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fractions thirds and sixths

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fractions thirds and sixths

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Your students will love practicing fractions with these fun Spring theme color by fractions worksheets! This activity is perfect for math centers, morning work, early finishers, substitutes or homework. Each picture has 4 worksheets covering the following fractions: halves, thirds, fourths, fifths a
1st - 2nd
Pizza Fractions Clipart Set - 33 pieces of clip art in a pack or bundle for your worksheets or educational resources. All images or pictures are high resolution so you can have large illustrations of them and they'll still be clean and beautiful.Images are in PNG format with a transparent background
Not Grade Specific
Fractions on a number line! Fractions on a number line can be a difficult concept to teach, because the number of lines does not match the fraction’s denominator, the number of SPACES matches the fraction’s denominator. I find that my third grade students need as much fraction practice as possible,
Help students learn fractions with concrete visual models, using arrays. In these 12 worksheets., students use 4 x 6 arrays to solve fraction word problems, model halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eights, and to represent addition equations of like and unlike denominators which equal one. Each c
Fractions Game - Players throw two dice then arrange them to represent a fraction. They then cover that fraction on the board with a counter. This game deals with halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and sixths. What You Need: 2 Players 2 dice numbered 1 to 6 1 Bump Fractions Board 8 Counters of dif
2nd - 4th
This fun and interactive game-like worksheet has a spinner and then 20 shapes broken into equal parts. Students are to spin the spinner by placing a pencil through a paperclip on the spinner and the "nip" the paper clip. Wherever the paperclip lands, the student should find a shape in which they can
2nd - 3rd
This fraction sorting activity was designed to suit the Year 2&3 Mathematics curriculum in Australia and is prefect for math rotations. It is likely to suit other curriculums as well.I use these cards for fraction rotations. In year 2 I only use the regular fractions. I add the equivalent fracti
2nd - 4th
This is a fraction book for kids. It has halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and eighths. It has the following representations for each one: Fractions, Fraction words, circle models, square models, fraction sets, and a number line. Each one is lined up so students can see what one fraction would look li
2nd - 4th
More Fractions Halves, Thirds, Fourths, Sixths and Eighths Activities and GamesIncludes:•4 Fraction Bingo Games•Halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and eighths•Cut and Match the fraction•Color the fraction•Identify fraction•Fraction sets•Number LineOver 20 fraction activitiesNo Prep time Print and GO
1st - 5th
Overview & Purpose Assess your student’s or child’s ability to identify thirds and sixths, using fraction models with this quick two-question exit slip. ON GRADE LEVEL: Grades 2-3 ENRICHMENT: Grades K-1 RETEACH: Grades 4-5 Education Standards 2.G.1.3 ~ Partition circles and rectangles into
1st - 4th
A table that provides students with the fraction, decimal, percentage and a visual of what the fraction looks like. A good resource (visual) for students to use to help them learn & understand fractions, decimals, and percentages. I hope it helps! Thanks!
3rd - 12th
Mollie People help your little people identify a fraction on a number line! Use these handy flash cards to help students practice identifying a fraction on number lines with different increments between zero and one. Also included are two helpful visuals showing equivalent fractions. See my sto
3rd - 4th
Identifying thirds and sixths of simple shapes Sorting for shapes showing thirds and sixths Creating thirds - sharing into 3 equal parts.Creating sixths - sharing into 6 equal parts. sorting for shapes which show quarters Color one third/two thirds of a shape.Color sixths of a shape ( one, two, thre
1st - 3rd
The first page is designed to be printed on a sheet of Office Depot 915-823 business cards (2" by 3.5") or regular paper and cut into cards. The second page is the answer key.To do the activity, each student needs a set of cards, plus the following Lego bricks: 1 2x6 brick, 3 2x2 bricks, 6 2x1 brick
3rd - 5th
Making Fractions Work is a new series of math manipulatives for teaching and learning fractions. Your students can easily see and understand how fractions are a piece of a whole, and how a whole is broken into pieces. This book focuses on thirds, sixths, and twelfths.
Are you looking for a fun activity to use when teaching about fractions?! In this activity students create a fraction pizza to display their knowledge of fractions. The best part? This activity comes in a DIGITAL and PRINTABLE version! You get both in this download!A note about this activity: Stude
Not Grade Specific
Make the skill of identifying fractions on a number line fun and exciting with this Fractions on a Number Line Bingo Game. Included are 32 different pre-made Bingo cards, which require students to identify proper fractions on a number line between 0 and 1. Students will practice halves, thirds, four
This item is made using Google Slides & Google Forms for an interactive digital experience. It aligns with the new Ontario 2020 Math Curriculum for Grade 2. Curriculum Connections: B1.6: Use drawings to represent, solve, and compare the results of fair-share problems that involve sharing up to 1
Equivalent fractions galore! This equivalent fractions 3rd grade unit includes everything you need to teach equivalent fractions to your students. This math resource was designed for third graders, but would work great for high second graders or as a review for fourth graders as well. Students comp
Fraction games are a fun and motivating way to consolidate the early understanding of fractions. These seven games will take students from understanding the concept of equal and unequal parts (a crucial component for developing an understanding of fractions) to naming fractions, making this pack pe
1st - 3rd
Looking for an engaging way to help your students learn the important concept of fractions? This lapbook containing many different fold-its is designed to do just that. Topics covered in this lapbook include:-What is a fraction definition? What is a numerator and denominator?-A shutterfold showin
This item is made using Google Slides & Google Forms for an interactive digital experience. It aligns with the new Ontario 2020 Math Curriculum for Grade 3. ***NEWLY UPDATED! May 8th, 2021: I have added four extra slides of Ratio practice! Please re-click your link and scroll to slide 31 to see
Digital Guided Math Third Grade BundleThis bundle is now complete.WHAT IS IT? A digital math e-learning tool for home or school used by a teacher for remote learning or parent/guardian/caregiver to teach and reinforce standards in a non-standard setting. ONE-CLICK ReadyGoogle Classroom/SlidesINCLUDE
Your students will have a blast reviewing fractions with this engaging fractions game for all interactive whiteboards, Smartboards and computers! Farm animals emerge from the barn with a fraction problem for your students to solve. There are 75 fractions questions in total and there are two types o

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