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These geometry task cards include 32 task cards that cover lines, angles, polygons, area and perimeter. A student recording sheet, answer key, and one-page (6 question) quick assessment are included. I recently upgraded all of my math task cards to include a digital, self-grading version of the quic
A set of 48 Geometry Task Cards! These task cards are perfect for reviewing geometry skills in whole group or small group, pre or post assessments, math workshop centers, etc. Your students will love these tasks!This resource includes both printable and digital versions. The digital version includ
Geometry and Measurement Task Card Bundle There are 247 Task Cards in this ULTIMATE bundle of Geometry and Measurement Task Cards! The following task cards are included in this bundle.All of these task card sets include both a printable and digital version in Google Forms or Slides.Area and Perime
Reviewing area of a polygon has never been more easy with these task cards! They include multiple printing options and an answer key. Give yourself an easy day, and give your class an entertaining way to practice! Stations are the perfect activity for your restless and impatient students who like
Geometry is looking quite different in 5th grade than in years past. Students have to categorize polygons in different hierarchies and subsets along with classifying triangles by their sides and angles. These 50 task cards will challenge your students and ask them to answer questions based on hier
4th - 6th
Looking for QR code activities to make math more engaging? Simply cut out and laminate these geometry cards and place in a center with a device that can read QR codes (iPod Touch, iPad, tablet, or laptop/desktop with a camera). Students get immediate feedback when they scan the QR codes.This set in
This is two sets of 24 EDITABLE geometry task cards specifically aligned to standards 3.G.1 and 3.G.2 of the third grade math curriculum (for Common Core). This is a total of 48 task cards that address quadrilaterals and partitioning shapes into equal areas.**This includes Google Slides options.Alth
2nd - 4th
This is a bundle of my four proofs task card activities. Included are: 1) Algebraic Proofs Task Cards 2) Introductory Geometry Proofs Task Cards 3) Parallel Lines Proofs Task Cards 4) Triangle Congruence Proofs Task Cards Task cards are a great way to help students review or to use as warm-up
8th - 10th
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLES: You will receive 22 task cards for your 6th grade students to practice the 3D solids shape nets. You may use the printable task cards in your middle school math centers or stations for fun review games and activities, such as a scavenger hunt or SCOOT. Game ideas, a stude
6th - 7th
This set includes 24 STAAR Prep Task Cards to help students practice all of the tested 4th grade Geometry TEKS. I have designed these task cards to give proper weight to the Readiness Standards which comprise nearly 2/3 of the STAAR test. Both Color and Black & White versions are included.I
3 Dimensional Shapes and Figures Classification and Problem Solving can easily be practiced, reinforced, and mastered with this set of colorful, Common Core aligned posters and practice task cards! Students love the variety that task cards can offer in the classroom! Click here and SAVE by buying
40 Covalent Bonding and VSEPR Task Cards to help you switch up your lessons from traditional worksheets. All-in-One: Engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate! _________________________________________________________________________ Notes about this product: [A] Product includes: -----40 C
Introductory Geometry Proofs Task Cards In this set of task cards, students will write beginning geometry proofs. Proof Justifications Used: Algebraic Properties of Equality - Definition of Complementary Angles - Definition of Congruence - Definition of Supplementary Angles - Segment Addition Pos
8th - 11th
Geometry can be fun to practice with Geometry Task Cards! Play as a game with the included game-board, use for scoot, or use with almost any game! They are so engaging and versatile and can be used as review or test prep for geometry! Covers topics such as: ✔ symmetry ✔ congruence ✔ transformation
3rd - 6th

Also included in: Math Task Card Bundle

Easily reinforce math skills with these 60 task cards for 4th-grade Geometry. These task cards are the perfect tool to use as the end of a unit for review. They are also easy to implement into math centers throughout the year. Other options include: math rotations, math groups, morning work, desk
This packet contains 2 sets of task cards that are aligned with Common Core Standards. Each set contains 32 cards, for a total of 64 task cards. In set 1 students define, draw and identify points, lines (parallel, perpendicular and intersecting), line segments, rays and angles (right, acute and obt
4th - 5th
This is a set of 24 task cards (and recording sheet and answer key) designed to give kids practice identifying transformations (changes in shape position). I made these to use with fifth graders (on and above level) to give them practice identifying flips, slides and turns using the more sophisticat
4th - 6th
Translations of shapes can be a hard concept for students to recognize. They can often explain what a rotation (turn), translation (slide), or reflection (flip) is, but get the mixed up when putting the knowledge into practice. This set of translation of shapes task cards gives your students 64 ca
These 24 geometry task cards are designed to review points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, and perpendicular/parallel lines. The cards have space for students to answer directly on them. You can either print a set for each student or laminate them and use dry erase markers. I’ve included a ve
Use this set of 40 Task Cards to help your students review Translations, Rotations and Reflections (Slides, Flips and Turns) in the First Quadrant of the Cartesian Plane. Students will identify Transformations, practice reading and drawing Ordered Pairs along with drawing and describing Transformati
5th - 7th
Proof Writing in High School Geometry (Two-Column Proofs):This versatile set of 12 geometry proof problems can be used in many ways. You get the set of 12 proof problems in two formats : one with a two-column table set up for recording, and one without. A student recording sheet is included as wel
Lines and angles have never been so much fun. Help your students identify lines and angles with these self checking task cards! The set includes - * 24 Self checking geometry (identifying lines and angles) task cards that are designed to practice CCSS 4.G.1 * A task card recording answer sheet and
This digital math station is perfect for identifying shapes and their attributes. Your students will select the name of the shape or figure shown in the box and then type their attributes. They can select to play from 2 different decks:2D Shapes3D ShapesThese digital task cards are:InteractiveSELF C
Geometry Task Cards 3rd Grade Common Core Aligned *24 Multiple Choice Task Cards* Answer Key & Mini Anchor Chart Included Student Recording Sheet *TEST PREP/REVIEW* Standards Covered: 3.G.1: Understand that shapes in different categories (e.g., rhombuses, rectangles, and others) may share at
2nd - 3rd

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