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No Prep Biology Warm Ups Bundled Set Part 2. Biology or Life Science Warm-Ups, Bell-Ringers, Exit Slips and pages for your Interactive Notebooks. Over 150 student pages covering the topics of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, algae, and the plant kingdom.Classroom management is a very large pa
8th - 12th
This high school Biology resource includes high-quality photographs, facts, characteristics, and examples of each phylum in the Kingdom Fungi. The PowerPoint, notes, and activities found in this unit will save you lots of prep time!Please note: This bundle is part of my larger 6 Kingdoms of Life Bu
In this engaging and thorough lab activity, students learn about structure and function of fungi as they investigate the cap, hyphae, basidia, and spores of a mushroom. Please note: This lab is also part of my Year of Biology Labs- BIG BUNDLE!.Students begin by making external observations of a mush
Why spend hours creating a presentation, handouts, and assignments? This bundle provides all of that, plus more! Eight files are included:GOOGLE SLIDES PRESENTATION - The bundle contains a 54-slide presentation that explores the fungi kingdom. This was designed for 7-8th grade, but I think it can ap
This presentation explains the basic characteristics of the protist kingdom and the fungi kingdom. It explains the groups in terms of food source (autotrophic or heterotrophic), movement, and reproduction.
6th - 9th
The fungus is among us! Have your students learn more about fungus terminology, types of fungus life and science facts. Clarissa C. commented, "Very easy to use!Helped my students a lot!". Learners answer 30 questions after reading informational text passages, filling in a close read and viewing dia
FOLLOW ME SO YOU CAN CHECK OUT MY OTHER FREE PRODUCTS AS THEY ARE RELEASED!!! This no-prep activity involves matching the 6 kingdoms of organisms (Archaea, Bacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia) to defining traits and images. It can be used as a hands-on sort and match or cut apart and glued
In this activity students "get to know" each of the 4 Eukaryotic Kingdoms a little better. In this activity, students will:Classify 20 organism pictures into the animal, plant, fungi, or protist category by cutting out the pictures and placing them in the appropriate columnAnswer analysis questions
Kingdom Fungi 1. Why do we have to classify organisms? 2. Vocabulary needed for learning about the protists - Organisms - Classification - Characteristics - Heterotrophic - Autotrophic - Reproduction - Cell Division - Binary fission - Multiple fission -
This is a crossword puzzle that covers the topic of fungi. This could be used as a review for a test, as a homework assignment, as a classwork assignment or as a quiz.There are 53 vocabulary words included in this crossword. The words are: fungi, eukarya, heterotroph, enzymes, decomposer, s
7th - 10th
This is a 600 slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in activities with directions, built-in quizzes, challenge based questions with answers, readings, two page homework / classwork, answer key, lesson notes, and much more. Also included is an end of the lesson 180 slide PowerPoint Review Game wi
This PowerPoint Lesson Plan contains 38 slides on the following topics in Kingdom Fungi (Fungus): Kingdom Fungi, Characteristics of Fungi, Chitin, Filaments, Nuclear Mitosis, Structures of Fungi, Hyphae, Mycelium, Fungi Nutrition, Decomposers, Parasites, Fungi Reproduction, Spores, Reproductive St
This product includes the Kingdom Fungi (Fungus) Unit Bundle - 8 files. Each topic contains a PowerPoint presentation, Notes Outline, Homework Assignments, Quizzes, and Unit Exam. In total, there is 1 PowerPoint Presentation Lesson Plan, 1 Notes Outline, 3 Homework Assignments, 2 Quizzes, and 1 Unit
7th - 12th, Higher Education
This 3D lesson has it all. It is fully aligned to curriculum standards where students learn the characteristics of the kingdoms for all living organisms. The lesson has colorful pictures, designed for all different learning types and would be ideal for any ELLs. You can create a game using the cu
4th - 10th
Why spend hours creating content and slides deck? This PowerPoint presentation is ready to be used today! The slide deck introduces students to Kingdom Fungi.This presentation is structured to answer the following questions:What are some important facts about fungi?How do fungi obtain energy? (What
This “Bacteria, Viruses, Protists, Fungi, Plant Kingdom” Editable BUNDLE covers particularly important topics of biology clubbed in one huge bundle. The resources of this bundle will be useful to explain and review these different forms of organisms starting from prokaryotes to eukaryotes and leadin
8th - 11th
Let's be honest, BINGO is a great way to review key concepts, plus students love playing it! BINGO boosts student engagement, embraces a little competition, and reviews important vocabulary!This product contains eight unique BINGO sheets that focus on the key terminology for two of the kingdoms of l
This Kingdom Fungi - Fungus Exam has 44 multiple choice, modified T/F, completion, short answer and essay questions on the topics of: Kingdom Fungi, Characteristics of Fungi, Chitin, Filaments, Nuclear Mitosis, Structures of Fungi, Hyphae, Mycelium, Fungi Nutrition, Decomposers, Parasites, Fungi Re
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Students will learn about the characteristics, effects, and benefits of the monera, protist, and fungi kingdoms. Success Criteria:recognize that fungi are mushrooms, mold, and yeastdemonstrate how yeast needs food to grow and reproduceresearch and describe the benefits of fungiresearch and detail t
If you need some mushroom clipart, to teach fungi characteristics, parts of a mushroom, or for any other products/resources you may want to make. Use these mushroom vectors by following the guidelines below: You may…-Use this product in your classroom, for personal and comercial use, as many times
Not Grade Specific
**PRE-MADE SIGNS IN PREVIEW**This is a strategy that I learned about in a PD meeting. I used it in my classroom and realized a few things immediately: --> It takes a lot of time to make (which is why I've now made it for you :-)--> It's very effective The traditional 4 corners game goes like
The fungus is among us! For Google Slides™ The Fungi Kingdom can be used as a distance learning tool or as an ELA/Science center. Learners answer 30 questions after reading passages and participating in a close read about the Fungi Kingdom.A printable version is available.Fungi Kingdom Fungi Kingdo
Why spend time creating a FUNGI QUIZ, when you can share this one effortlessly?QUIZ FEATURESThis 20-question quiz assesses student understanding of Kingdom Fungi. Specifically, it addresses the following questions:What are some important facts about fungi?How do fungi obtain energy? (What are saprob
A detailed but short guide to Kingdom Fungi. Ideal for grades 7-12. Content focuses on the main types of fungus, reproduction and characteristics. Topics Include: -characteristics of fungi -fungal reproduction Thanks for taking the time to stop by my store! Mrs. Degs Teaching Science Well Blog
7th - 12th, Adult Education

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