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This packet of French speaking, reading, writing, and listening activities is perfect for beginning French students just learning -er verbs. Notes in English are very detailed, and break down the basics of personal pronouns, verb conjugation and infinitive verbs, and negative structures. Now include
Crossword puzzle gives the infinitive of a regular ER verb and a subject pronoun for the clue. Students conjugate the verb in the present tense for the answer. Includes 5 versions. Each puzzle has 45 of 59 different subject / verb clues.
Need a fun way for your French class to practice conjugating regular present tense -er verbs? This fun game will get them speaking and conjugating verbs in no time!Students move their game pieces around the board and for each verb space they land on, they create sentences using the subject shown on
Worksheet has 20 fill in the blank sentences with the present tense of ER verbs in French. Has a mixture of basic verbs and vocabulary.
FRENCH -ER VERB GAME (AU PRÉSENT) GOOGLE CLASSROOM - DIGITAL RESOURCEAdd these slides to your Google Classroom™ to kick off some fun DIGITAL learning!Students can click and drag to match the verbs!This product includes 25 -ER verbes au présent for your students to conjugate.aimerarriverbougercorrige
Verbes en -ER - FRENCH Clip Cards - Les verbes en -ER au présent de l’indicatif Looking for a hands-on, independent practice task to get students working with the verb “être” in the present tense? Look no further! These clip cards not only will have your kids matching pronouns (and nouns) to the r
Game has 63 slides. Each slide shows a regular ER verb infinitive and a subject pronoun along with 3 verb conjugations. Students are to slap the correct form.
Worksheet has 20 fill in the blank sentences to practice the present tense of ER verbs. Second version included with the same 20 sentences split into 2 separate worksheets.
This set includes 2 worksheets and 1 quiz to practise the present tense. There are 10 sentences on each worksheet, with a verb to conjugate. On the quiz, students also have to create sentences, using -er verbs from a list. The answer keys are included. The work would be appropriate for students in
FRENCH VERB GAMES (-ER, -IR, -RE AU PRÉSENT) - DISTANCE LEARNINGAdd these slides to your Google Classroom™ to kick off some fun DIGITAL learning!Students can click and drag to match the verbs!Please click on the PREVIEW to see what the product will look like!INCLUDED:-ER verbes au présent (25):aimer
If your students are working on how to conjugate er verbs (Present Tense), then this product is for you! You will find 10 worksheets to practice or/and review.Verbs: Manger, parler, nager, chanter, aimer, donner, marcher, écouter, regarder, ranger, dessiner, organiser, sauter, acheter. *** NO PREP**
Bingo game has 30 cards with the present tense conjugations of 15 ER verbs in French. Print on cardstock and laminate. Call cards include subject with conjugated verb; print on cardstock and cut into strips. Directions included for game variations.
Set of 63 cards, print on cardstock and cut into cards. Has present tense of 9 ER verbs. Works best with 3-4 students per set of cards. To play Spoons, students need to collect the full set of cards for their verb (infinitive + 6 forms). To play Uno, students take turns playing cards, matching eit
I used this with my level 3 students at the beginning of the year as a review. It uses only regular verbs, but it also has manger and voyager, which are not used in the nous form. I was sure to include a variety of verbs with a variety of subject pronouns. The students are given a pronoun/verb in
This includes 27 products sold separately.
This work packet is perfect for French 1 students learning the rules of French present tense verbs for the first time as well as for French 2 through AP French students who need to review the rules of how to conjugate French present tense verbs. For regular and irregular ER and IR verbs, the student
French -ER, -IR, -RE verbs crossword puzzles - present tense Want your French students to have some fun when learning regular French verbs in the present tense? These four NO PREP crossword puzzles are a fun way to shake things up a little. The clues given are verbs in the infinitive form along wit
Worksheet has 26 fill in the blank sentences for the present tense of ER verbs in French. Includes second version with same 26 sentences split into 2 separate worksheets.

Also included in: Bien Dit 1 Chapitre 2 Bundle

This is a very well organized PowerPoint that has lots of information but in a CLEAR and EASY to understand way. The PowerPoint is divided up so that you can just present -ER verbs and then -RE and -IR at a later date. But you can also present them all at once if that is how you are working through
This is an easy to play 30 minute dice game to practice 36 different regular French -ER verbs in the present tense. My high school students love this game, and it can get very competitive if you decide to play it as a race (details are explained with the activity). Students divide up into teams and
Simple quiz with 10 fill in the blank sentences. Write 5 sentences in the negative. Form 5 questions. Present tense of ER verbs in French.
2 page worksheet has pictures of 13 common ER verbs. Students are to fill in the infinitive, the stem, and then write out the conjugation of the verb.
Inclus dans ce paquet: 1 affiche 8 ½ x 11expliquant la conjugaison des verbes en ER au présent 12 cartes à tâches pour les verbes au présent de l’indicatif.4 cartes par feuille choix d'impression en couleur ou noir en blanc une phrase à compléter par carte Utilisations: les centres, le travail
61 slides. There are 3 sections to this PowerPoint. Part 1 has questions with est-ce que that students answer. Part 2 has questions with qui that students answer. Part 3 has questions with qu'est-ce que and faire that students answer.

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