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This is a wonderful resource to help students learn to estimate fractions on a number line. Teacher Preparation: Cut out and laminate fish bowls and fish. Make copies of the fraction number line for students to use during the activity. Students will estimate whether each fraction is closer to 0,
This easy to use estimation of fractions task cards can be used as a station in math workshop or as an activity for those who finish early. There are 24 task cards, addition and subtraction of mostly unlike denominators. The students are to round the fraction to either 0, 1/2 , or 1 prior to solvi
Preview hereThese cards include 10 fractions where the students select whether or not the fraction is closest to 0, 1/2 or 1. These tasks are fill in the blank and are self grading for immediate feedback. To use Boom Cards, you must be connected to the Internet. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (C
I really like to use number lines in teaching fractions; it’s a nice break from cutting up pizzas, for one thing. For another, I think it gives kids a better understanding of how fractions relate to each other. These six half-page exercises show a number line from zero to one. On the first two of t
A PDF of every FRACTION to 20th's for use in your own worksheets, PowerPoints etcI tried to include every variation of each fraction diagram up to 12/12 but as I'd got 180+ diagrams for the 12ths and knew 13th's onwards there would be even more I just decided to include a few variations for each fr
***This is not a typical PowerPoint file. Instead of just one page per click, each and every step in the math process is animated and appears separately. Check out the free Demo video in the Numbers Guy Store.*** Class Slides: The Powerpoint file contains a set of fully-animated, step-by-step int
Here is an effective way to have your students locate a point on a number line based on Benchmark Fractions 0, 1/2, and 1. We are not always going to have fraction kits around, so we make due with what we have! :)
Hang up this KIWI GARLAND to remind students how to convert fractions to decimals. This focuses on proving how 1/3=0.333.... Cut out each kiwi slice and hole punch the ends and string together with your choice of ribbon. If you have no time to craft, then hang up each kiwi slice as is to reinforce t
In this activity, students will sort fractions as they compare them to the benchmarks of 0, 1/2, and 1 whole. The sorting cards and headers are included in this file. This is a great warm up activity, partner activity, small group activity, or independent practice. Students can use fraction manipula
This is a math center activity where students decide if certain fractions are close to 0, ½, or 1 whole. There are 24 fractions from thirds to twelfths.
This Powerpoint contains 5 printable number lines from 0-1, split into sixteenths, eighths, fourths, halves, and just 0 & 1, to use with your students who are learning the value of fractions. Common Core Standard 3.NF.A.2: Understand a fraction as a number on the number line; represent fractions
Labeled with all applicable equivalent fractions (halves, fourths, eighths, sixteenths, whole numbers)
This Fraction Number Line goes from 0-1, split into sixteenths, and labeled with the most reduced/simplified fractions.
Guided Math Lessons for Kindergarten This packet is detailed and differentiated lesson plans, activities, games, and cards for your guided math whole group and small group lessons!The units are standards-based rather than seasonal. The materials are included. Simply print, laminate lesson activities
Fractions Comparing Fractions on a Number Line! Equivalent Fractions and number line fraction math activities: 12 worksheets to use for assessment, morning work, homework, or classwork! Aligned to Common Core math standards. Also seen in...Fraction Bundle Check out my other FRACTION products: Equa
Google Paperless Practice - 3rd Grade Fractions on a Number Line {3.NF.2} Engage your students with this interactive DIGITAL resource that works with Google Slides™. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers! With this 24-slide digital resource, your students will p
Fraction Approximation is an dual activity. First students sort the fractions based on whether they are closer to 0, 1/2, or 1 whole. Then after students have brainstormed their ideas, as a class they start putting their fractions on a number line.Halves, Thirds, Fourths, Fifths, Sixths, Eights, T
This Fraction Sort Game will build reasoning and estimation skills for students as they learn to compare and order fractions. What's Included? ✔ Game Implementation Guide✔ Game Mat✔ 10 Decks of 10 Fraction Cards (100 total cards) ✔ Answer Key Students use estimation to sort each fraction into one o
Fractions are one of the hardest topics for many teachers to teach--and textbooks rarely get at the deep thinking needed to help student master basic fraction skills as well as more complex fraction concepts. This resource is a low ink, ready-to-print set of quality fraction activities with full col
Fractions on a Number Line - digital version for use with Google Drive™. With this resource, your students will work with fractions in five different activities of varying difficulty. This is a digital interactive notebook resource, so please only purchase if you have the resources to use it (comp
This Fractions on a Number Line Board Game contains 30 WORD PROBLEM game cards and a game board to help students practice recognizing fractions and whole number fractions on a number line. This game works great as a pair/group activity, or for use in math centers! This game was created to support t
Number lines clipart with fractions! All images are saved at .300 dpi and have transparent backgrounds. They can be used to make printable resources, and can also be used as moveable pieces in digital resources - no additional license required!Basic Fractions- All fractions from Halves to Twelfths
This is a set of activities to use in your math interactive notebooks. This set is aligned with the following Common Core standard in the Numbers and Operations - Fractions domain: CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.A.2 Understand a fraction as a number on the number line; represent fractions on a number line
This product supports new Texas math TEKS 4.3F & CCSS: 4.NF.A.2 4.3F - Evaluate the reasonableness of sums and differences of benchmark fractions using benchmark fractions of 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1. 4.NF.A.2 - Use benchmark fractions to compare two fractions with different numerators or denomina

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