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These functions unit review stations are an awesome way to get students out of their seats and working. Super easy to prep and facilitate for the teacher! Students get to work in collaborative groups practicing a different skill at each station.The 10 stations in this functions unit review cover the
*This chart is a great way to keep students organized at home- share with families who are trying to support their children while distance learning!* This organizational chart is perfect for children with executive functioning difficulties, or any child in need of extra organization. This product wa
Functions : Common Core : 8th Grade About this resource : This resource was designed to provide students with 15 days of practice with the standards under the Functions strand of the 8th Grade Common Core Standards. It is not meant to be an instructional guide or lesson plan. Use as warm ups, e
***** Click here for a video demonstration of Algebra Clue. ***** This activity is ideal for end-of-the-unit or end-of-the-year exam review for the exponents and exponential functions unit. It will get your students out of their seats and working cooperatively in small groups. They will use their k
This is a review activity for a Functions Unit that covers the following topics: functions or notfinding function values from a function or a graph in function notationidentifying the domain and range of discrete and continuous graphs, a mapping, a table and a real-world situation. The student visit
***** Click here for a video demonstration of Algebra Clue. ***** This activity is ideal to review the unit on linear graphs. It will get your students out of their seats and working cooperatively in small groups. They will use their knowledge of solving linear inequalities in order to solve proble
OBJECTIVE: The students will graph exponential functions and identify key features (domain, range, y-intercept).STANDARDS:TEKS: A.9(D)CCSS: HSF.IF.C.7.EACTIVITY: Students will use these 12 jumbo task cards as independent practice or guided instruction for graphing exponential functions. Students wi
This review tool for the STAAR EOC Biology exam covers all readiness and supporting TEKS for Reporting Category 1: Cell Structure and Function*Buy the STAAR Biology Review Growing Bundle and Save 20%. Currently includes Category 1. Will include all 5 TEKS Biology Reporting Categories - added as each
I created this checklist as a semester review for my students in Algebra 1. There are 32 skills from the first half of an algebra 1 course, each with a sample exercise. Topics cover order of operations through linear systems: 1. Using Order of Operations to Simplify Expressions 2. Evaluating Vari
A great way for students to practice inverse functions. Station #1: Graphing the inverseStation #2: Find the inverseStation #3: Horizontal Line TestStation #4: Domain and Range of Function and InversesStation #5: Verify functions are inversesStation #6: Student Error AnalysisPages 7-8: Answer Forms
Slopes and Linear Functions - Review Sudoku Created by The Math Pantry This is a great end of unit review activity designed to practice problems related to finding the slope from a graph, from two points, from an equation, in addition to graphing and writing linear functions. There is a review wor
This is a 23 item "Show your work" or practice test. It is made to go with my Unit 4 Guided Presentation Notes on Relations and Functions available here on TPT. This can be used as the "real" test or as a review to get ready for the multiple choice test I also have listed here on TPT. Topics Cove
Do your ALGEBRA 2 students need an end of the unit activity for test preparation? Here's a fun and engaging "Tournament" to get students actively involved in practice for a test. You can observe strengths and weaknesses in students' understanding of concepts as you watch them work through the questi
Topics reviewed include determining output of a function given the input, comparing rate of change of functions represented in different ways, determining whether a function is linear or nonlinear, writing a rule to model a function, analyzing and sketching graphs, and more! In this interactive func
This activity includes 8 rotations with 4 tasks each for a total of 32 student tasks. In pairs or small groups, students rotate to each of the 8 pages, posted on your classroom walls. Students complete 1 of the 4 tasks at each rotation. The idea is to explore and practice graphing, creating table
Given the quadratic functions in either standard form or vertex form, students will create a Table of Values, Graph the Quadratic Equation, Identify the Axis of Symmetry, Vertex, X-Intercept/s, Y-Intercepts, and its Solutions/Zeros/Roots.3 formats are included to meet varying teaching styles and stu
Functions Review Worksheet This worksheet is intended for a first year Algebra review of functions. A two page worksheet with 16 Problems: - 3 Problems - Determine whether the relation is a function. Explain. - 3 Problems - Find the domain and range of the function represented by each graph. - 3 P
This EDITABLE 4 page worksheet asks students to review basic concepts in prokaryotic, animal & plant cell structure and function, organelles, and features of cell membranes. It includes labeling models, multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank. This can be used as in-class practice, ho
30 multiple choice and short response questions involving functions and relations. Assesses students understanding of: - Identifying functions - Domain and range - Mapping diagrams, tables, graphs and equations - Telling a story from a graph - Continuous vs. discrete functions Answer Key Provided
This EDITABLE 4 page worksheet asks students to review basic concepts in DNA structure, function, and replication. It includes identifying molecules, multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and free response questions. This can be used as in-class practice, homework or an exam review. ANSWE
This is a graphic organizer and practice problems over the 3 types of functions covered in Algebra 1: linear, quadratic, and exponential. On the front side is review over the key attributes of the different types of graphs, including the parent functions. On the back is a review of domain and range.
GREAT PRACTICE WITH FUNCTIONS AND RELATIONS! A variety of images and diagrams are used to develop deep understanding! Examples include graphs, tables of values, and mapping diagrams.These differentiated activities are NO PREP and READY TO GO! Great for sub (substitute lesson plans). They work wel
This is a worksheet that reviews quadratic functions. Students will -determine the roots from a graph -determine the roots using quadratic formula -determine the roots by factoring -determine the vertex algebraically -determine the axis of symmetry -determine solutions to quadratic linear systems
This is a comprehensive review game that covers all linear functions topics. There are 24 questions (3 pages) total covering the following topics: identifying the x- and y-intercepts and slope from a graph or tableidentifying the x- and y-intercepts from an equation in standard formwriting the equat

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