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geologic time scale notes

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These doodle notes present the information about geologic time scale eras with graphics to engage students. Eras include Precambrian, Mesozoic, Paleozoic and Cenozoic. 3 versions are also included - 1 blank (add your own notes), 1 fill-in-the-blank, and 1 completely filled in. Related Products⭐ Big
This PowerPoint consists of several slides covering what a geologic time scale is and how Earth's history has been divided into a series of time intervals. There is also a note sheet that coincides with this presentation as you teach which the students can fill-in.
This PowerPoint works as a phenomenal supplement to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Fusion workbooks for 8th grade Science! This lesson covers the Geologic Time Scale from Unit 4 (Earth's History) and is completely aligned to the Ohio New Learning Standards for Science. I am providing all teachers who
Fill in the blank notes with the powerpoint I use to teach it. It contins Do Now's and Exit Tickets, as well as graphics to engage students. The Powerpoint is divived into 4 days with a fun organism creation project where students trade and predict what will rule the next geologic era and why. A
Notes packet to go along with Geologic Time Scale Notes
Suitable for traditional classroom instruction or distance learning (if a printed copy is provided for students).An easy to use resource that includes a fun build it yourself annotated geologic timeline with supporting worksheets. If you teach kids about the geologic timeline, you have probably run
Essential Questions:1. How does the relative and absolute age of rocks and the fossil record provide evidence to Earth’s geologic history?2. How is Earth’s geologic history classified?3. What are some major events in the Earth’s geologic history? Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provide
Just as in the T.V. show “The Amazing Race” for which contestants travel around the world on a giant scavenger hunt, in this Geologic Time Scale Amazing Race project, your students will be embarking on a journey through time as they choose time periods to visit along Earth's Geologic Time Scale and
The Geologic Time Scale Station Lab takes students through eight student-led science stations, each with a different learning style. Students begin with four input activities where they read articles, explore hands-on demos, research online, and watch videos all about the geologic time scale. They t
Students create a TO SCALE 1-meter long geologic time poster of Earth's History of Life! Then, using their project as a reference, they complete a worksheet with analysis questions.Most classroom teachers agree that students rarely can wrap their heads around the magnitude of Earth's history, and t
SAVE 35% by purchasing all my DIFFERENTIATED & EDITABLE Earth Science PowerPoints, Notes and Exams!About this Bundle:This bundle is designed to help you deliver, discuss and assess earth science content. There are three teaching tools included with each product in this bundle:• PowerPoint Presen
About this Product:All items in this product are 100% EDITABLE. The product includes:• PowerPoint Presentation (89 differentiated slides)• Scaffolded Notes (modified/completed notes included)• Summative Examination (answer key included)• Copy of the Presentation, Notes and Exam saved as Google App F
Do your students love to doodle while taking notes?  Don't fight it, embrace it with Squiggle Sheets!!!These notes are not only fun but help students to meet Next Generation Science Standards.Some things covered in these notes:EonsEpochsErasPeriodsIce AgesMountain BuildingExtinctionsVolcanic Eruptio
This is a 35-question quiz with answer key that complements the "Geologic Time Scale: The No-Adding-Machine-Tape, Annotated, Illustrated Timeline" product. It works really well as an open-notes quiz to follow up the construction of geologic time lines! It can also be used as a web-based scavenger hu
6th - 9th
If you already own my Geologic Time Scale Lab then this is the supplemental product to purchase.Otherwise, The Complete 5E Geologic Time Scale Lesson Plans Are HereGeologic Time Scale - Everything you need to teach a unit on the about the geologic time scale of Earth. Each lesson plan follows the 5E
Mini BundleCustomer Tips:Get TPT credit to use on future purchases:Please go to your My Purchases page (be sure you are logged in).   At the top of the page you'll see a box and the message “Give feedback on recent purchases”.  Simply click the “GIVE FEEDBACK” button and you will be taken to a page
This Geologic History EDITABLE NOTES BUNDLE for Earth Science Regents classes includes: - 21 page guided notes with essential questions, visual aids, and checkpoint questions for students. (Word & PDF) - 21 page answer key for teachers (Word & PDF) - 108 slide PowerPoint Presentation wit
About this Product• This is a SINGLE, nonfiction reading passage with text-based evidence comprehension questions. • Five comprehension questions probe lower, mid and higher order thinking. • The reading passage can be used for close reading, one-on-one intervention, homework or sub work.• The readi
This is a quick worksheet to get students to use their reading skills! It goes along with The Eras of The Geologic Time Scale article written by Heather Scoville (included in the file). This is great for introducing evolution, or studying the geological time spans of life and the earth. This is an
This is a FREE pacing guide for the Biology unit: Evolution and Geologic Time Scale. It outlines the following: lessons, main ideas, vocabulary, essential questions, and a resource. There is also a two-page lessons strategies handout to help support teachers who purchase my unit or lesson bundle. Th
Includes: - background reading, adapted from CK-12, with review questions. - students notes and teacher key. - time scale activity with teacher notes, sample score sheet, and link to a video tutorial. - online geologic "scavenger hunt" worksheet and key. - formative assessment (matching events to e
This product includes a short PowerPoint Presentation that addresses Rock Strata and How They Reveal Earth's History. It includes a discussion of how rock stratum are formed, what causes them to become deformed, how scientists use the rock stratum to learn about Earth's history, and a short, simpli
This is a cross-curricular STEM ACTIVITY to help students visualize the immense amount of time needed for certain evolutionary events to take place. A FOOTBALL FIELD is NOT necessary but makes this activity a lot more engaging for students. Students also have a chance to practice the MATH concept
5th - 12th
This comprehensive 5E Middle School NGSS packet on Earth's History and the Geologic Timescale is designed to align with the NGSS Middle School MS-ESS1-4 standard. A visually interactive powerpoint covers the main concepts in the standard "show how the geologic time scale is used to organize Earth's

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