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Fraction practice using smarties candies. Give each student a pack of smarties to complete the lesson. Two practice pages for students to complete. Common Core Math Standards: 3.NF.1 and 3.NF.3 This activity practices fractions as part of a group. Students will identify fractions, compare, draw,
Review equivalent fractions, simplest form, and more with this three page hands-on activity with SMARTIES (American version)!Skills Included:-Sorting into Like Groups-Writing Fractions-Equivalent Fractions-Simplest Form-Comparing Fractions (like denominators)-Writing Fractions on Number Lines-Adding
An introduction to fractions where students get a package of smarties and sort them by color to find out the fraction of each color. The first worksheet activity links __out of __ to writing a fraction. The second page is basically the same thing, but for you to extend to using data from the whole
Fun activity to introduce or reteach fraction concepts. Includes ordering and comparing fractions. Smarties Fractions Blog Post Smart Smarties Fraction Fun by Nasreen Wahid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
A fun, interactive way to incorporate candy with fractions! This set includes activities with fractions using Skittles, M&M’s, and Smarties. Practice identifying fractions, representing fractions in different ways, and comparing data while enjoying a sweet treat! Standards Covered -Partitioning
A fun activity that the kiddos love! Each gets a pack of smarties and seperates them into the circle that matches the color, then fill out the bottom.
The ActivityThis activity is great for a class that has been discussing fractions for some time. This worksheet uses the 'Smarties' candy to review fractions. Students are given an amount to complete the activity. Each problem asks students to count a specific color and write the fraction represente
Kids LOVE this activity! Hand out Smarties and students will be creating fractions without even knowing it! Included 2 worksheets, one with a border and one without. Can be used as an activity, cooperative learning or assessment.
This is a Math Activity I created for Math Workshop Mini Lesson. It is for the Common Core Standard 3.NF.1: Students will develop understanding of fractions as numbers. This is a hands-on activity where students use smarties to sort, count, and write fractions. This could be differentiated by giving
My first graders were having a hard time understanding fractions as sets so...I tried this lesson. Fraction math lesson to teach dividing a set and converting to fractions. CCSS G.1.3 Provide each child a pack of smarties, they need to divide the pack and then transfer data into fractions. I had my
This fun activity will have students practice the four operations of fractions. Smarties are also an inexpensive way to teach fractions :).
This resource is fun way to compare fractions while eating a favorite candy. Students open one roll of Smarties and count them up. They then create Smarties fractions and compare them by following the directions on the sheet.
This is a worksheet designed to be used with an individual packet of smarties for each child (or individual coloured lollies/candy). Students will be familiarised with fractions. Concepts include numerator and denominator, adding fractions, calculating equivalent fractions and multiplying fractions
Use a cheap, inexpensive candy to identify fractions. Work on adding fractions with common denominators. Great for a math journal or hall display.
Use this when introducing or reviewing fractions. Teaches the children to look at the smartie roll as a whole and then breaks down each color into fractions while teaching the proper vocabulary (numerator, denominator). Plus, they get a good treat when done! The file is in word and can be tweaked if
A fun, interactive way to incorporate candy with fractions! This set includes activities with fractions using Smarties. Practice identifying fractions, representing fractions in different ways, and comparing data while enjoying a sweet treat! Standards Covered -Partitioning Shapes/Representing frac
This 'Smartie Fraction' activity is a great hands-on learning lesson for your students! All you need are individual wrapped smartie candies! Provide each student with their own pack of smarties. Then, have them sort and count the parts (candy colors) of the whole (smartie pack). Students will be abl
This is a fun way to practice adding fractions and mixed numbers. All you need is 1 roll of Smarties candy per student and this worksheet. Students will count the number of each color in their roll and document it on the worksheet. They will then create fractions by color. If they create and imp
Grade 7/8 Probability Activity using SmartiesSet of 10 task cards (PDF), recording sheet (WORD) and exit slip (WORD)BONUS: Editable Powerpoint presentation with 10 taskEngaging whole class activity that will get your students moving around! Works well as a review of probability or introduction to pr
This is an math activity to help teach fraction concepts using a roll of SMARTIES candy. Worksheet includes sorting of the colors, counting each group and documenting the results. Once results are documented there can discussion regarding the results--as each student will typically have different
In this activity, the student will open a pack of Smarties and write a fraction for each color of the pack. The student will answer questions about the fractions they recorded. For older students, you could ask them to add, subtract, multiply, divide, compare, reduce, or order the fractions. In a
This activity will help determine the fraction of a set. This is also helpful to learn how to add fractions. This lesson will identify numerator, denominator, unit fractions, and what defines a whole. ENJOY!
This is a great hands-on fraction activity that involves the use of a yummy (and allergen free) treat! Three differentiated worksheets cover a basic intro to fractions, adding fractions with like denominators, and adding fractions with unlike denominators. Give each student a roll of smarties, a
This engaging interactive team-based game makes reviewing fractions fun! Play with the whole class or in small groups on an interactive whiteboard, computer or tablet.Note: An internet connection is required to play this game. How to PlaySplit your class into up to 6 teams or players and assign char

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