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Nombre du jour - les nombres 1-100 (Ensemble) - French Numbers - Bundle
Intégrations: - Mathématiques - Lecture - Décodage - Nombres - Centre de maths Voici l'Ensemble des produits "Nombre du jour" qui vont de 1 à 100. Pour le produit de 1 à 20 (produit individuel ici), sur chaque fiche vous trouverez les activités suivantes: - Tracer et écrire le mot - Tracer et éc


Number Posters | Spanish Numbers | French Numbers
Create a more engaging space in your classroom with these large number cut outs! Students will be able to easily access and use these large number posters for numbers zero through 20! Now a part of the Classroom Decor Bundle! For numbers 21-30, please see Number Poster Cut Outs 21-30.The Number P

Also included in: Kindergarten Posters Bundle


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Chiffre du jour // French Number of the Day Pack
Chiffre du jour // French Number of the Day Pack is a fun activity to practice counting, writing and representing numbers 1 to 10 for your Pre-K, Kindergarten or Grade 1 french students? This is a set of 30 number of the day worksheets; 3 worksheets for each of the numbers from 1 to 10. These worksh

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French numbers 1-100 bundle LES NOMBRES 1-100
Are you looking for a complete resource to help you teach, reinforce, and assess French numbers? This bundle includes notes, writing exercises, speaking and listening activities, games, posters, and MORE. You save 20% by buying the bundle!This bundle is intended for beginners. Notes are in English.


Cartes de pâte à modeler - les nombres 1-20 (FRENCH number modelling dough mats)
Looking for a great way to build your primary students' fine motor skills while also working on their numbers? Students will practice correctly forming numbers 1-20 while associating each symbol with its quantity as they use these number modelling dough mats. This is a perfect activity for math cent

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French numbers 1-100 speaking and writing activities LES NOMBRES 1-100
This packet is a great way to teach, practice, and review French numbers. Your students will love these games and speaking and writing activities for learning to read, write, listen, and speak LES NOMBRES!This document contains French and English directions on most activities. You'll get:* a stude

Also included in: French numbers 1-100 bundle LES NOMBRES 1-100


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French number game - Matching numbers - Le jeu des chiffres
French number game! → Students mix up the cards and must match up the three different representations of each number from 0-20, and by tens to 100 → Helps build number sense and recognition of the French word for each number. ★ Please email me at if there is a way

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French Numbers Game - Le cercle magique
NOUVEAU FORMAT! | NEW FORMAT! Cette activité aide à promouvoir l'oral, l'écoute et la lecture des nombres jusqu'à 100. Ce produit est utile pour l’Immersion ainsi que pour le Français cadre/Français de base. Si un enseignant souhaite se servir de cette activité pour l’Immersion, les élèves au n

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French number of the day - le nombre du jour
French number of the day - le nombre du jour Le nombre du jour: ♦ Includes #1-100 ♦ Blank template for #100-200 ♦ Check out the preview for more information! Please email me at if there is a way that I can improve this file for you!

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French Numbers 1-100 Writing Activity, Powerpoint
French Numbers 1-100 Writing Activity, Powerpoint Students enjoy practicing French Numbers 1-100 with this powerpoint activity. It is called "Contre la Montre." Students are given activities on each screen and 40 seconds to write the answer, either on paper or on a mini white board. When the time i

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Nombres 0-20 - jeu "j'ai... qui a...?" - French Numbers
Voici une activité amusante que vous pouvez jouer avec vos élèves pour pratiquer les nombres de 0 à 20. 22 cartes (x2) sont incluses dans ce jeu. 2 formats sont inclus : 4 cartes par page ou 6 cartes par page. Intégrations: - Lecture - Nouveau vocabulaire - Numératie - Collaboration - Centre de l

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French Numbers 1-100  Activity (Naufrage)
This is a fun and engaging way for students to practice Numbers 1-100 in French. I call this shipwreck. The board has 100 squares and there are digits in each box. Students play against an opponent and choose a box. He then says or writes the number. If the opponent agrees that it is correct, the

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French Numbers - "I Have, Who Has?" Game -  Numbers 1 - 100 Bundle
"I Have, Who Has?" games are fun and engaging; allowing students to practice their fluency and listening skills. They can be used as a form of review, assessment, or as a form of test preps. They can also be added to your sub tub or used on those inclement rainy days. Just print, cut, laminate, di

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Nombres - pages d'activités        -       French number worksheets
Nombre 1 à 20: Cette ressource contient 20 pages prêtes à imprimer pour la pratique des nombres 1-20. Chaque page contient les activités suivantes: Colorie le nombre Trace le nombre Écris le nombre Représente le nombre sur le cadre à dix cases. Décompose le nombre Avant et après Représente le nom

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French Numbers Word Search Puzzle: Les Chiffres
Help your French language students learn the names of the numbers from one to a million with this cute word search worksheet. This would make a good filler activity or a handout for early finishers. As they are looking for the hidden words, puzzlers will be learning spelling and reviewing vocabula

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FRENCH Numbers posters/ Affiches de nombres {0 à 20}
Number Posters from 1-20 including the number word, tally marks, base 10. Cet ensemble contient 20 affiches sur les nombres. Chaque nombre est représenté des façons suivantes: en mot, en trait, en bloc base 10 et en boîte de 10. Une coquille s'est glissée dans le document? Il manque un élément que

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FRENCH Numbers 1-20 Activity
Students will have a great time reinforcing their knowledge of numbers 1-20 with this puzzle activity and worksheet. Students will match the number (3), to the representation of the number (***) and then written form of the number (trois). On the activity worksheet students practice writing the nu

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French Numbers and Colors - Les nombres et les couleurs - Fun Activities
Young learners love coloring the ladybirds and pictures while practicing numbers and colors vocab. The completed pictures make a colorful wall display. This pack comprises: 1. 2 Les Coccinelles worksheets. The students read the words for numbers and colors in order to be able to complete the pict

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J'ai... Qui a... Les Nombres 0-30 (I have... Who has) French Number Game
J’ai…, Qui a…? (Les nombres) is a game where each student receives a card, listens to clues, and determines when it is his/her turn to play his/her card. It is a chain reaction game. The game also reinforces listening skills and numbers. There are 32 cards in all. If you have a class larger than 32

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French Numbers 1-100 Powerpoint
This colorful and engaging powerpoint activity begins with numbers 1-10, then goes on to 11-20, and eventually finishes with 70-100, the numbers that are typically the most challenging for students. On each click of the mouse the students see how the numbers are formed and have an opportunity to wo

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Nombre du jour - les nombres 1-20 - French Numbers
Ce produit fait partie de l'Ensemble des nombres du jour de 1 à 100. Cliquez-ici pour y accéder. Intégrations: - Mathématiques - Lecture - Décodage - Nombres - Centre de maths Voici 20 feuilles d'activités pour les élèves qui commencent tout juste à apprendre les nombres. Les activités inclues su

Also included in: Nombre du jour - les nombres 1-100 (Ensemble) - French Numbers - Bundle


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French Numbers (Les nombres) - Numbers Chart + Worksheet + 2 Quizzes
This product includes:(1) Handy easy-to-read charts of French Numbers from one to one billion, showing the reformed spelling that added hyphens between any two-word number. Two layouts are provided for teachers so that they may choose the option that best suits their class.(2) Worksheets to review

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French numbers 1-9 Sudoku puzzle students learn numbers and have fun
This is a set in our Sudoku puzzle series.It is the numbers 1-9 in French. We start with an easier 6 x 6 puzzle for the teacher to go over with the class, as a group. The second puzzle is a more difficult 6x6, intended for children to try on their own. The third is an easier 9x9 to challenge the stu

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Les Nombres: French Numbers 0 - 100 Tic-Tac-Toe
This Tic-Tac-Toe number game is designed to help students practice their numbers in French while having fun with a friend! This activity comes with 13 different Tic-Tac-Toe worksheets, each with a different range of numbers. Every space on the Tic-Tac-Toe boards has a different number in it, and i

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