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Constitution Unit: 16 fun lessons to teach the US Constitution! Fun & Engaging!
Constitution Unit: 16 fun lessons to teach the United States Constitution! US Constitution!This US Constitution Unit is included in the much larger American History Super Unit: Version 1/4, located here:The American History Super Unit: Version 1/4Buy Super Unit Version 1 and receive and additional 1

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 1/6: (1590-1788): 4 Unit Bundle! Save Big!

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Nonfiction Text Features:  6 Fun Lessons for Reading Informational Texts
This fun resource includes six engaging lessons about Nonfiction Text Features. Each lesson and activity is designed to be hands-on and interactive. Many of the elements that students create in the lessons can serve as a reference for them to use throughout the entire school year (match-up, search

Also included in: November Unit Plans Bundle - 5 units and lessons to teach all month long

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Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, & Mesoamerica Unit: 9 fun lessons for Mesoamerica!
Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, & Mesoamerica Unit Bundle: 9 fun lessons for Mesoamerica!In this Mesoamerica Unit Bundle, you will receive 9 fun, hands-on, and Common Core focused resources to teach the Inca, Aztec, and Maya Empires! Buy this bundle and save considerably over purchasing each lesson sepa

Also included in: World History Curriculum Part 1: Prehistory-1600s! Full Year Resource!

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Poetry Unit with Fun Lessons and Activities for Introducing Poetry
Exploring Poetry: Tools for Teaching Kids to Read and Understand Poetry is a 2-part poetry unit with lessons and activities for introducing poetic devices, analyzing poetry, and interpreting poetry. The first part of the poetry unit includes a collection of activities for introducing the basic eleme

Also included in: Poetry Unit Bundle with Lessons, Activities, Printables, and Task Cards

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P.E. Bundle: 50 Fun Lessons, Games and Activities (Inside the Gym)
P.E. Bundle-★★★★This bundle is full of fun games and activities for inside the gym and classroom!! It's a collection put together by a 20+ year veteran P.E. teacher!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This resource is one complete section of my best-sel
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Jefferson, Madison, Monroe Unit Plan! 12 fun lessons for Jeffersonian America!
Jefferson, Madison, Monroe Unit Plan! 12 fun lessons for Jeffersonian America!The Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe Unit is included in the much larger American History Super Unit: Version 2/4, located here:The American History Super Unit: Version 2/4!Buy Super Unit Version 2 and receive and additional

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 2/6: (1788-1850) 5 Unit Bundle! Save 20%!

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Fast Food Choices - 3 Days of Fun Lessons on How to Choose Healthier Fast Food!
Fast Food and Nutrition Lessons-★★★★These are fun "unhealthy versus healthier" fast food choices lessons and includes an art project too! This resource is a student favorite! They have so much fun with this informative restaurant group activity! This is also one of my "BEST-SELLING" individua
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Finding the Main Idea - Interactive Notebook - 3-Days of Fun Lesson Plans
Finding the main idea in a reading passage is one of the fundamental skills of a reader. That’s why it is essential to give students an opportunity to learn HOW to do just that!This interactive notebook resource is designed to help students practice and master the skill of identifying the main idea

Also included in: Reading Interactive Notebooks BUNDLE - Main Idea, Inferences, Predictions

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Irony Mini-Unit - 3 Fun Lessons on Situational, Dramatic, & Verbal Irony
Help students develop a deep understanding of situational, dramatic, and verbal irony with this fun and engaging 3-day mini-unit!This IRONY MINI-UNIT provides numerous opportunities for students to learn about the three types of irony, determine the purpose of irony, analyze irony, describe how iron

Also included in: Literary Devices Bundle: 6 Fun Mini-Units to Teach Critical Literary Elements

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Classifying Triangles Notes, Practice, and Game; Fun Lesson Plan
This is a lesson plan on classifying triangles by angle measures and congruent sides. Students have start with the completion of notes and will do a few individual practice problems. Students will need to fill in the missing angle length as well. The final portion of this lesson plan is a game th
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Scatterplot Activity with Real-World Application; Fun Lesson for kids
This is a wonderful 9 page scatterplot activity I made for my 8th graders this year. The data is from a watermelon seed spitting contest. It's a goofy lesson with a funny outcome! Students are then given the opportunity to conduct their own seed spitting contest (popcorn kernels work). They look
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Photosynthesis is Fun: Lessons, Labs, and more!
Photosynthesis is one of the most important processes that take place in the world around us. This series of labs and lessons explores ecosystem energy flow, the energy pyramid and how it explains the importance of producers, and the role of producers in photosynthesis. It explores how and where p
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The Holiday Collection: 14 fun lessons to learn the history behind the holidays!
The Holiday Collection: 14 fun lessons to learn the history behind the holidays!In this highly engaging bundle, you will receive 14 holiday lessons that are currently for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers! This bundle includes lessons on Johnny Appleseed, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Chris
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Sugar Nutrition Experiment Activity & Graph ~ Fun Lesson to Teach Food Groups!
**RECENTLY ADDED QUESTIONS, GRAPH SHEET, AND ANSWER KEY!** This is a fun activity to use while teaching nutrition and/or food groups. Pick out five items that have sugar. Try to pick out ones with a lot of sugar and others that are healthier. Set up stations so that the students will move to each
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Fall Fun Lesson Plan Theme
Updated September 201 This 136 page lesson is packed full of ideas that will turn your classroom into fall wonderland. This lesson is full of hands on approach at learning through play that are sure to spark the interest of all children in your classroom. You will find in this lesson: Mr. Squirre
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Fun Lesson To Teach External and Internal Conflicts
Kids will love this interactive lesson that teaches external and internal conflicts. Students will act out scenes that will teach the types of conflicts. Once you teach this lesson, your students will remember the types of conflicts.
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Fall Fun - Lesson Plan Week 1
Fall lesson plan is for infants - toddlers - preschool. 1 - 2 - 3 Learn Curriculum is on the approved list of curriculum for the state of MN and the 4 star rated program Parent Aware. This download is for: 1 Week of preplanned activities. PLEASE NOTE All designs are the property of 1 - 2 - 3 Le
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Comparing Numbers - FUN Lesson, Song, & Activity
*COMMON CORE ALIGNED. This is a 10 page unit introducing (or reviewing) comparing numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to. *Comes with catchy song *Alligator poster *Activity *Lesson *Clipart Please do not forget to follow me and leave feedback.
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Winter Objects Descriptive Language Fun Lesson Teletherapy NO PRINT
Winter Object Descriptive Language Fun was designed for interactive online use for a teletherapy platform, but can be easily used on a SMARTBOARD, iPad, tablet or laptop. Help your students build better adjectives and sentences using this visual, graphic organizer for support.NO PREP is needed. N

Also included in: Seasonal Descriptive Language Fun Bundle NO PRINT Teletherapy Adjectives

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Fourth Grade Journey's Activities: The Fun They Had (Lesson 25)
Unit Five Lesson Twenty-Five Story: The Fun They Had Number of Pages: 26 This product was created to add supplemental activities and instruction to Journey's Fourth Grade curriculum. The activities include a "Readers Guide" which you can copy and staple all activities together to create a "guide" t
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Everything You Need to Teach Fun Lessons on Shakespeare's Sonnets
Included with the worksheets,these Word documents also include a "typical" sappy sonnet that employs Petrarchan conceits ("My love's hair is beaten gold," etc). I have students read that poem and illustrate what the woman in the poem would literally look like. We discuss how unrealistic the image
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Fun Lesson for Teaching the Preamble to the United States Constitution
This download includes a detailed lesson plan with step-by-step instructions to ensure that students obtain a firm understanding of the purposes of the United States Constitution. All learning styles are addressed within this differentiated lesson plan. Along with a detailed, step-by-step lesson p
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Safe Summer Fun Lesson Plans and Activities
Safe Summer Fun Unit includes activities for students to enjoy together focusing on health and safety. Learning experiences can be set up as stations, which participants will rotate through or four different units. The four units are Sun Smarts, Water Fun, Bikes & Skateboards, and Beware of Plan
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Fun Lesson on Texting in French
Students love texting and use texting language all the time on their phones and on Twitter LOL :) Give them a cultural comparison activity that will pique their interests. Incorporate the Community Standard in your French classroom or after school French Club with this 50 minute lesson and include
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