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Effects of the Industrial Revolution Walking Tour or Gallery Walk ActivityWant an easy to prep resource for teaching the Effects of the Industrial Revolution?Want students to practice primary source analysis as they investigate the many effects of the era?This is a 10 card activity which requires st
A text features gallery walk is a great way to expose students to nonfiction text features in many different layouts of nonfiction texts at one time. My students love that this text features activity gets them up and moving while learning, so that is just an added bonus!What's Included:• Nonfiction
September 11 Impacts - Gallery Walk and Writing Assignment (9/11) - This 19 page September 11 resource focuses on the the major impacts on the world resulting from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The resource will help your students understand 7 different impacts from the September 11
Students analyze several different types of government. Governments include democracy, capitalism, dictatorship, fascism, communism, and many more!Descriptions of government can be based on economy, politics, and authority.Walking around the room, students analyze each government poster. They will d
6th - 12th
Take your students on a walking tour or gallery walk to discover the ways of life of the earliest humans from the Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age to the Neolithic (New Stone) Age and the Neolithic Revolution. It's easy to set up and your students will be engaged and ready to learn!Students can investig
Your students will feel as if they stepped back in time to the Harlem Renaissance with this engaging activity. To begin, students will be introduced to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s with a short film clip and lecture. They will take notes on the creative lecture template provided. They will th
Visit the 1920s or Roaring 20s with this interactive Walking Tour or Gallery Walk Activity to teach your students about the decade with ease (and fun!).Take your students on a walking tour to discover the major events, developments and changes of the Roaring 1920s in America. Also great for ELA cla
This engaging and fun activity has students walk around the classroom viewing placards of important Enlightenment philosophers and completing a corresponding worksheet. Students will learn not only their interesting ideologies but also their important contributions to Democracy. Both Print & Dig
Engage your students from behind a screen with this unique, interactive gallery walk template with "clickable" buttons. These buttons create an engaging, student-centered experience. The hard work of creating the slides and linking the buttons is done for you, so all you have to do is insert your ow
Tired of just giving lectures? Here is a creative way to teach or review the different forms of energy! In this gallery walk, each poster includes a short definition, brief description, examples, and pictures.You can post each poster around the classroom. Each student, or pair of students, can be gi
This gallery walk will get your students engaged as they are practicing concepts related to scatter plots. This is a great partner activity and is so much better than a worksheet. This resources includes: -6 stations with 4 questions each -Student record page -Answer keys
6th - 8th
Skip the lecture and engage students in this inquiry-based gallery walk for the battles of the American Revolution. Students get up and moving on a gallery walk of the images of the American Revolution plus the part of the Treaty of Paris, a primary source. The groups collaborate to draw conclusi
This Nuclear Chemistry Pros and Cons Through History activity allows students to learn a little about and ponder events within the field of nuclear chemistry. Included are ten mini-posters (1 page each) that cover the following topics:-Chernobyl accident-Three Mile Island accident-Fukushima accident
7th - 10th

Also included in: Nuclear Chemistry Bundle

**Includes a Google version for Distance Learning! Please make sure any resources placed online are password protected (no public access) Thanks!This 40 page packet contains everything you need to have your students participate in a Gallery Walk. A Gallery Walk is a teaching strategy that allows stu
This lesson focuses on the Bill of Rights. Students will complete an interactive presentation and then visit stations relating to the Supreme Court rulings and teenagers. My students were thoroughly engaged and their learning was substantial. They absolutely loved these activities! I've now updated
**Includes a GOOGLE version for your Distance Learning needs...please make sure any resources placed online are password protected (no public access). Thank you!In this Gallery Walk Activity, your students will examine the major events surrounding the Red Scare/McCarthyism in the United States durin
This BUNDLE includes 11 of my most popular stations activities from the first half of U.S. History. All of these stations are made in Google, so they can be assigned to students digitally or utilized in the classroom. There are two different versions included for EVERY ACTIVITY.My stations activitie
My economics student's love hands on activities, and I hate to give worksheets because I get bored, so I came up with this twist on the gallery walk for supply and demand:I arrange my desks into a circle with an even number of chairs on the inside and the outside; with one of the 15 problem sets tap

Also included in: Supply and Demand Bundle

This student-centered activity has students examine the first 10 amendments of the Constitution a.k.a. the Bill of Rights. Students work in partners or small groups to create a gallery display for one of the 10 amendments from the Bill of Rights. Students get up and moving to go on a gallery wa
Skip the lecture and engage students in this Aztecs gallery walk activity. This introductory unit activity gets students up and moving as they explore the culture of the Aztecs. Students work collaboratively, make notes about aspects of the Aztec culture and conduct an initial analysis of the Azte
Christopher Columbus - Was he a great historical figure? (Gallery Walk with Displays for 8 Stations, Writing Assignment with Rubric, Debate Activity, Graphic Organizer, Teacher Guide) - This 22 page package of resources related to the life and impacts of Christopher Columbus centers on the critical
A gallery walk is a fantastic way to get students up and moving around the classroom, while completing curriculum-related tasks that will reinforce their knowledge.During a gallery walk, cards are posted around the room, each containing a task for students to complete. Students move around the room,
Students sitting around too much? Incorporate chat stations into your classroom. This product is a spin on chat stations and a gallery walk. Students will analyze an ethical dilemma in the workplace and answer a prompt (provided). Students will reflect on the work of others and build on those respon
Holocaust Gallery WalkIn this engaging activity, students will walk around the room and have a chance to view 10 of 16 images. Some are directly related to the Holocaust, like a picture of Hitler Youth, and some are not, like a quote from Albert Einstein. Students will reflect on these images on a p

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