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This card sort contains 16 sorting cards, 4 Heading/Label cards, an Answer Key, and large models of the 16 nets so students can actually practice folding the nets and making solids before gluing their sorting cards into place. What better way than to practice folding the shape before gluing your ne
Take your student's understand of geometry/ geometric shapes to a whole new level! This package contains 15 geometric shapes for your students to cut out, fold, and tape/glue together. Each page contains one geometric shape. Cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted /dashed lines. Print them on
Copy nets on to different colored construction paper. Help students create each 3D figure while observing various properties. Students can label them and build it into a desktop castle. 5 figures in all.
This file contains geometric nets with a unit grid for students to use to figure out surface area. These could be used for a student project in association with Common Core State Standard 6.G.4. There are 13 figures included: Tetrahedron Pentagonal Prism* Cube Triangular Prism Rectangular Prism Oc
Allow students to explore advanced three-dimensional solids with these five foldable nets. This packet features nets of a(n): Cuboid, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Pentagonal Prism, and Hexagonal Pyramid Use this assortment as hands-on construction activities, as templates, or as worksheets for iden
Whether you choose to immerse your students in geometric solids, their vertices, faces and edges or engage them in your Geometry and Spatial Sense Standards! Vocabulary building at it's finest in the form of a dodecahedron. But honestly, you could make a Dodecahedron Globe for ANYTHING!There are thr
This zipped file is a must if you're planning to have students construct geometric shells from nets. It includes Studio files that make nets for: Cube Dodecahedron Hexagonal Prism Hexagonal Pyramid Icosahedron Octagonal Prism Octagonal Pyramid Pentagonal Prism Pentagonal Pyramid Rectangular Base P
Download the preview to see what makes our PowerPoints unique! The first in a series, this colorful, animated PowerPoint takes students from two-dimensional polygons to three-dimensional solids. Join Gordo and Laya as they delve into the world of 3D! Six printable geometric nets included! The
Manipulatives can be very useful, especially for kinesthetic learners. The included graphic organizer (B&W and Color) can be used with or without 3D solid manipulatives. It is written to be used with 3D shapes students can see and touch. A net of each geometric solid listed in the graphic org
Over 35 high quality images of nets of common geometric solids and the platonic solids. All images are crisp PNG images and scalable to to any size. All images have a no fill and a transparent background. Clipart of the nets of different geometric solids and platonic solids Shapes include: cone, c
Use these nets in your classroom to help your students identify each of the 3D shapes and count the number of faces, edges, and vertices. We use these to make informational posters in groups. Students include other items that can be found in those shapes, the numbers of faces, edges, and vertices, a
These playing cards make learning about nets of solids so much fun. As students race to become the first player to have an empty hand, they are actually learning about nets of geometric solids in a fun way. Cubes, rectangular prisms, square pyramids, cylinders, and more geometric solids are includ
Help your children visualise the nets of common 3d shapes. A net is given and the child puts a peg on the correct net. For some shapes multiple nets are given. Nets are given for - cube-cone- cylinder- rectangular prism- triangular based pyramid- triangular prism- square based pyramid16 clip cards

Also included in: Montessori Math Bundle

This digital assignment provides students with practice identifying nets, isometric drawings, and orthographic drawings. They will be asked to identify and match each of the types of geometric drawings.TPT will automatically add this form & file to your drive. You will also receive a PDF docum
Geometry - Geometric Solids, Nets & Terminology 3D - SEMI-PRO Worksheets:What Montessori materials do we use to explore geometric solids, their terminology and characteristics? How do we transfer these skills to an abstract platform? Practice identifying geometric solids via characteristics. The
This EXCITING “getting to know you” activity combines team building with Geometry. Students will search for someone who meets the given criteria (ex. … has their driver’s license). The student will then write their OWN name on the paper of the searcher. Once students have filled their net, they wi
Requires using geometric nets to identify solids and their characteristics. Scaffolded lesson provides for classroom differentiation. Can be used as a lesson leader, guided practice, independent practice, for cooperative learning and math centers, or as an assessment. Use with smartboard, projector
Use this matching activity to help students remember the properties of geometric solids (bases, faces, vertices, etc.) Just cut out the cards and let students match them up! Materials provided in both English and Spanish! Can be laminated and used again year after year, or create a copy for each s
In this video, we learn about how to create a net of a 3D figure by drawing the individual faces. At the end of the video, there are homework problems for the students to try on their own.
Allow students to explore geometric solids with this packet of 15 foldable nets featuring an assortment of basic to complex three-dimension shapes, including a(n): Cone, Cube, Cylinder, Pyramid, Pentagonal Pyramid, Hexagonal Pyramid, Triangular Prism, Rectangular Prism, Rhombic Prism, Pentagonal Pr
Save time and download this complete package to teach the entire Geometric Properties unit (aligned to 2020 Ontario Math Curriculum standards grade 5 - very easily adapted for other grades and curriculums). Everything you need is included - lessons, activities, formative and summative assessments..
Three Dimensional Shapes: Cut & Fold - An extension lesson for children familiar with geometric shapes and solids.Includes the following 12 cut and fold nets: cube, cone, cylinder, triangular prism, tetrahedron, pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, hexagonal pyramid, hexagonal prism, rhombic prism, oct
Common Core Geometric Attributes- Second Grade Mini-Unit 2.G.1 This mini-unit includes everything you need to teach Common Core standard 2.G.1 to mastery. It includes lessons, slides, activities/ games, printables, assessments, and vocabulary cards. This four day mini-unit includes: -Unit overv
This Google Slides Activity includes 5 unique slides that help students create nets for a cube, a rectangular prism, a triangular prism, a trapezoidal prism, and a hexagonal prism. Each slide then asks the students to find the total surface area of each geometric solid by looking at the separate fa

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