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This is a two page quiz on long division, prime factorization, LCM and GCF. It includes 12 questions, of which 6 are multiple choice, and 3 word problems.If you are using the Go Math series, this is a review for Chapter 1, lessons 1-5. This quiz is a great accompaniment to my math worksheets and wil
Factors and Multiples Digital Activities {Google Classroom}:Factors and Multiples Digital Activities is a Digital Interactive Resource to be used with Google Slides. Students can complete the digital activities in Google slides or in a Google Classroom assignment. Answer keys for all activities are
This packet contains: 1) A foldable for Interactive Notebooks with vocabulary (prime, composite, LCM, GCF, First Eight Prime Numbers) **** DIFFERENTIATED for Writing and 2 styles 2) Interactive Lesson for finding Prime Numbers to 100.. ***including Mentor Text and Video suggestions**** 3) Le
Establish a sound conceptual knowledge base on factors, multiples and related topics with this complete bundle featuring an editable presentation, guided notes, print-n-go sheets and 132 task cards. Also included is an assessment to gauge your students’ learning on this unit. Packs in this bundle fe
Looking to introduce the Upside Down Cake Method (Ladder Method) for teaching prime factorization, GCF and LCM? These engaging interactive notebook pages for both the left and right side are for you! All YOU have to do is print and go! Included in this product: Prime Factorization Using the Upside D
Use this Ladder Method Doodle Notes page to introduce or review the different ways the ladder method can be used – to find prime factorization, least common multiple, greatest common factor, and to factor expressions. There are two versions included for students – one that is completely blank, to be
28 colorful task cards for students to practice prime factorization, the GCF and LCM. The set includes a student answer sheet. The cards are great for cooperative learning, group work, center work, extra practice, or however you like! I like to laminate them, punch a hole in the corner, and keep
5th - 8th
Teach, review, & practice the divisibility rules, prime factorization, greatest common factor, and least common multiple with this number theory bundle! The bundle includes study guides, practice worksheets, a game, task cards, and a quiz. The topics covered in this bundle are important ones f
5th - 7th
These print-n-go no prep sheets will enable your students to acquire sound conceptual knowledge on factors and multiples and related topics. Each topic features a definition, explanation and practice examples prior to students attempting given problems.No prep sheets in this pack feature both Britis
LCM, GCF and Prime Factorization Scavenger Hunt provides a fun way to practice finding the percent of a number. The download includes 14 cards for you to tape around your classroom. Students start at any card and solve the problem. They then search for the card with the answer to that problem. The s
4th - 8th
GCF, LCM, and Prime Factorization Digital Escape Room activity will help students practice these 3 skills in a fun and engaging activity.They will have to complete 3 puzzles where students will complete some digital task cards, solve a puzzle, and reveal a mystery word. This activity is completed in
This is a set of 7 worksheets designed to be used as a step by step lesson in finding the prime factorization of a number, and then using that procedure to find the GCF and LCM of two numbers. The worksheets are in guided note format and include guided examples for each step. There is also a quiz
TEAM CHALLENGES are a great way to get students practicing core skills in a competitive and differentiated environment. Ideal for mixed ability classes, or to review skills at the end of a topic.This product contains:1. Question Cards- -five levels of questions to allow students to practice their nu
5th - 8th
Sixth Grade Prime Factorization and Greatest Common Factor - This is perfect for distance learning on Zoom or similar formats. On top of that it is powerful when used as direct instruction in the classroom. It teaches students how to find the prime factorization of a number using a factor tree an
GCF/LCM, Fraction Unit Bundle: This is a 92-page full unit on Prime Factorization, GCF/LCM and Fractions. The best part about this, everything is provided in a word document, making it easy to edit and customize. Answers not included. It includes: -Teacher Unit Binder Cover -Homework log -Divisib
This bundle contains three different note packet products: Prime Factorization, Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple. The zip file includes three pdf files. ***To read more about each individual resource and/or download a preview file of each item please click the links below: Prime
6th - 8th
Simply copy and use these comprehensive sketch notes for number theory including a sieve of Eratosthenes, prime factorization, GCF and LCM. Included are two different practice activities and patterns and an idea for an art activity to support your lesson. My students love this unit - maybe because
This pack of 32 task cards will help reinforce teaching and learning of factors and multiples and related topics. The question types on the task cards are varied in order to cater to differentiation.ITEMS INCLUDED:32 Task Cards featuring a variety of questionsRecording Sheet x 1Answer Key***********
Save yourself time with this EDITABLE distance learning lesson and practice of using divisibility rules, finding prime factorization, finding greatest common factors (GCF) & least common multiples (LCM), and using the GCF & the distributive property. Word problems are included as well on 2 s
Task cards are highly motivating and an effective teaching tool that can be used across the curriculum. I use them individually, in pairs, with small groups, or as an activity for the whole class. My favorite way to use them is in the game “scoot”. I tape the cards on the desks (or walls) and play m
This no-prep DIGITAL guided practice BUNDLE provides you with efficient, engaging, intervention, review, remediation for individuals, small group or whole group. Strategically target your instruction by focusing on smaller “chunks” of content. Provide students individualized guided practice in the f
4th - 7th
This is a simple 10 question quiz covering divisibility rules, primes and composites, prime factorization, and GCF. Don't spend your valueable time creating your own quiz - I did the work for you. It includes an answer key! Topics Covered: Divisibility Rules (2 questions)Identifying Primes and C
5th - 8th
Chunk your data collection with strategically targeted assessments that evaluate student understanding for a small piece of content. This BUNDLE includes FIVE sets of assessments for a total of 20 assessments.Assessments don’t have to cover multiple standards and take hours to complete. Save time an
4th - 6th
Looking for a fun way to review or practice prime factorization, Least Common Multiple (LCM) and Greatest Common Factor (GCF) This is a set of 32 task cards that are aligned to common core standards for grade 6. Also included are 3 different record sheets, an answer key and a set of blank task card

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