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Practice identifying the fraction represented when given a picture of a fractional shape with this 5 in a Row Game. This game practices identification of some of the most common fractions with denominators of 2, 3, 4, and 8. This no-prep blackline game is ready for playing. Just print, cut, and p
Can your 6th graders use their geometry knowledge about the area of polygons to escape the pizza shop? Polly's World Famous Polygon Pizza has five puzzles for your students to solve to show their geometry skills! This engaging escape room can be completed digitally by accessing a Google Form, or by
The fraction files are back! To truly understand fractions, students must understand the basics of what a fraction is. One of these basic steps is to identify when a shape is divided equally (allowing for a fraction). This DOUBLE set of task cards gives your students ample opportunity to practice
With new tests come new expectations. These task cards address this reality by first, giving students the opportunity to follow their natural Math learning sequence (CRA: Concrete-Representational-Abstract) and second, by being rigorously aligned with MAFS.3.NF.1.1 (understanding fractions as number
3rd - 4th
These Fractions of a Shape task cards practice identifying fractions of a shape while also practicing the vocabulary of numerator, denominator, and unit fraction. There are 36 cards in the set to best meet the needs of all class sizes, and there are enough cards that some can be used during whole g
This resource contains six fun and interactive games for learners to develop, extend a consolidate their knowledge of finding and identifying fractions of a shape. Jigsaw: 48 mini jigsaws, each consisting of 3 parts that need to be pieced together. Scoot: 20 scoot cards wit a recording sheet and a
2nd - 4th
Fractions Math Center: Color One-Fourth of an ObjectLearning TargetStudents will be able to... identify one-fourth of a shape.
K - 3rd
Students identify the shaded fraction of each circle.
1st - 3rd
These printable worksheets cover ALL of the third grade 3.NF standards, presenting concepts "every which way" to build mastery and deepen understanding. This bundle includes 27 pages of printables, plus materials for a “Ways to Show ½” Sorting Flip Book—perfect for 3.NF.A.3.B! The introduction of f
The Magic Of Math Unit 3 focuses on 2D Shapes: Composing and Decomposing, Naming Shapes, Attributes, Partitioning, Sorting and Classifying 3D Shapes: Sorting and Classifying, Naming Shapes, Attributes, Composing Fractions (For CC-halves, thirds, and fourths For TEKS: halves, fourths, and eighths
The Magic Of Math Unit 4 for FIRST GRADE focuses on: Week 1 2D Shapes: Naming Shapes, Attributes, and Sorting Shapes Week 2: Composing 2D Shapes Week 3: 3D Shapes: Naming Shapes, Attributes, Looking at what 2D Shapes make up the 3D Shapes Week 4: Fractions: Halves, Fourths, Examples, N
Do you want to make learning Fractions fun? Are you looking for purposeful, digital, NO PREP, paperless practice for learning about fractions 1/2, 1/4, and 1/3 fun? This product is for you! This Boom Cards™ deck provides students practice with identifying thirds, quarters, and halves. This game sup
Google Paperless Practice - 3rd Grade Partitioning Shapes - Unit Fractions {3.G.2}Engage your students with this interactive DIGITAL resource that works with Google Slides™. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers! With this 22-slide digital resource, your students w
Unit to teach 2nd grade fractions, parts of a whole and parts of a set. Includes challenging multiple choice test and rigorous questions to prepare students to be successful in 3rd grade on the STAAR math test. There are two versions of this product so that you can download it in the format that
*PLEASE RATE!* You'll love this packet of worksheets to teach fractions. 45 great worksheets that are NO PREP and can be used to assess your students! There's a variety of worksheets that students will enjoy completing. I used this with a Grade 1/2 class, so there are worksheets that are easy, a
K - 3rd
GREAT Spiral Review for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Math with 3 different versions!!!This is an awesome daily review activity that incorporates many of the 3rd , 4th, and 5th grade math standards! These Fraction of the Day printables can be used as morning work, homework, centers, or as a daily skills p
3rd - 5th
Half Of or Fourth Of Worksheets (Fun Fractions Cut and Paste Sorts) - your kids will enjoy practicing this standard by sorting shapes as being a half or fourth by cutting and pasting them into the correct boxes This includes 2 cut and paste worksheets.If you would like fractions worksheets that also
K - 2nd
This interactive board file for fractions introduces partitioning shapes into equal parts. The Fractions PowerPoint and SmartBoard File covers common core fraction standards for 2nd grade with using the terms half, third, and fourth to described shaped parts of partitioned shapes. This would be a
Make the end of the school year academic and fun with this no prep pack of 3rd grade reading, writing, and math activities. This pack is loaded with fun and engaging 3rd grade end of the year activities! You can enjoy the end of the year with your class and still work on key 3rd grade academic skill
This primary fractions resource contains two sets of fractions task cards created for engaging, hands-on practice with playdough. Just laminate the task card set(s) you wish to use and add playdough, plastic knives, and copies of the recording sheet! --- The first set of task cards asks student
This paperless resource is specifically made for third grade students to review common core standard 3.G.2 - I can partition shapes into parts with equal areas. I can express the area of each part as a unit fraction of the whole.★ What's Included?★- Links to download the Google Slides ™- Directions
35 Slides Google Classroom Acclivities Entire resource is available for preview Students click, drag, and type throughout the digital activities ~2D Shapes and their attributes ~3D Shapes and their attributes ~Draw/Build Shapes (compose 2D Shapes)~Create new shapes with given shapes~Partition Circle
K - 2nd
This set is packed with kids holding fractions and the individual fractions. You will receive 34 high-quality image files, which includes 14 color images and 17 black & white image in transparent 300 dpi png. ** Each individual shape (with the exception of the circle) comes with and without one
These fraction activities and printables are the perfect hands on, interactive games for first grade! GET THESE ACTIVITIES AND MORE BY PURCHASING MY MATH WORKSHOP BUNDLE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! SEE MORE HERE! The objectives of these lessons, activities, and printables are: Students will be able to: -

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