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3rd Grade Fractions Unit - Conceptual Lessons and Practice
This unit really does have it all! It was created around the third grade Common Core Standards, and it addresses ALL of the fraction standards. There are 15 math workshop lessons, 16 skill building worksheets, 3 sets of task cards, and answer keys. This unit teaches: -area models -fractions in a

Also included in: 3rd Grade Math - Math Workshop & Guided Math Bundle

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Improving Deep Fraction Understanding: A Fraction Unit for Grades 3-5
If you want to make teaching fractions more interactive, more engaging, more research-based and have a problem-solving focus, this unit may be just what you are looking for! It is unlike any other fraction resource out there! What is this unusual resource? This year I traced my thinking and my st

Also included in: Hands On Fraction Bundle: 10 Hands On Fraction Resources for Grades 3-5

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6th Grade Fractions Unit: 6.NS.1, 6.NS.4
A 12 day CCSS-Aligned Fractions Unit - including review of adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions, and breaking down division of fractions by whole numbers, dividing whole numbers by fractions, and dividing fractions by fractions. Standards: 6.NS.1 and 6.NS.4 Texas Teacher? Grab the TEK
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Adding & Subtracting Fractions Unit, 5th Grade 10-Day Bundle, 5.NF.1 + 5.NF.2
This 10-day Fifth Grade Adding and Subtracting Fractions Unit has over 80 pages of lesson materials. Best of all, it requires NO PREP! Just print and teach!What's Included?⇒Day 1. Estimating Sums and Differences Using Benchmark Fractions⇒Day 2. Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions and Mixed Numbe
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Fourth Grade Fraction Unit
This is my best piece of work so far! It is 172 pages in all. This fraction unit covers EVERY fraction standard in the Common Core for 4th grade. Not only does it cover them, but it is designed as a spiral to ensure mastery of the fraction skills for all students. This fraction unit includes every
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Fourth Grade Fractions Unit
Fourth Grade Fractions This is a complete fractions unit for teaching the Common Core fractions concepts. It covers the fractions standards from 4.NF.1-4, including: 4.NF.1-2: Comparing and Equivalent Fractions -comparing fractions with different denominators -comparing fractions with different
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Third Grade Fractions Unit
3rd grade fractions This is a Common Core Standards-based fractions unit. This fraction unit is designed to stand alone and can be taught at any time during the year, and can be combined with any curriculum. It is full of hands-on activities, lessons, and assessments to help your students master AL
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I have, Who Has Fractions Game - Fractions Unit
This I have, Who Has Fractions Game is perfect for fractions reassessment. This game set includes 33 game cards with fractions from up to tenth. There are no duplicate equal parts. Perfect resource to round up your fractions unit.
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4th Grade TEKS Fractions Unit and Bundle by Marvel Math
This TEKS centered Fractions Unit covers comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, fractions and decimals on a number line, how to decompose a fraction, representing fractions as the sum of unit fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and using benchmark fractions to evaluate the reasonablenes
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Fractions Unit
I love to teach Fractions in my classroom! My students master fractions through the use of games, modeling, creating, labeling, and much more! This fractions product is jam-packed with 42 pages of quality, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate resources. It is made to tie in perfectly with th
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Mega Fractions Bundle - Fraction Unit to Build Understanding - Activities, Games
This mega fractions bundle contains 7 of my fraction resources, covering everything from understanding 1/2, to fractions on a number line, to equivalent fractions, to comparing fractions. Save over 30% when you buy the mega bundle!This resource contains: Understanding the Fraction 1/2This resource
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Understanding Fractions Bundle: 14 Lesson Packets, 4th - 5th Grade Fraction Unit
This 14-DAY FRACTION BUNDLE has over 100 pages of ready to print material for your fraction unit. Best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH.What's Included? ⇒Day 1: What is a Fraction? Part of a Whole and Part of a Set⇒Day 2: Fractions on a Number Line⇒Day 3: Equivalent Fractions with M
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3rd Grade Fractions Unit Common Core : Equivalent Fractions, Ordering, Comparing
This complete third grade fractions unit covers all the fraction skills included in the grade 3 Common Core State Standards. It is a 25 day unit which includes: ◊14 Math Workshop lessons (mini lessons and practice problems) ◊4 Built in Projects including one STEM project. ◊4 Center Activities inc

Also included in: 3rd Grade Math Units Bundle Common Core Math

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Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Unit
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions 5th Grade Math Unit - Completely editable to help you best meet the needs of your students! 5th Grade Math Curriculum Unit 6 This unit is part of my 5th Grade Math Curriculum. If you'd like to purchase the curriculum, please click here! This unit includes four m
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Third Grade Fraction Unit
FREEBIES in the preview! THIS UNIT is 107 pages!!! This unit includes a student interactive journal that walks you through ALL of the standards for third grade fractions within the Common Core. The interactive journal is 16 pages. You can run copies for each student, create a booklet, and your plan
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Fractions Unit *Common Core Aligned*
Need a unit on fractions? This 25 page Common Core aligned packet includes: *I can statements for each activity *equal parts activity *comparing fractions *labeling fractions *pizza fractions activity *creating fractions *reading fractions practice! and much more! Sold by the First Grade Flair!
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Fractions Unit for Grade 2 (Ontario Curriculum)
This Fractions unit for second grade contains worksheets, lesson ideas, posters, word wall words, a match game, a word search and a unit test. It is based on the Ontario Curriculum expectations.For a better deal, you can purchase this resource as part of my Grade 2 Math Units FULL YEAR BUNDLE.Conte

Also included in: Grade 2 Math Units FULL YEAR BUNDLE (Based on the Ontario Curriculum)

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COMPLEX FRACTIONS to UNIT RATE Maze, Riddle, Color by Number (Fun Activities)
Have your students apply their understanding of UNIT RATE with COMPLEX FRACTIONS with these fun activities including a maze, riddle and coloring activity. Whats Included: __ Complex Fractions to Unit Rate COLORING ACTIVITY Students are prompted to find the UNIT RATE with COMPLEX FRACTIONS . St

Also included in: 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Math MAZES, RIDDLES, COLORING PAGES BUNDLE

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions Unit
Adding and Subtracting Fractions 5th Grade Math Unit - Completely editable to help you best meet the needs of your students! 5th Grade Math Curriculum Unit 5 This unit is part of my 5th Grade Math Curriculum. If you'd like to purchase the curriculum, please click here! This unit includes four mul
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Fractions Unit: Activities for Whole, Halves, Thirds, and Fourths
This fraction unit was created with the k-2 learner in mind. There are activities that can be done whole group, a few games, and several student activities. I also shared how I taught through and used the material. Inside you will find: -Fraction Posters -Fraction Vocabulary Cards -Equal and Uneq
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3rd Grade Fractions Unit BUNDLE, Common Core Math Standards Practice
Teachers will download a fraction bundle of fraction task cards, worksheets and activities. There are 10 sets of task cards (300 task cards), 2 worksheet packets and an interactive notebook activity.Third grade Common Core math skills include naming fractions, fractions on a number line, comparing f
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Fractions Unit for Grade 3 (Ontario Curriculum)
This Fractions Unit for Grade 3 contains lesson ideas, worksheets, activities, task cards for math centres, and a test based on the Ontario Curriculum expectations. It covers dividing whole objects and sets of objects into equal parts and naming them with words.This unit is also part of my Grade 3

Also included in: Grade 3 Math Units FULL YEAR BUNDLE (Based on the Ontario Curriculum)

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Fraction Unit Worksheet Bundle
Get 14 fraction worksheets for one low price. This bundle of worksheets cover many fraction topics include like and unlike fractions, improper fraction, and mixed numbers. There are math vocabulary words, a cumulative test, and more! Answer key is included for every worksheet. Great for a 3rd, 4th,
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Fraction Unit:  A 5 Day Lesson
This is a powerpoint presentation that can be converted into a Smart Board flipchart. I contains five different lessons: What is a Fraction?, Fractions as parts of a whole, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, and a review fraction activity. Each of the five lessons contains essential questio
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