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Zach Gets Frustrated by William MulcahyThis resource uses the book Zach Gets Frustrated by William Mulcahy to teach about how to manage frustration. Zach and his family go to the beach, but Zach is having a lousy day. Zach kicks sand, yells angry words, and asks his dad if they can just go home now.
These social skills resources are intended to help teachers who have students who need support to manage anger and frustration at school. Social stories are a great way to teach how to make positive choices in a given social situation for students with special needs. Use the calming strategy cards
Stories are a great way to teach important skills to children who are struggling to understand a particular social concept such as handling frustration.Social skills stories use clear, concise language to break down information into small, explicit steps that help children understand what they shoul
Frustration toolboxes are a visual tool that help students learn to regulate their own emotions and behaviours. Of course, with enough practice, students will have enough tools to deal with more than just frustration, but that emotion is easy to identify and works as a relatable starting point. O
Product Description: This is a when I get frustrated social story printable. If a students has difficult behavior due to frustration this is the book for you. It gives the students alternatives to getting upset and acting out. Social stories can be a behavior intervention for those students with sp
This lap book is designed to help students learn how to remain calm and appropriately express frustration with others. Students review what "calm" looks, sounds, and feels like, review a sample conversation, discuss frustration situations and how to handle them, review calming strategies to use befo
Social Stories are a great teaching tool not only for students with special needs, but also for any child that needs a little help internalizing the many behavioral expectations that we throw their way in school. The value of a social story is in the simplicity of the language and the correspondin
Sometimes work can be overwhelming. Sometimes students need to experience movement to get their brain to focus. Sometimes a student just needs a break. These break cards are great for students with ADHD, anxiety, and/or frustrational levels are met quickly. I have color coded break cards so that the
This lesson is for kids who think that just because they don't like the work, it's boring, it's hard or it's frustrating, they have set in their minds they shouldn't have to do it. We aim to normalize this feeling... WE ALL have things we feel this way about in school. But we still have to do it.
Calm - Down Cards contain 24 printable cards with strategies to manage moments of anger and frustration + A Calm-Down Poster - Beautifully designed, eye-pleasing, colorful cards- Effective Strategies- Two size formats- Great for children with Sensory Processing Disorder and Special Needs ChildrenHow
What’s Bugging You? Teach younger kids how to handle their frustration by being a bug catcher! Lesson helps students to identify what bugs them and then uses the analogy of catching a bug to teach them to: pay attention to what bugs them, be ready to handle their feelings, and choose a coping strat
Social Skills for Middle & High School Understanding and Coping with Anxiety Frustration and Sadness - Use this 16 page resource of interactive worksheets to teach students how to identify and cope with difficult emotions they may face on an everyday basis. These 16 worksheets define the differe
This is a Student Strategy Anchor Chart for dealing with Frustration in the classroom. Students can practice using coping skills when they are frustrated as reminders of steps that can be taken to help them get "back on track". Many times in the classroom students don't know exactly what they're o
This lesson teaches students about what they can and cannot control. It is targeted towards curbing girl drama in situations where friends may try to control one another. Once students have an understanding of this concept they will practice their skills by problem solving social scenarios. This les
Teaching Kids to Relax with Coping Skills Strategy Posters. Students need to learn how to relax whenever they are frustrated. Use these posters in the classroom, specialist rooms, hallways, or even in the teacher's lounge as great reminders for steps that anyone could practice. These posters use
Description Are your students struggling with identifying when they or someone else is frustrated? Do they know how to notice the clues and implement a cool down strategy? This 5E lesson, with scripted teacher guide, will teach your students how to identify triggers that make them frustrated, ident
Students are often taught strategies for dealing with frustration and anger, but forget when they are out in the general education setting. This lesson plan provides opportunities to discuss having a plan of action for those moments that are triggers "Quagmires" for students and to create a plan of
The "When I Feel Frustrated" packet is designed to help young children learn to identify and manage their feelings of frustration. This packet is also sold as part of my Feelings Bundle The packet includes: *12 page printable book (Helps children identify feelings of frustration and begin to
Dealing With Frustration is a struggle... especially for those with social language/pragmatic difficulties. Often, these students struggle with knowing and practicing the right words to say that can eliminate or reduce frustration or even knowing how to de-escalate. Page one is similar to a social s
Use this activity with individuals who struggle with how to handle frustrating situations with peers. Includes three sheets: what bugs me, what I do that might bug others, and what I can do when others bug me. Help the student fill out the "sections" of the bug with his/her answers and help direct t
This editable document contains a social story about anxiety and frustration with challenging academic tasks, the accompanying IEP goal focusing on coping strategies with 3 benchmarks and accompanying data sheet to track progress on goal.
Building Confidence - Handling Stress, Anxiety, and Frustration is a social story designed to help students build confidence with their own abilities and making good choices. As a special education teacher, I've witnessed students perform well in differentiated instruction (flex group) but shut dow
STORIES are a great way to teach important skills to children who are struggling to understand a particular social concept such as handling FRUSTRATION.***This is the same story as Dudley Dog's Frustration Story, but with different characters, game board, and no coloring book companion***Social Skil
This is an awesome social story activity for students struggling with frustration. It will teach them strategies to calm down in moments of frustration.This activity packet includes task cards, a worksheet, a writing prompt, and a frustration tips poster!For an animated Frustration social story and

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