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forming a new government

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forming a new government

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Are you studying the the formation of American Government? Maybe you are finishing up the American Revolution and transitioning into how the US Government was formed. This list of words is a great way to get your kids talking. Your students will enjoy this fun themed word search!! If your students
This no-prep unit on the writing of the US Constitution was designed to integrate reading, writing, and higher-order critical thinking with essential social studies content. Using the thinking tools of Depth and Complexity, students will read and respond to content in rigorous, meaningful ways, and
Jeopardy is a fun way to review any topic. This Jeopardy Review Game focuses on the Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention, and the US Constitution. Use my student answer sheet for all students to be engaged throughout the game, or simply play for review.
To give students an idea of the difficult position the Americans found themselves in after the American Revolution, place them into small groups to consider this problem: Imagine that on a field trip to a wilderness area or sailing trip to a small, remote island, you all became stranded without any
9 pages of notes on the debate in Philadelphia, and ratifying the Constitution.
Use the answer sheet when playing the Forming a New Government Jeopardy Game to ensure all students are participating and benefiting from the review.
I created this product by request to teach and review American Government and how it came to be.This product includes:*Articles with comprehension questions (multiple choice, true false, and short answer) for: -Articles of Confederation -Bill of Rights -A Brand New Government -Three Branches of Gove
The Bill of Rights and New Government Interactive Notebook, which works for both print and Google Drive™, investigates and helps gain an understanding of what the Bill of Rights is and why it was added to the Constitution and also of how the new government of the United States was set up. Geared as
Teaching the founding of our nation’s government doesn’t have to be boring. Save your time planning and digging in all your files to try and put together plans that work for you. You’ll have everything you need to rock your lessons with this complete unit! Engaging social studies lessons can be a st
Virginia Studies: A New Nation Task Cards are a great resource for reviewing concepts about Virginia after the Revolutionary War and the founding of American government. A New Nation Task Cards includes 28 task cards, 2 student response sheets, and an answer key. Questions are open-ended, multiple c
Government can be a year long simulation. This kit arms you with the structures you need to set up a government in your own class. Start by having student write their own classroom constitution. Then have them vote on their leaders. Each student will act in some capacity within the government, e
This is the 2ND Edition! Please note: If you already have the 1ST edition, you will be buying similar content. If you would like the "extras" that have been added (interactive notebook pieces, vocabulary, standards, etc.) please buy the upcoming BOOSTER set :)The War for Independence was won, but th
Easy Grading-- No Papers to Carry Home25 questions assess the following:♦ Overview of Georgia's Constitution♦ Basic Structure of Georgia's Constitution→ Preamble→ Bill of Rights→ Articles→ Amendments♦ Separation of Powers in Government♦ Checks & Balances in Government♦ Rights & Responsibili
Product Description:Government Interactive Notebook: Teach students about the federal and North Carolina government with historical figures, major events leading to development of the federal constitutions, and practice through constitution scavenger hunts and so much more. Through a variety of acti
Not Grade Specific
Students will learn about the hierarchy of the government of New France, with the information and two follow-up slides. The reading passages and question pages for each topic form a complete lesson that can be integrated into your existing history curriculum. The material allows for flexibility and
Unit 4- Governing a New Nation~ Topic 1: Developing a Government~Topic 2: Branches of GovernmentGoogle Docs Include:10 Google Forms that are aligned to each of the written activity pages(Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Dropdown, Short Answer)2 Google Slides that act as Matching Games for each of
Easy Grading-- No Papers to Carry Home15 questions assess the following:♦ Origin & Purpose of City, County, & Special Purpose Governments♦ How Local Government is Funded♦ How Spending Decisions are MadeUsing Google Forms is a quick way to evaluate students' level of mastery. Students receive
Product DescriptionThis product is a DIGITAL Google Form assessment for the California Gold Rush and Statehood. It has 16 multiple-choice and short-answer questions that are aligned with the following 4th Grade California History-Social Studies (HSS) standards:HSS 4.3 Students explain the economic,
Students will begin with a preview activity where they have to decide how they would distribute power in a brand new government on a deserted island. (10 minutes). Then students will rotate through 8 stations with 8 different forms of government placards and take notes on a student worksheet as they
This is a bundle of two, highly animated, power point presentation on the first rebellions of the new United States governments first, Shays Rebellion under the Articles of Confederation and the second, the Whiskey Rebellion under the United States Constitution and the impact of each on the federa
6th - 12th, Adult Education, Staff
This product is a 20 question task card set that provides students with options while demonstrating content driven concepts. This particular set of task cards covers a broad variety of different topics in U.S. History such as: -The Civil War -The US Constitution -The Democratic-Republicans and the
Activity – Students will create notes over a topic. Using the essential points of their notes, students will create images to convey the meaning. Students may use slogans, quotes, and important terms as well.Student Learning Objective The student understands the concept of federalism. The student is
Activity – Students will create notes over a significant individual, event, or issues from a historical era. Using the essential points of their notes and templates, students will write a eulogy. It must include examples of accomplishments (research, inventions, breakthroughs, impact on the world, e
9th - 12th
South Carolina 3rd grade standards ~ covers forming of a new nation after the Revolutionary War Correlates with "The South Carolina Adventure" textbook
3rd - 4th

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