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Review? Reteach? Study? Check for Understanding? These 3-way matching cards are perfect for everything! Students will match a vocabulary term to its definition, and find the image that best represents the term. This strategy helps students to remember content, practice vocabulary, and make visual
The Gilded Age vocabulary/word wall cards.This resource includes 35 vocabulary cards that will enhance any Gilded Age unit. It is aligned to my Gilded Age Unit Bundle. Every key term that is in the passages is included in this resource. Each card has the key term, a kid-friendly definition, and a vi
Do your students struggle with vocabulary? And not just history specific terms - but Tier II terms? If so - this strategy is right for you! These resources will help you determine patterns of words that students struggle, how well they understand them, and it will also give students a chance to refl
This HIGH QUALITY FREEBIE is part of my FEEDBACK CHALLENGE! This includes a succinct informational text and primary source pictures to introduce the Progressive Era and Gilded Age with style!!! I would love to see if I could get at least 200 people to leave feedback on this listing! GREAT PAIRED
Gilded Age Diamond-STAAR Review. Gilded age terms to help students prepare or review for the STAAR US History EOC. There is also a matching quiz that can be used with this activity.
This set of word search, secret code and word scramble worksheet printables features vocabulary terms relating to the Gilded Age. Streamlined for easy instructional use, each worksheet in this set — even the word jumble — comes with a convenient teacher answer key for quick correcting. These pages a
Students are given the appropriate definition and have to match the correct term. Then students are asked to do something with the word, i.e. draw a picture, write a sentence, or explain the importance.
11th - 12th
TEKS & STAAR aligned vocabulary sort cards grouped into two eras. Helps students understand the people, events, legislation etc that occurred within a particular era and then differentiate and compare between another separate era. Great individual or partner activity!
This vocabulary activity uses higher order thinking and provides a great scaffold and support for English language learners, gifted learners, students with learning differences, and everything in between. Students will match ten Gilded Age terms to a definition already provided (because ANYONE can
STAAR & TEKS Aligned vocabulary quiz on the Gilded Age. Diamond review puzzle also available.
Vocabulary list for the Gilded Age & Progressive Era in US History.
This is a vocabulary puzzle my students love! I just make about 6 copies, cut them and they're ready to use for years (I like to use cardstock paper so they last longer). In groups, students race to finish the puzzle before the others for a prize.
These 10 vocabulary terms are characteristic of the Gilded Age. Based on the Frayer Model strategy, students write the definitions in the top left hand space, write the two characteristics provided in the top right, and create two more of their own. At the end of the unit, students can create exam
Quick bell ringer on strikes (pardon the typo in the file name). Free Video Lesson Links begin here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d76yHle-rfo&t=7s
Gilded Age Google Drive Digital Interactive NotebookThis digital resource features a link to a set of 8 fully-editable interactive pages on the America's Gilded Age for Google Drive! Based on some of these best-selling Gilded Age Interactive Notebook Pages, these also feature many brand new pages th
This thorough packet on the Gilded Age is a perfect unit guide to help students understand all of the key concepts, people, and events they need to know for this unit. With a Google Doc version included, it's great for Distance Learning through Google Classroom!The 9-page independent work packet inc
Patronage is the giving of government jobs to those who helped the elected leader get in office. This is also called the “Spoils System.” The idea was that, if you won election, you should get to hire people for city jobs regardless of their qualifications. Many in the 1870s and 1890s argued the Pat
This bundle contains 133 vocabulary cards with definitions and pictures addressing the NYC Social Studies Scope and Sequence Unit 1: Social Studies Vocabulary Terms Chapter 1-New York’s Geography, Unit 2: New York’s First People, Unit 3: Early New York City, Unit 3a: Colonial and Revolutionary Perio
3rd - 5th
Students become social media influencers for the robber barons of the Gilded Age! They'll be sure to indicate what's an #ad and who their #sponsors are as they post about their business practices, wealth, daily life, and more! Students will control the profiles of John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegi
Great for DISTANCE LEARNING! This Digital Interactive Notebook was created as a Google Slides presentation and covers the entire Gilded Age Unit (1870s-1900). It can be uploaded directly to Google Classroom for students to work on. This product contains primary and secondary source analysis activiti
Let's face it - John Green speaks too fast, and unless students have something in front of them, they won't be able to fully get the gist of the information being shared. This video sheet comes with 6 teacher-generated questions that go along with the video. There is also an area for students to cop
This simple crossword puzzle covers 16 vocabulary terms from the Revolutionary War and America's Constitution. The terms are nicely divided across the puzzle while 16 statements/definitions are provided for students on the bottom. Vocabulary covered in this worksheet include the Homestead Act, Nat
The Progressive Era & America Imperialism vocabulary/word wall cards.This resource includes 33 vocabulary cards that will enhance any Progressive Era & American Imperialism unit. It is aligned to my Progressive Era & American Imperialism Unit Bundle. Every key term that is in the passage

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