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Fronting: A Minimal Pairs Pack
What's Inside? Use this packet as flash cards or as a game with students who use the phonological process- fronting. Page  3:  Fronting  Game Board  Unlimited  Uses!  Suggested  use:   Have  students  roll  a  dice  and  move  across  the  board. Students practice  the  target  they  land  on.  
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Fronting Minimal Pairs Fun Sheets
If you’re looking for worksheets that offer opportunities for high practice and drills, while still having a phonological emphasis that are easy to do in the speech room AND at home, then this resource delivers! This packet focuses on fronting of K-T and G-D and comprises five different activities.
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Fronting Minimal Pairs Feeding Mouths
These phonology friendly ‘feeding mouths’ are such an engaging way to implement phonological therapy in a way that will motivate your kids... because who doesn't like feeding??!! Each animal is associated with a sound (e.g. ‘t’ for tiger and ‘k’ for crocodile) and these are what you use as the rein

Also included in: Phonology Feeding Mouths BUNDLE

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Fronting Minimal Pairs
Print these cards on cardstock to use again and again with students that have phonological difficulties with fronting. You can use the pairs together or cut them apart and play matching or memory games with them.
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Fronting: Minimal Pairs
Fronting: MINIMAL PAIRS is a phonological processes pack that contains 108 pairs of cards. The cards contain the key word and a word with the contrasting sound. Fronting occurs when velar or palatal sounds (i.e., /k/, /g/, and sh), are substituted with alveolar sounds (i.e. /t/, /d/, and /s/). For
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Fronting Minimal Pairs Tally Sheets
Do you find it hard to keep track of, AND count the number of speech production trials while doing minimal pairs intervention? The goal of these Fronting Tally Sheets is to help you increase your practice trials in session, as well as provide something more structured for homework. APPLICATION TO EV

Also included in: Minimal Pairs BUNDLE Tally Sheets

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Phonological Process FREEBIE: Velar Fronting Minimal Pair Match Up
FREE Velar Fronting Minimal Pair Matching Game! This download is a FREE phonological processes minimal pair matching game for velar phonomes /K/ and /G/. Print, laminate, and cut, then match minimal pair words. Enjoy! ************************************************************************** Che
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Minimal Pairs | Phonological Disorders | Speech Therapy
Minimal Pairs Phonology Bundle for speech therapy: Initial Consonant Deletion, Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Gliding, Stopping for phonological disorders and cycles approach for phonology Save money when purchase the bundle: it includes ALL of the Minimal Pairs & More Toolkit
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Minimal Pairs Interactive Book Bundle: Fix Silly Sentences
Grab this money saving bundle for 25% off - the equivalent of getting 2 books free! These interactive books work on reduction of the phonological processes of Final Consonant Deletion, Initial Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Fronting, Stopping, Gliding, Prevocalic Voicing, and Postvocalic Dev
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Phonology on the Go Minimal Pairs Bundle for Speech Therapy
Are you tired of outdated minimal pair cards? This bundle is just what you need! It includes minimal pair cards and activities to use with the phonological processes of fronting/backing, gliding, stopping, final consonant deletion, and cluster reduction. Save 15% buy purchasing the bundle. -->You
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Minimal Pairs: Fronting & Backing, Speech Therapy, Phonology
Minimal pairs are an effective method for teaching students to discriminate sounds receptively and expressively. The goal of this packet is to let the student see how changing sounds will result in changes in word meaning that impacts communication. Real life activities provide motivation within t
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Minimal Pairs BUNDLE Tally Sheets
The overall purpose of this packet is to help SLPs aim for 100 practice trials using minimal pair targets. Keeping track of number of practices in a session can be hard enough! Use the concept of keeping a tally as a way for YOU to track your trials, and for your students to set - and achieve - thei
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$$ Minimal Pairs Bundle: Fronting, S Blends, Stopping, Final Consonant
Bundle and Save Minimal pairs are an effective method for teaching students to discriminate sounds receptively and expressively. The goal of this packet is to let the student see how changing sounds will result in changes in word meaning that impacts communication. Real life activities provide mot
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Teach Phonology: Fronting & Backing Story & Minimal Pairs
*** 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this resource today will go to support fellow SLP and TpT Seller Jennifer Cohn***Do you have kids with the phonological process of fronting or backing who find minimal pairs therapy really challenging? This resource is the place to START therapy as it promot

Also included in: Teach Phonology BUNDLE: Story & Minimal Pair Cards

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Spanish Phonology Minimal Pairs Flashcards for Speech Therapy in Spanish
I'm here to tell you that this resource will change your phonology therapy! I'm so happy to finally complete this for you (and for myself)!If you are treating phonological processes in Spanish, these flashcards are unique and ones you will refer to over and over again! The phonological processes inc
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Interactive NO PRINT Minimal Pair Cards for Phonology
This Interactive PDF contains 160 MINIMAL PAIRS for 8 phonological processes. This resource is designed to be used DIGITALLY, such as on the most recent version of the Books app on the iPad (read how to open on an iPad HERE), smartphone or computer, or screen shared via a teletherapy platform.The fo

Also included in: Interactive NO PRINT Cards for Speech Therapy: Articulation, Phonology & Apraxia

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Minimal Pairs Smash Mats for Articulation & Phonology Bundle
All 5 sets of my bestselling Minimal Pairs Smash Mats- Gliding, Fronting, Stopping, Cluster Reduction, and Final Consonant Deletion- for 20% off of buying them separately! These mats are a great option to keep students' hands busy while they work on using their target sounds in words! You can use
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Minimal Pairs: Initial & Final Consonant Deletion | Speech Therapy
Use these minimal pairs for speech therapy! Initial consonant deletion and final consonant deletion no prep speech therapy for phonological disorders! This phonological disorder for speech therapy packet targets Initial Consonant Deletion & Final Consonant Deletion. Just print & go- it’s
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Phonology Bundle: Bingo Boards and Minimal Pairs
This MEGA bundle will not only save you, but contains over 275 Minimal Pairs and 100 Bingo Boards, to have you covered for the phonological processes of stopping, fronting and cluster reduction. The Bingo Boards are great for groups of 2, 3 or 4 students and with the addition of bright, bold minimal
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Fronting Bingo Boards & Minimal Pairs for Phonology
This is simple Minimal Pairs for the phonological process of Fronting, but with a Bingo twist. With four different Bingo Boards per sound, they are great for 2, 3 or 4 players. Bright, bold color pictures are included and with the addition of minimal pair cards, you can use this resource for more th

Also included in: Phonology Bundle: Bingo Boards and Minimal Pairs

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SH vs. S Minimal Pairs Flashcards
These are simple (yet eye-catching!) minimal pair flashcards for children that are fronting SH / substituting S for SH. There are 14 pages of flashcards - each page containing 4 minimal pairs (for example, sheet/seat). There are 55 pairs (110 cards total). Each flashcard contains the written word an

Also included in: Minimal Pairs BUNDLE for Articulation and Phonology

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Minimal Pair Ice Cream Scoops
How to play: Print on cardstock, cut and laminate. Give each student an ice cream cone. The teacher/student reads the word on the scoop and the student must decide which sound the word starts with an put it on the correct cone. The player with the most scoops on their cone wins! This activity tar
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No Print Minimal Pairs Bundle
This is a bundle of no print resources for phonology. Minimal pairs are included for the phonological processes of fronting, stopping, and final consonant deletion. Coming soon will be gliding and cluster reduction.Each set comes with a no print version of minimal pair flashcards and a no print inte
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Minimal Pairs Bundle Photo Cards: FCD; Fronting; Stopping; Gliding; Cl Red
Minimal Pairs Photo Flash Cards BUNDLE including Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Gliding, Fronting, Stopping. Save 30%! Developed for students with phonology / speech sound disorders, these real photo picture cards are suitable for all ages and provide additional support for Autism, Sp
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