, and much more! Perfect for the K-2 learner! You may be interested in the Science for October bundle! Inside you will find: -Unit Teaching Plan p.3 -Force and Motion
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Force and Motion Freebie: Race Car Theme
This activity is intended for application of force and motion vocabulary/concepts (such as a quiz). Students should match words (force, motion, push, pull, and friction) and definitions, as well as tell why a smooth, flat track would be best for a race. You might also be interested in: Simple Machi
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First Grade Force and Motion: Push, Pull, Gravity Unit
This Force and Motion: Push, Pull, Gravity Unit is stuffed full with over 14 detailed lesson plans, experiments, links, and materials that are perfect for your first graders. It includes Force and Motion book titles, anchor charts, recording sheets, journal pages, experiments, and more to support yo

Also included in: Science Units

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Force and Motion Kindergarten and 1st Grade Unit Plan
Students LOVE to learn about force and motion! I have you covered with this engaging 3 week unit! It has everything you need including a journal, inquiry lessons, rubrics, ideas, printables and more! Be the COOL teacher who knows how to engage students! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●

Also included in: Science BUNDLE kindergarten and 1st Grade Curriculum

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Science Unit Bundle! Weather, Forces & Motion and States of Matter
****THREE FOR THE PRICE OF TWO!! Save $7.50 with this bundle!!**** In these first through third grade science units, I’ve included numerous resources to help teachers bring science “to life” for their students. Not only do the worksheets, quizzes, posters and games help students learn the concepts,
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Newton's Laws of Motion and Forces in Motion Unit
This is a three part 1400 slide PowerPoint roadmap with built-in class notes (red slides), hands-on activities with instructions and questions, demonstrations, challenge questions with answers, built- in quizzes, video links, 6 page homework bundle, 11 follow along classwork sheets, lesson notes, an
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STEM Force and Motion Pack
Force and Motion are key science concepts in the new NGSS science standards. Using STEM activities will allow your students a hands on way to learn these concepts without having to "force" them to create, test, and record. The five STEM stations/activities include: 1. Water Drop Race Track Station
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Newton's Laws, Forces and Motion Science Escape Room - Breakout Room (Physics)
EUREKA! You've come to the right place for an engaging and rigorous challenge in the science classroom. Students race the clock to locate the Miss Velo City Pageant's stolen tiara in this Escape Room. Students will work collaboratively to decipher puzzles and codes while they apply their scientific
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Force & Motion AND Force and Motion For The Holidays-{BUNDLED SET}
Force & Motion AND Force and Motion For The Holidays-{BUNDLED SET} Download the preview for a better look. **SAVE $2.00** When you purchase the bundled set! 1) Force and Motion Unit - This product is stuffed full of detailed lesson plans, experiments, links, and materials (book titles, anchor
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A STEM Peppermint Race Car- An Exploration of Force and Motion
A STEM Peppermint Race Car Have fun with a Christmas STEM activity in which students apply their knowledge of force, motion and inertia to solve a creative engineering problem. Students are challenged to design a prototype of a wind-powered car. A STEAM element has been added for decorating the ca
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Force and Motion Racecar Derby End of Year Science and Literacy Lesson Set
Force and Motion Racecar Derby End of Year Science and Literacy Lesson Set (STAAR) Having active and engaging lessons for students at the end of the year is crucial to classroom behavior that last month of school. STEM activities are great for keeping student minds busy during that time of the ye
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Forces and Motion with Max Axiom - 4th Grade McGraw-Hill Wonders
This product aligns with 4th Grade McGraw-Hill Wonders Series Unit 1 Week 4 and Common Core Standards. This product is a great tool to use while reading A Crash Course on Forces & Motion with Max Axiom. You will receive the following items when you purchase this bundle: Vocabulary PowerPoint
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Physical Science: Force and Motion for Middle School (Includes STEM Activities)
This unit is everything you need to help your students understand physics and Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. Most activities allow for modification to help you meet you students needs and adjust to your teaching style.Science - Physics and Newton's Laws Unit for Middle School includes:11 Student Worksh
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Force and Motion:  Santa's Force and Motion Workshop
In Santa’s Workshop there are lots of ways to explore Force and Motion through this fun flip book! Students are challenged to be Santa’s Top-Secret Secret Scientists to try out new ways for the elves to perform their duties even better! There are lots of fun things to explore! These are:- A blac
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Force & Motion lab bundle for Newton's three laws, inertia, speed & more
This bundle of 6 lab activities contain lessons to aid understanding of motion, speed, acceleration, intertia, and Newton's three laws of motions. Race cars down ramps. Push / pull marbles on the face of a clock. Use dominoes to observe speed. Use balloons to demonstrate how rockets illustrate Ne
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Reindeer Race Force and Motion Experiment
This resource is a fun activity around the holidays to demonstrate forces and motion! Two different experiments are included, one that demonstrates how gravity affects motion and another that demonstrates how force affects speed and distance. These experiments include teacher notes, student worksh
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Science Unit: Forces and Motion
********Save 33% when you buy this product as part of our Science Unit 3-pack******* In this first through third grade science unit, I’ve included numerous resources to help teachers bring forces and motion “to life” for their students. Not only do the worksheets, quizzes and games help students le
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Forces and Motion- Balloon Powered Car Lesson / Activity
Key Concepts- STEM challenge, potential energy, kinetic energy, forces, motion, Newton's Laws, action, reaction, speed, distance, inquiryHere is a great STEM challenge! When a balloon is inflated and released without being knotted, it flies all over the place as the air escapes. The demonstrates th
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Toy Car Competition - Forces and Motion Project
******UPDATED! 6/27/18 Now includes a teacher's guide with more detail on how races are implemented for this exciting student-led project! Product now also contains a student sheet that lists all components needed for the final paper! This is an awesome resource to use as a culminating activity or
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