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The Holocaust Gallery Walk Activity (Great for an introduction!)

Holocaust Gallery WalkIn this engaging activity, students will walk around the room and have a chance to view 10 of 16 images. Some are directly related to the Holocaust, like a picture of Hitler Youth, and some are not, like a quote from Albert Einstein. Students will reflect on these images on a provided worksheet, asking them to summarize and make connections.INCLUDED:*Intro video*Instructions*16 images, ready to print*Gallery walk worksheet****************************************************

Types of Government Gallery Walk

Students analyze several different types of government. Governments include democracy, capitalism, dictatorship, fascism, communism, and many more!Descriptions of government can be based on economy, politics, and authority.Walking around the room, students analyze each government poster. They will define each type of government, provide advantages and disadvantages of each government, and provide an example of a nation with this form of government. Included:- 11 Colorful Posters (Laminate and th

Roaring 20s 1920s Walking Tour Centers Activity Gallery Walk

Visit the 1920s or Roaring 20s with this interactive Walking Tour or Gallery Walk Activity to teach your students about the decade with ease (and fun!).Take your students on a walking tour to discover the major events, developments and changes of the Roaring 1920s in America. Also great for ELA classes where students are reading The Great Gatsby or other relevant texts!Resource Includes121 slides on the 1920s to be set up as centers or stations, or use with students in response groups to invest

Forms of Energy Gallery Walk

Tired of just giving lectures? Here is a creative way to teach or review the different forms of energy! In this gallery walk, each poster includes a short definition, brief description, examples, and pictures.You can post each forms of energy poster around the classroom. Each student, or pair of students, can be given a recording sheet. Students can walk around the room to fill in their chart. This allows students to be more engaged while allowing students to spend more time asking questions and

Roaring 20s Activity Gallery walk on the cultural aspects of 1920s America

Roar into the 1920s with this engaging gallery walk. Students get up and moving to explore jazz, fashion, literature and more. Students conduct an analysis of their findings about the 1920s culture. Included in this resource:-Gallery walk displays for 8 topics (listed below)- Gallery walk graphic organizer - Gallery walk graphic organizer for interactive notebooks- Analysis activity- Teacher's guidelinesTopics included in gallery walk:- Music: Jazz- Literature- Sports- Architecture and skyscra

Causes of WWII - Digital Gallery Walk (with Graphic Organizer)

Students will click through and explore "exhibits" centered around five primary causes of World War II! For each topic, there is an informational slide and a political cartoon slide.In relation to WWII, students will read about:Treaty of VersaillesFailure of the League of NationsAppeasementRise of DictatorshipsHitler Invades PolandThis student-centered, digital gallery walk enables students to learn at their own pace, allowing them time to ask clarifying questions during work time. **This produc

HARLEM RENAISSANCE | Art Gallery Walk Activity | 1920s | Print & Digital

Your students will feel as if they stepped back in time to the Harlem Renaissance with this engaging activity. To begin, students will be introduced to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s with a short film clip and lecture. They will take notes on the creative lecture notes template provided. Print and Digital. Perfect for distance learning.Here is some feedback from a buyer:LOVE IT!! This is one of the best lessons I have downloaded. It hits the common core standards and I really love the short

Nonfiction Text Features Activity: Gallery Walk Chart Poster & Student Materials

A text features gallery walk is a great way to expose students to nonfiction text features in many different layouts of nonfiction texts at one time. My students love that this text features activity gets them up and moving while learning, so that is just an added bonus!What's Included:• Nonfiction Text Features Student Reference Sheet:This is 2 pages, so you can print them separately or double sided. It comes in color but prints just fine in black and white (grayscale).Text Features Included:•

Paleolithic and Neolithic Age Revolution Activity | Stone Age Gallery Walk

Take your students on a walking tour or gallery walk to discover the ways of life of the earliest humans from the Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age to the Neolithic (New Stone) Age and the Neolithic Revolution. It's easy to set up and your students will be engaged and ready to learn!Students can investigate the early humans, examine primary source images, and read about the changes and developments over the period.Resource Includes26 slides to be set up as centers or stations, or use with students in

Causes of the Civil War Gallery Walk

Students will learn about the causes of the American Civil War. The gallery walk contains 10 documents and 38 questions. There are 9 stations, and students will spend 3-4 minutes at each before rotating. I have included an answer key. Please message me if you have any questions. *Students will be analyzing pictures, cartoons, and primary source excerpts. *This is a great activity to get students out of their seats and moving! *The activity does not require the use of a textbook or teacher prepar

September 11 Impacts - Gallery Walk and Writing Assignment (9/11) Google Docs

Created by
History Matters
September 11 Impacts - Gallery Walk and Writing Assignment (9/11) - This 19 page September 11 resource focuses on the the major impacts on the world resulting from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The resource will help your students understand 7 different impacts from the September 11 attacks, including: the economy, the war in Afghanistan, the War on Terror, the loss of life, and more! The resource includes a detailed teachers guide for ease of use!It now includes links for use w

U.S. History | Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion | Gallery Walk Activity

In this Gallery Walk Activity, your students will examine the major events surrounding Manifest Destiny and America's Westward Expansion. Your students will learn how each territory was obtained by the U.S. Government (from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean) and how the U.S. achieved its Manifest Destiny! Topics covered include: Original 13 Colonies, Louisiana Purchase, Mexican- American War, Annexation of Texas, Oregon Trail, Gadsden Purchase and MORE! A Gallery Walk is an activity in which you

Scatter Plots Activity - Gallery Walk

Created by
Idea Galaxy
This gallery walk will get your students engaged as they are practicing concepts related to scatter plots. This is a great partner activity and is so much better than a worksheet. This resources includes: -6 stations with 4 questions each -Student record page -Answer keys

American Revolution Battles Activity Gallery Walk

Skip the lecture and engage students in this inquiry-based gallery walk for the battles of the American Revolution. Students get up and moving on a gallery walk of the images of the Revolutionary War plus the part of the Treaty of Paris, a primary source. The groups collaborate to draw conclusions about the role different battles played in the overall war results. This resource contains:- Teacher's guide- 6 Gallery displays (all primary sources)*- Analysis activity- Student graphic organizer

After Spring Break / Back from Spring Break Gallery Walk

AN AFTER SPRING BREAK ACTIVITY! Are you looking for a fun activity on the first week back from spring break that helps ease students into the routine of a school day? Then try this engaging Back from Spring Break gallery walk that gets kids up and moving...and thinking! This product includes 18 open-ended sentence starters which ask students to reflect on their break and how they'd like to finish the school year. You are sure to get some witty, thought-provoking responses that are great for clas

Gallery Walk Stations: Effects of the Industrial Revolution for World History

This Gallery Walk or Stations activity and digital notebook for World History guides students through the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England. This assignment can be done as a GALLERY WALK in class or digitally. Each topic includes a 1 page reading and 2-3 pages of additional sources: images, charts, primary sources, etc. You can also print and put the sources in file folders. Laminating the handouts makes it easier to re-use (& to clean in the time of COVID)For the DIGITAL VERSI

Aztecs Activity Gallery Walk as an Introduction to the Aztec Civilization

Skip the lecture and engage students in this Aztecs gallery walk activity. This introductory unit activity gets students up and moving as they explore the culture of the Aztecs. Students work collaboratively, make notes about aspects of the Aztec culture and conduct an initial analysis of the Aztec culture which can be re-examined as students go deeper into the study of MesoAmerican civilizations. Great for early in your study of the Aztecs or to review students' understanding of the Aztec cu

Guillotine Day: French Revolution Reign of Terror Gallery Walk

Explore the madness of the Reign of Terror through this Guillotine Day Gallery Walk. There are 7 stations with 3 pages of information and images, accompanied by a 2-page student worksheet. Includes optional craft for students to make their own quick and easy revolutionary cockades at the "revolutionary fashion" station! Great for World History classes! Also includes a fully digital interactive notebook option for online learning. Answer key included!7 Topics include:Guillotine 101Revolutionary F

U.S. History | WWII on the Homefront | A Gallery Walk Activity

In this WWII lesson your students will complete a Gallery Walk activity examining the effect WWII had on Americans at home. Topics covered: Rosie the Riveter, Tuskegee Airmen, Navajo Code Talkers, Japanese Internment, factory conversion, Bracero Program and MORE! A Gallery Walk is an activity in which your students will examine museum-like exhibits that you place around the classroom in order to complete their assignment and answer critical thinking questions provided. It is a fun way to present

Cold War | Red Scare | McCarthyism | A Gallery Walk Student Activity

In this Red Scare Gallery Walk Activity (a GOOGLE and Traditional version provided), your students will examine the major events surrounding the Red Scare/McCarthyism in the United States during the Cold War. Topics covered include: HUAC, McCarthy, Hollywood 10, Rosenberg's, Alger Hiss, and MORE! A Gallery Walk is an activity in which your students will examine museum-like exhibits that you place around the classroom in order to complete their assignment which includes critical questions to gaug

The Great Gatsby Gallery Walk - Pre-Reading Activity - Context Learning Stations

Explore the context of the “Roaring 1920s” with this pre-reading activity for F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby! Includes 5 inquiry-based gallery walk learning stations and worksheets. Digital worksheets for Google Classroom® are provided!Included with this The Great Gatsby Pre-Reading Activity:✏️  5 Gallery Walk Stations with Primary Sources - Digital & PrintExplore the music, setting, photography, and current events of the “Roaring 20s”Analyze various book covers to predict themes wit

Genre Signs, Bookmarks and Gallery Walk (Editable)

Created by
Are you thinking of genrefying your library? I did it, and it has made a world of difference in helping kids select books they enjoy and return to their favorite genres again and again. I use nine color coded genres - fantasy, animal fiction, humorous fiction, scary fiction, realistic fiction, sports fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, and adventure/survival/mystery. I used Demco® Color-Tinted Glossy Label Protectors (1 1/4 inch by 3 1/8 inch) to color code the spine labels in my libra

1950s Culture vs 1960s Counterculture: 15 Image Gallery Walk & Research Project!

In this engaging 1950s and 1960s (culture and counterculture) gallery walk project, students learn the characteristics of 1950s culture and the 1960s counterculture, complete a classroom organizer, and conduct research further about leaders of the 1960s counterculture movement (Jack Kerouac, Jane Fonda, Bob Dylan, Betty Friedan, and Timothy Leary). Students navigate 7 different image sets, each with a different focus, to learn about how the 1950s and 1960s viewed authority, patriotism, music, wo

Reconstruction Gallery Walk or Stations Primary Source Investigation Activity

Get your students investigating post-Civil War Reconstruction with this versatile, student-centered Reconstruction Gallery Walk. Each of the 10 Reconstruction stations has guiding questions for students to consider while viewing. Student complete a graphic organizer based on their analysis of each primary source visual.Here’s what’s included with each complete activity set:1. A one page Reconstruction background close reading to be read as an introduction with the class. 2. A two-page graphic or
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