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Affixes I Have, Who Has? Game {Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words}
I love using review games that require students to stay on their toes. This "I Have, Who Has?" game is a great way for students to to practice their knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and root words. 26 cards are included, as well as an answer key. The prefixes covered are: anti-, dis-, mis-, pre-, r
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Wizard's Cauldron-Multisyllabic Game Prefix and Suffix Word Fluency
Wizard's Cauldron Multisyllabic Prefix and Suffix Word Fluency Game was designed to help students practice reading bigger (multisyllable) words that contain prefixes and suffixes. Wizard's Cauldron includes 192 total word cards designed with special spaces to help students read bigger words with con

Also included in: Prefix-Suffix Multisyllabic Poster and Game Bundle

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REBOOT Multi Syllable game with prefix suffix practice for RTI / small group
I created this UNO-like game for my grade 3 RTI students who are not taking time to look all the way through words. Suitable for Grades 2, 3, 4 in RTI, intervention, or small group. There are 2 different games with multiple variations to identify and practice prefixes and suffixes. The prefixes a
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Monster Mash Multisyllabic Game Prefix and Suffix Word Fluency
Monster Mash Multisyllabic Prefix and Suffix Word Fluency Game was designed to help students practice reading bigger (multisyllable) words that contain prefixes and suffixes. Monster Mash includes 192 total word cards designed with special spaces to help students read bigger words with confidence an

Also included in: Prefix-Suffix Multisyllabic Poster and Game Bundle

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Shark Attack Suffix Spinner Game (-er, est)
This game has a spinner, game board, answer key, and direction sheet. This works great for centers, small group, or as a whole class for a review of suffixes -er (comparing two), - er (one who does), and -est (comparing more than three. Print and go and use this game! You'll need: Paper clips Penci
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-er Suffix Card Game
This is a fun game for teaching the -er suffix to youngsters. It is effective as a game similar to war. It functions much in the same way that Pokemon cards do. The students have to reason why their card should win (e.g. Captain America is taller than Woody). There can be a referee or a check li
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Prefix and Suffix Bingo
A Bingo game to review your prefixes and suffixes! The calling cards contain the complete word (example: misbehave) and the Bingo cards contain the meaning of the prefix/suffix and base word (example: behave wrong or bad). Prefixes on the Bingo card are: mis-, re-, pre-, un-, dis-, il-, in-, ove
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3rd Grade Guided Reading Mini-Lessons {Activities, Resources, Posters and Games}
This pack is full of ideas to help you plan for your guided reading mini-lessons for 3rd grade. These lessons are perfect for your small group, but many can be used in whole group! This goes great with the Common Core State Standards and goes with ANY book (informational and narrative). Included i
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Prefix and Suffix Game for Literacy Centers: U-Know {Vocabulary Game}
Prefixes and suffixes are important for you to teach and for students to learn to help figure out meaning of new words! Let them practice with this fun and engaging game that will make the skill of defining them something students WANT to do! Works great for literacy centers or small group. Studen

Also included in: Math and ELA Games SUPER MEGA Bundle: U-Know

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Prefixes and Suffixes Games Bundle
Looking for some fun, low-prep games to help your students practice identifying, defining, and using common prefixes and suffixes? This Prefixes and Suffixes Games Bundle contains 12 games to help students practice their prefixes and suffixes! Get this Prefixes and Suffixes Games Bundle and SAVE $$
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Phonics Games for the Whole Year
Do you have students read words in your lessons?Do they sometimes moan and groan about it?These mini-games are for you! One game for every phonics game you teach!Compatible with any phonics program!This is just part of my FRIENDLY PHONICS PROGRAM .Click here to view the entire program.I have been us

Also included in: Phonics for the Whole Year Bundle

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Sup-ER-heroes! (Adding "-ER" and "-EST")
This is a phonics unit designed to teach the suffixes "-er" and "-est". This Unit Includes: -"er" Character Poster -"est" Character Poster - Create Your Own "er" and "est" Heroes - 3 Comparative Posters (Big, Bigger, Biggest) w/ Accompanying Worksheet - Hero Swap Game - Word Sort w/ Accompanying W
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Phonics Books & Games: Complete Bundle
 You'll love these no-prep phonics games and simple phonics books! They're perfect for focused phonics practice with both simple and complex phonics skills. Be sure to watch the above video for more details! THIS IS A BUNDLE of my four sets of phonics books and games. For more information about eac
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Common Suffixes Practice Morphology Awareness Activities Orton-Gillingham
Studying affixes is part of building strong morphological understanding of the English language. It is part of building a solid reading foundation. This resource introduces the 20 most common suffixes in the English language. Activities in this suffix pack are focused on studying these suffixes, T
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Suffixes Bundle of Activities: PowerPoint, Craftivity, Games, and more!
Are you looking for some engaging activities to use to teach your students about suffixes? This bundle of suffix activities may be exactly what you're looking for! This product includes a mix of worksheets, games, a Power Point, and a craftivity. Best of all, detailed lesson plans that will cover 5
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Prefixes and Suffixes
This pack includes 6 different activities to practice the understanding of how suffixes and prefixes change the meanings of root words. Also included are colorful posters with definitions and examples of prefixes and suffixes. *Due to variation between the term root word vs. base word I have inc
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Critter  Comparing -Suffixes "-er", "-est"
Check out my other comparing units! Fall Comparing Suffixes -er, est Christmas COmparing Suffixes -er, -est Cupid Comparing Suffixes -er, -est Critter Comparing Mini Suffix Unit -er, -est Skill Posters- black and white & color. Includes posters describing Suffix, Base Word, change y to i
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Greek & Latin Roots 40 Week Study : Lesson Plans, Games+ BUNDLE Grades 4 5 6
Greek & Latin Roots 40 Week Study : Lesson Plans, Games+ BUNDLE This is a complete 40 week morphology study of Greek & Latin word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and roots.) I personally use this for both vocabulary and spelling. I found that having separate word lists was often overwhelming
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Suffixes with Definitions Illustrations and Examples
Suffix Cards with Definitions Illustrations and Examples. Use these Illustrated Suffix Cards to keep your students engaged in hands-on activities that introduce the definition of each suffix and examples of words that take on the meaning of the suffix when it is applied to them. Over two dozen of

Also included in: Prefixes and Suffixes, Greek and Latin Roots - Bundle

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Sporting Suffixes (s, es, ing, ed, er, and est activity pack)
This suffix mini-unit contains 48 pages of posters, sorts, and review games for learning and practicing reading words with suffixes (s, es, ing, ed, er, and est). This mini-unit can be used during the literacy centers,or as part of word study unit. As a special education teacher I use this game as
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Suffixes With Lilly
Your students will love practicing suffixes with Lilly. She'll help them with the -ly, -er, -est, and -ful suffixes in a fun, entertaining way. There are games, a word hunt, a booklet, sorting, and learning sheets. Seven activities in all. Activities include: Lilly's -ly Fancy words- Student pick ro
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Literacy Stations and Games
Literacy Centers 13 Centers included in this pack are listed below: **What's Happening ~Present and Past Tense Verbs / Recording Sheet Directions: Sort the sentences into Present or Past tense. **Synonym Memory Match / Recording Sheet Directions: 2 players ~ Take turns turning over 2 cards at a ti
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Prefixes and Suffixes Unit from Teacher's Clubhouse
The Prefixes and Suffixes Unit includes PowerPoints, games, signs, and other activities to help students learn about prefixes and suffixes. (Includes 10 resources below) *Please note our PowerPoints are password-protected from editing and are only compatible with PCs. Mac users will not be able to
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Suffixes- Word Work with ed, ing, er, est, ful, and less
Word Work with Suffixes -ed -ing -er -est -ful -less The following activities are included: -What is a Suffix? Poster -Puzzling Suffixes: Poster and Hands-On Activity with building words using root words and suffixes -ed and -ing -Blank puzzle pieces in small and large sizes -Suffix Rule Poster fo
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