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This file contains seven pages to help you make learning fractions fun. This mini-lesson focuses on showing parts of a whole using Fruit Loops cereal! What could be more fun...math you can eat. Your students will participate in a math mini-lesson during which they will discuss the terms whole a
A GREAT activity to help students understand fractions and also equivalent fractions. Allows students to use fruit loops to manipulate the fractions into different groups and also record on the activity sheet.
Are you looking for a fun activity to do during St. Patrick's Day that will have your students engaged in fractions? Try out this FREEBIE today! Students were given a handful of Fruit Loops and asked to construct a rainbow out of 10 or more....they got to eat the rest! Then they had fun writing t
Students will use cereal to practice finding the fraction of a set. They need to label the fraction of each piece of cereal they have in their bag. Skittles can likely be used for students who have food allergies.
This edition of Food Math features Fruit Loops! Students practice their math skills; data collection, fractions, measurement, greater than/less than, and graphing. Make that recess, fun friday, or working snack fun and educational! Enjoy and check out the rest of the Food Math foldables!
Are you looking for activites that as equally as engaging, as they are fun and yummy? I've got you covered! Included in this PDF file are 15 sheets of 4 different activities to use with FRUIT LOOPS in your classroom. More specifically: - Fruit Loop Graphing and Fractions (3 options) - Fruit Loop Ar
Your students will love getting to use (and then eat!) M&Ms or Fruit Loops to practice adding and subtracting fractions! I used this with my small group math class, but it would also be a wonderful partner or whole class activity. Two adding and subtracting activities have been included - o
Froot Loop® Math For this lesson series, you will need Froot Loops®, copies of the graph and questions and the fraction and/or percentage sheets of your choice. First, have the students predict how many total Froot Loops® they will have in their pile. Next, hand out the cereal and have students grap
Are you looking to reinforce skills taught at the start of the year or a unit and you'd like to do it in a fun way? Just add fruit loops and you've got yourself an activity that will engage students while covering multiple topics. In this activity, students will be working with fractions, decimals
This activity has students sort fruit loops. Then record their data in a chart. Then students write the fraction and an equivalent fraction for each color. There is a free graph that goes with this. Be sure to download so you can graph your data!
I use this lesson to help students gain familiarity with decimal notation. After practicing with a few examples on the front, give each student 100 Fruit Loops and they chart their own decimals with the correct notation. This activity also shows that decimals are the same as fractions with denominat
Students will write ratios and complete ratio tables using a box of Fruit Loops. This activity can be used in a station learning setting or as a whole class activity.
Review estimation, pictographs, tally charts, bar graphs, identifying fractions, comparing fractions, and probability at the end of the year with this hands on activity featuring edible manipulatives - Fruit Loops! I poured baggies of fruit loops for my kiddos and then let them work independently
Have students identify the fractional parts of fruit loops with this fun math activity!
I created this for use with my fourth grade students when teaching probability. It is most helpful to give them a cup of fruit loops that is divisible by 4: 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. so they can create their circle graph easier. Edible assignments are also always more fun so this is an activity that my
I created this for use with my fourth grade students when teaching probability. It is most helpful to give them a cup of fruit loops that is divisible by 4: 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. so they can create their circle graph easier. Edible assignments are also always more fun so this is an activity that my
Fruit Loop Fraction Necklace: - Yarn- Fruit Loops- Crayons & Pencil- ScissorsGive students 100 fruit loops and the students divide them into groups by color. Students then write down the fractions on the circles and attach them on the necklace! This is a great activity for grades 3-5 to do durin
This can be used with Equivalent Fractions Fruit Loops Activity. Or, maybe you just want to graph colors. Either way download this graph for free! :)
Have fun with fractions on Earth Day! This product includes adorable clip art that the kiddos color to represent the fractions. Please check out my other math products in my TPT store: - Multiplication and Division with Cheerios! FUN! - 6 Weeks Worth of FUN Measurement Homework - Monkey Math- Frac
Make the month of March a celebration with these STEM-TASTIC activities. These 7 engaging STEM activities are sure to add some rigor and excitement to the month. These quick prep STEM challenges can be used as stations or as activities completed throughout the day/month. Challenges Included:Pattern
One thing I find particularly effective when teaching math is combining math with food. This fun activity gives students the opportunity to see the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents using Fruit Loops. You'll need to purchase a box or two of Fruit Loops prior to class as well as
In this activity, students will receive a baggy of Froot Loops. Depending on the number of students depends on how many the students will get. I had 28 students so I gave each student a baggy of 10 fruit loops. The students then separate the Froot Loops into groups by colors. Using the number of Fro
4 pages of math activities that involve the use of M&Ms. I bought small individual packs or buy a big bag and put into tiny paper cups. You can edit the document to use Fruit Loops or Skittles. The kids had a blast with this. They use the M&Ms to plot points on a coordinate graph and solv
Use this when introducing or reviewing fractions. Teaches the children to look at the smartie roll as a whole and then breaks down each color into fractions while teaching the proper vocabulary (numerator, denominator). Plus, they get a good treat when done! The file is in word and can be tweaked if

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