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Geometry Hierarchy 5th grade: UDL Inspired Ready to Use Unit
This unit includes 4 lesson plans, 2 assessments to allow for student choice, a menu of activities with 2 project options and 3 power point lessons with worksheets. The unit and lessons were created using the UDL(universal design for learning) principles of multiple means of representation, engageme
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Geometry Hierarchy Sort (Includes 6 different Hierarchies)
Geometry Sort When I first started teaching Geometry Hierarchies to my students, they were taken a little back by it all. It's a concept that needs a good bit of explaining, and definitely a lot of practice. These six sorts are a great way for students to practice the categories and subcategories
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5.G.1-5.G.4 Self-Graded Google Classroom Geometry Activities | 5th Grade Bundle
This year go green, have more fun mastering standards, and all while letting Google's powerful engine do the tedious task of grading for you! You'll find it's never been easier to breathe new life into your teaching of the 5.G (Geometry & Shapes) standards as you enjoy your newfound freedom by
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Fifth Grade Math Interactive Notebook: Geometry Hierarchy (TEKS)
This fifth grade math interactive notebook (math journal) contains hands-on folds and flaps to help your students learn how to classify two-dimensional figures in hierarchy of sets and subsets using graphic organizers by attributes and properties. The literature on brain research, multiple intellige

Also included in: Fifth Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle- All TEKS Standards

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Geometry Bundle {5th Grade - 5.G.3 and 5.G.4}
This resource is a bundle of the following: Geometry NotesClassifying Triangles Task CardsClassifying Quadrilaterals Task CardsQuadrilateral Design ProjectUsing this resource will help you to instruct and assess your students' understanding of Geometry and 2D shapes. Detailed notes will help stude
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Fifth Grade Math Interactive Notebook: Volume of Rectangular Prisms (TEKS)
This fifth grade math interactive notebook (math journal) contains hands-on folds and flaps to help your students learn how to determine the volume of a rectangular prism and recognize the volume needed to fill a prism with no gaps or overlaps. The literature on brain research, multiple intelligence

Also included in: Fifth Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle- All TEKS Standards

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5th Grade Math Bundle for the YEAR
This 5th Grade Math Bundle will completely simplify the way that you teach math! When Common Core standards came in, I needed a way to teach my fifth graders the standards in a way that was both engaging and scaffolded. Every lesson starts out simple and builds upon previous knowledge. Each unit inc
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5th Grade Math Partner Games and Activities Bundle
My students love playing partner math games. This bundle of partner math games for 5th grade are perfect for whole-group learning activities, early finishers, and even math centers.This discounted bundle contain 6 sets of math partner games and activities for 5th grade math.Here are the partner game
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Quadrilateral Design Project - 5th Grade Geometry
**This resource is part of a Geometry Bundle**This project has your students designing a space using only quadrilaterals. They must use each of the following quadrilaterals: parallelogram, rectangle, square, rhombus, and trapezoid. Once they create the design, they have to make a key for it, consist

Also included in: Geometry Bundle {5th Grade - 5.G.3 and 5.G.4}

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Open-Ended Math Pages - 5th Grade
This resource was designed to encourage students go beyond basic computation and take their understanding of the common core standards to the next level. Often times students are asked to write about how they solve a problem, come up with problems of their own, and demonstrate their understanding in

Also included in: The Ultimate 5th Grade Math Bundle

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5th Grade Math STAAR BUNDLE ~ Test-Prep Practice TEKS & CCSS Alignment
5th Grade STAAR Test-Prep and Practice Bundle! Looking for multi-step standardized formatted practice assessments? These assessments could be used as review, practice, mini-assessments, pre-post, state test practice, and small group. Great for RTI! Comes with TEKS and Common Core Alignment. In th
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Fifth Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle- All TEKS Standards
This fifth grade math interactive notebook (math journal) bundle contains hands-on folds and flaps to help your students learn all of the fifth grade math TEKS. There will be one notebook per strand including: decimals (place value), fractions, computations, expressions and equations, geometry hiera
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5th Grade Geometry - Complete CCSS - (Bundled Unit)
This is an awesome bundled unit that COMPLETELY covers the entire CCSS for 5th grade geometry. Resources included in this mega-bundle: PowerPoint - Graphing Points on the Coordinate Plain The entertaining, interactive, and easy-to-understand 17-slide PowerPoint walks learners through: -The devel
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5th Grade Geometry Games {Coordinate Plane, Quadrilaterals, Number Patterns...}
These games make 5th grade geometry standards so much fun to practice! This 5th Grade Geometry Games Pack contains 16 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice generating number patterns, plotting points on a coordinate plane, solving real world problems on a coordinate pla

Also included in: 5th Grade Math Games {Place Value, Decimals, Fractions, Measurement, & More!}

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Geometry Classify 2D Figures in Hierarchy Task Cards 5.5A 5.G.B.3 5.G.B.4
Geometry is looking quite different in 5th grade than in years past. Students have to categorize polygons in different hierarchies and subsets along with classifying triangles by their sides and angles. These 50 task cards will challenge your students and ask them to answer questions based on hier
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Geometry Unit: Lessons, Interactive Notes, Games, Task Cards, and More!
This Geometry Unit is the perfect addition to your math classroom! The PowerPoint Lesson is very engaging and the bundle includes a variety of activities to help your students understand these concepts! Topics Included: 1. Geometry Terms Review 2. Polygons: Regular and Irregular 3. Specific

Also included in: 5th Grade Math Bundle for the YEAR

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Math TEK 5.5A ★ Classifying 2D Shapes ★ 5th Grade Math STAAR Practice Task Cards
Are you looking for premium quality math resources that are uniquely aligned to the TEKS Math Standards for 5th Grade? We've got just the thing! Now you can confidently prepare your students for mastery of (Classifying and Grouping 2D Shapes) with an illustrated task card set that finds the perfe

Also included in: Geometry & Measurement ★ 5.4G 5.4H 5.5A 5.6A 5.6B & 5.7A ★ TEKS Math Task Cards

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5th Grade Math Games: All Standards Bundle
Make math class something to look forward to this year! This set of 5th grade math games cover all the 5th Grade Math Standards. These math games were designed to help students practice important 5th grade math skills, be easy to play, encourage higher level thinking, and require little or no prep.
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Geometry & Measurement ★ 5.4G 5.4H 5.5A 5.6A 5.6B & 5.7A ★ TEKS Math Task Cards
Do you need the perfect TEK-aligned activity for your geometry & measurement math centers this year? We’ve got just the fit! Whether you're introducing perimeter at the beginning of the unit or reviewing how to measure the volume of a rectangular prism while preparing for the STAAR test, our
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Roll and Answer Math Centers for Common Core *Geometry*
Want a fun, easy way to review the Common Core Math Skills? This is for you! This resource contains 9 ready to use, self-checking math center games for the Geometry Common Core Standards for 5th Grade. All you need is 2 dice and maybe an expo marker! Laminate and cut and let the kids learn and have
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Geometry 5th Grade: 7 games for CCSS
These 7 games have everything you need for Common Core-aligned fifth grade geometry for only $1 each! The games reinforce each geometry Common Core standard (5.G.A.1, 5.G.A.2, 5.G.A.3, 5.G.A.4) covering key learning targets for coordinate grids, ordered pairs, and classifying 2D shapes, including:•
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2D Shapes Math Tasks and Exit Tickets 5th Grade
This set is the perfect tool to teach your students the third and fourth standards in the common core. By completing the activities in this set, your students will understand how to recognize the different attributes of 2D shapes, and classify them in a hierarchy based on their properties. Include

Also included in: Geometry Bundle 5th Grade

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5th Grade Math Interactive Notebook ALL COMMON CORE UNITS BUNDLE
This is a combination of SEVEN owl-themed interactive notebooks that I have designed. If you would like an idea about what my unit notebooks consist of, please download the FREE Unit 1 notebook. If each notebook were purchased individually, the cost would be almost $15. Buying the bundle instead o
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Common Core Math Grade 5 Made Easy: Complete Test Prep Workbook for 5th grade
This is a complete test prep workbook that contains over 450 questions covering EVERY Common Core standard that will be tested in grade 5. Each review section is focused on helping students master one particular math concept at a time in order to reinforce their learning. The answers are convenientl
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