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This item is sold individually or in a bundle at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Geometry-Posters-Activity-Projects-FUN-MEGA-BUNDLE Let your students be creative and apply what they have learned about Angles, Lines, and Shapes by creating a Street Map! Vocabulary included in this activi
This four-page rubric describes in detail what students should do to complete this project. It also has the guidelines for scoring the project in ten different categories. In the street map project, students apply their knowledge of special lines and angles to the street map of the neighborhood in
This 8-page lesson packet includes everything your students need to master the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines. And best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH.What's included? ✔ Instructional Guide✔ Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔ Partner Practice✔ 3-page Independent Practi
Geometry Activity Bundle Includes 4 of your favorite Projects: Street Map ----Lines and Shapes Cityscape ---Area and Perimeter Wild West Town ---Lines, Area and Perimeter Medieval Castle ---Area and Perimeter Vocabulary addressed in projects: perpendicular lines, parallel lines, obtuse angles, acu
This MEGA BUNDLE includes 2 CREATIVE Geometry Art Projects and 34 Geometry POSTERS !Let your students be creative and apply what they have learned about Angles, Lines, and Shapes by creating a Street Map! Then they can create a beautiful CITYSCAPE to apply what they have learned about AREA and PERI
About this resource:My BEST SELLER! This document contains 3 activities that I used once I have introduced types of angles relating to parallel lines and transversals. The first activity is simpler, while the second is challenging for some. It is a fun activity and a great way to reinforce angles fo
Challenge your students to use coordinate grids as a map – a great way to connect social studies and math skills! Integrate coordinate grids and polygons to master multiple skills. Throw in some practice on area while you’re at it! • Sheet 1 asks students to determine the coordinates of houses on a
GEOMETRIC CITY PROJECTThis project is an exciting project that will allow students to design and create their very own Geometric City. Students are given guidelines on what is needed to complete their city including certain shapes and types of lines. They will be color coded for easy grading. All of
In this exciting project student create an entire city block using basic geometric shapes. Students have an option of creating a 3D model of the city or they can create a 2D template. This project can be differentiated in many ways. Students can hand draw the shapes or use a computer program like
Here’s the idea: your students are learning about coordinate geometry, so you teach them hoe to find the x and y axis, they plot a few points, maybe you play some lame games, and then they’re off and graphing some equations. Bo-ring! These activities teach students about the conventions of coordin
This is a fun, engaging project that you can do at the end of a Geometry Unit. There are three different versions of the project for your High (Three Stars), Medium (Two Stars), and Low students (One Star). This is the perfect performance task that you can use to assess your students' knowledge, whi
The Parkean Theorem (Real World Pythagorean Theorem Application)****************************************************************************************************************This activity is meant for practicing the Pythagorean theorem. The students are asked to calculate the length of a cable tha
I use this map for the first night of homework after taking notes. It's simple but effective in making sure they understand the relationships with a real life visual representation of parallel streets with transversal streets.
After students have learned about naming angle pairs and their relationships, I have them complete this project with the city they live in. They are required to draw the city streets by hand or with a computer. I have them label the locations they choose to feature on their map, then describe the re
With this activity, students follow a list of specific directions to create their own geometric map. The first direction is to "draw a horizontal line on their sheet of white paper and name that street after their first name." The next direction is to "draw a line that is parallel to 'first name'
Students use a map of streets in a city that create vertical, supplementary and adjacent angles to answer questions. What building is located at a vertical angle to the hospital? Use the map to find out! Two page document (includes answer key).
Students use a map picture (of a real location), geometry, and algebra to determine whether two streets run parallel.
Students will create a map of their own town using parallel and transversal streets. They will then be required to locate specific destinations at the locations of special angle pairs, like a gas station and a restaurant at alternate exterior angles. This is a pretty simple project that allows stude
Math Paper for Art, Patterns, Geometry, Perspective, Design, Color Sheets - 21 Types of Math Paper. Help students hone spatial skills with geometric math paper. Format: 8.5" x 11" in PDF and resizable PNG. Resize or outline in Sharpie for any blur issues. Images sold "as is". Illustrations are co
In this activity students will use a map to calculate street lengths using the Pythagorean Theorem. This activity includes the full lesson instructions to complete in a 1 hour class period OR it can be adapted and modified to be used as a homework or project assignment.
It looks in the view like the streets are all chunked out. I promise they are nice clean avenues I am not sure why the preview looks so bad. Here is a blank map like the ones that they will give your students on tests and ask them what streets are parallel too what street or perpendicular to what st
Look for these spooky Abandoned locations on Google Maps and explore their wonder on Street View. Quality worksheets that prompt the student to use the navigation tools on Google Maps and explore a bit closer to answer the questions. There are a whole lot of man-made structures out there that have b
In this project students are asked to create a city map that consists of 4 streets and at least fifteen landmarks that meet a number of city planning board requirements centered around parallel lines cut by a transversal. Two of the city streets are required to be parallel while the other two are re
This lesson helps students see the five basic loci using a google map of Long Beach, NY. Major landmarks like local restaurants, streets, and other businesses are used to give students fixed locations to draw each locus. The five basic loci are... 1. a fixed distance from a point 2. a fixed distan

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