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This product was made to be used an assessment, homework or test prep of fractions word problems. There is a workspace/answer box for each problem. Students may draw mathematical representations or use fraction manipulatives to solve these word problems.
Included in this pack is a fraction task card set, graphing picture mat, graphing page, vocabulary, word problems, a comparing numbers math page, and answer keys for each. To make these centers I: -printed and laminated a center set of the graphing picture mat, fraction cards, and word problem cards
6 Weeks of “A Math Problem a Day”:~Based on different third grade CCSS. Rubrics included for each week to grade student work on Exceeds, meeting, needs with standard provided for assessment, instruction and further teaching, standards based reporting. Weekly Seesaw Links to post for children to do
Pizza Problem-Solving Students follow several steps to divide and color pizzas into fractions based on pizza orders. These are challenging problem-solving activities and require students to move slowly and think through the order and question at the end. There are five different pizza order sh
5 problem solving fractions activities included based around a pizza story. A fantastic resource to have when working on fractions with your students!
This 4-page booklet contains 5 multi-part word problems. Most problems include a workspace, if needed and pizza pies for coloring. Clip Art by KPM Doodles.
I use this activity to assess students' ability to divide a circle into thirds, as well as problem solving.
This is a problem solving activity dealing with fractions. It can be completed in class, for homework, or cooperatively in small groups. The task is to solve a word problem about pizza toppings. Students must draw a picture help them solve the problem.
Your students will LOVE this pizza-themed PBL with authentic multiple-step real-life problems. This activity has students taking their classmate's pizza orders and using a menu to add up totals. Students will be required to add, subtract, multiply decimals, and interpret fractions. The final page of
This resource is included in PDF format for printing and in Google Slides™️ format for digital learning. This makes it useable with Google Classroom™️.Are you looking for a way to reinforce fraction concepts in an engaging way that helps your students make connections? “Run a Pizza Place” is a real-li
This is a project for students to do at home. The purpose of this project is for students to make real world connections with fractions. Also available in Google Slides for your Google Classroom - check store- Students are to create a pizza. (examples included) - The toppings should represent the di
This is a fun pizza challenge fractions activity that also requires the use of equivalent fractions. My kids always love it!! I would consider it an advanced challenge-type activity. I have used it with 3rd and 4th graders after we have learned about fractions, compared fractions, etc. It will giv
There are so many fun learning activities that can be incorporated into a pizza theme! Mama Mia, Pizzeria Pizza Pack is full of tons of learning fun that is perfect for pre-k, kindergarten, preschool, TK, and SPED resources. Here is what's included: • Vocabulary Words: Print on cardstock, laminat
Engage your students in understanding and identifying parts of a whole in tape diagrams, sets, on the number line and in word problems through "ordering" and assembling pizzas! This activity is friendly for the whole class, rigorous, and a great hands-on way to assess your students' readiness to adv
This is an fun and engaging 2 day activity that I recently did with my own third grade class to culminate our learning at the end of our fractions unit! There are 2 files included with this purchase: The main component of this lesson is a PowerPoint slide show (see preview/sample file) for student
Join us on the beach at our favorite sea-side pizzeria to learn about dividing fractions in real-life situations. You are invited to come along as we sing & dance our way through today's math lesson! Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Animated Music Video, Worksheets & Activities | 5th Gr
This fun activity helps review fraction operations learned in 5th grade with pizza! All students need is a pizza box (or poster board), and they are ready to tackle this yummy project :) Topics reviewed: Reducing Fractions Writing Equivalent Fractions Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividin
This is the Google Classroom edition of my Pizza Fractions Project. The purpose of this digital project is for students to make real world connections with fractions.- Students are to create 3 different pizzas. (1 example included)- 1 pizza should be partitioned into fourths- 1 pizza should be parti
In this activity, students will explore equivalent fractions through pizza creation. Students get to become a pizza chef and create their own pizza! They will decide how many pieces to divide it into, what toppings to add, and what fractions they will represent. This is perfect for a homework pro
The Very Busy Teachers Store on Teachers Pay Teachers presents this unit on Fractions for Grades 3-4. There are 31 pages of worksheets included with full CCSS included on each sheet. All answer keys are included. The unit contains the following: • Fraction Vocabulary - Students will use the
Are students in your class at drastically different stages in their fractional understandings and concepts? This project allows students to create the same outcome, while working on standards, concepts and skills within fractions that are rigorous FOR THEM. This could also be used in multiage classr
This Google Form uses a Pizza Eating Contest to introduce the idea of equivalent fractions. The Form has an embedded video of just over a minute that helps students compare two pizzas and introduces the idea of equivalence. The lesson includes practice questions that are multiple choice and short
This is a seven page EDITABLE summative math assessment with the theme of pizza and comprises seven questions that center on fractions, decimals, and percents. It may be given as a final test or as a summative project and is perfect for distance learning. The seven questions use three levels of Bloo
In this Introduction to Fraction Bundle students will have the opportunity to do an interactive Google Classroom (TM) Activity with fractions, mini lessons, read a book on fractions, and do fraction art activities. It is all included. If you purchase the bundle, it will save you a lot of time and MO

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