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A LOW PREP First Day of School Getting-To-Know-You activity in which ALL of your students can participate! With clear, real life pictures and a question read aloud by the teacher, your students can hold up, point to, or even use their voice-output device to provide a “yes or “no response!This First
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLE PACKET: You will download 30 All About Me task cards to supplement your back to school activities. Each card features a fun question to get to know your students. Ideas for games and activities are included, such as a scavenger hunt or SCOOT. A student response form is incl
Use these 44 ice breaker question cards at the start of the year as a back to school activity or anytime you want to build community in your classroom. These cards can be used in a variety of ways as discussion or writing prompts; however, they are also a great way to get your students up and moving
This NO PREP, digital only icebreaker activity includes 162 Getting To Know You questions. Distance learning friendly! Simply display the PowerPoint spinner on a computer or project on an interactive board. Move the spinner and watch it quickly scroll through questions before landing on a question f
Getting To Know You (All about Me) Questions and Game BOOM CARDS *Over 45 different questions to get to know your students OR for your students to get to know each other. Great for practicing asking and answering questions and turn-taking skills during conversation.CONTENTS:6 Different Questions Typ
Do you know your students as well as you would like? Why not engage them with Would You Rather? style questions geared towards getting to know fun topics about them and their opinions. Use for a writing center, English Language Development oral and writing prompts, SCOOT, independent tasks, homework
1st - 5th, Adult Education
These 67 "Get to Know You" question cards are the perfect resource for increasing a sense of connection between students in the classroom or in group counseling! The questions are fun and non-threatening, meaning everyone can feel comfortable answering them. Use them for a whole group movement-based
Not Grade Specific
Contains: •Base board page •Title page •6 interactive pages with a personal question (the questions addressed are: what is your name?, are you a boy/girl?, how old are you?, what grade are you in?, do you have brothers/sisters?, do you have pets?) •22 picture cards and 8 blank cards for personaliz
Roll an Icebreaker Question: A Getting to Know You Game with Dice!Take the pressure off you and your students with this fun getting to know you game! Included are 8 different mats with over 250 different fun icebreaker questions! All you need to do is print and provide dice! Students can play in pai
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This is a set of 32 question cards with answer response starters focusing on GETTING TO KNOW SOMEONE. Example: What is your favorite color?My favorite color is _____ . There are 12 blank cards for students to make their own. Enjoy! ********************************************************************
Do you need a way to take attendance online this school year? This virtual learning resource includes 28 days of attendance questions/question of the day, many of which emphasize social-emotional learning (SEL). These questions will help you get to know your students’ academic needs, interests, and
This ice breaker card game features 80 open-ended questions. It's a great way for your students to get to know each other in small groups while playing a card game that they know and love! Similar to a classic numbers and colors card game that they might already be familiar with - this question vers
Get to Know Me and You, Ice Breakers, Questions, Virtual School, Back to SchoolIt's your first week of Virtual School and where does a Teacher begin? Start off the school year with these slides!! There are 10 questions to get the conversation started. Get to know your students and let them get to kn
Looking for a back to school activity for the first week of school? These questions provide the prefect get to know you activity for all of your students. Visuals are provided so it is appropriate for all levels of students! There is no right answer for any of these questions, so students are able
Digital classroom friendly task cards.Spanish Task Cards with 45 "Get To Know You" Partner Interview Questions! Perfect for Beginner Spanish students with plenty of cognates and easy to understand questions.·.·•This is the full color version of this set.•·.·You can find the PHOTOCOPY FRIENDLY VERSIO
8th - 10th

Also included in: Special Order for Tara, #2

Get to know your students virtually! This is a great resource for students who are returning to school virtually. Helpful for back to school!Get to know you questions for students include: What is your name?How old are you? What is your eye color?What is your hair color?Are you a boy or girl?What i
PreK - 1st

Also included in: Distance Learning Bundle

What a great way to get to know your students! I use these in the beginning of the year and during lunch bunch groups with students. There are 48 questions included in this pack. Some examples are: If you could have the perfect birthday party, what would it be? What do you want to be when you g
I love playing Get to Know You games not only at the start of the school year but throughout. These groups of questions were made to be used throughout the year. The questions were put into 4 categories; family, current events, school, and activities. As the teacher you can decide if you want the s
I use this page with my mini jenga sets. I marked each Jenga piece with each of these colors. When a child pulls out a piece, whatever color is on the piece, he or she picks a question in that color to answer! A basic get to know you activity with a fun twist!
Looking for a fun, engaging back to school math activity to get kids putting their "Math Caps On"? This Top Ten Math Questions gives your students a chance to answer 10 math related questions about them. Then, they will have to calculate the total of their Top Ten Answers. There is also a Step 2, 3
Want to take students surveys digital? This Google Forms document has 16 ready made questions for you to share with your students. By purchasing, you will be given access to a code that allows you to make your copy of the form which you can then edit and share with your students. This is great to us
Not Grade Specific
Kids can use this free list of over 30 questions to ask partners about themselves. This can be a helpful getting to know you activity for back to school. Kids will then write what they've learned about their partners on a student response sheet. To help promote a positive classroom community, each s
Back to School Getting to Know You Questions Lower Elementary for Google Slides - This resource includes 20 question slides which are perfect for back to school distance learning. The questions on these slides support conversation between students and will help children get to know each other better
Back to School Getting to Know You Questions Upper Elementary for Google Slides - This resource includes 20 question slides which are perfect for back to school distance learning. The questions on these slides support conversation between students and will help children get to know each other better

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